6 Benefits of Hiring A Secondary School Home Tutor

It is in a parent’s nature to constantly worry for their children’s wellbeing, health, and future. However, this worry is increased tenfold for children who are in their teenage years and victim to the difficult and challenging graduation and adaption to secondary schools. For this transition, students need to tackle the O and N Level examinations, which is no easy procedure for which students are impounded with large workloads, more responsibilities, and far complex activities. The listed difficulties can show how much students start to struggle once they enter secondary school, keeping up with lessons in schools as well as fulfilling commitments to even attending enrichment activities set up by their parents, thus, the pressure starts to kick in. Another huge change they must adapt to is the increase in their subjects, from studying four subjects in primary school to studying eight or more subjects in secondary school, students fall under more academic pressure. Furthermore, students do also face puberty issues once they graduate to secondary school, this can cause different emotional and biological changes to take place in turn disrupting the students. The last and possibly the most daunting problem that students face is the pressure to make their own choices when choosing subject combination, they would be studying for in secondary school. In reference to the above problems, it is no surprise why students start to struggle once they reach secondary school, the immense pressure and other changes greatly affect their studies and performance. It is due to the very fact that parents look into hiring Secondary School home tutors in Singapore for their children to provide them help and prevent their futures from bieng jeopardized. This article aims to highlight the necessary points why hiring a Secondary school 1-to-1 home tutor is the best decision parents can take for their children and their futures.

1. Assistance in Dealing with Complicated Topics and Subjects

One of the big changes that students face during the transition from primary school to secondary school is the difference of subjects, not only concerning the quantity but also their content. Subjects in secondary school are far more complex in terms of their concepts and strategies as compared to subjects in primary school, this sudden change proves to be quite challenging for students and difficult to adapt to. As discussed before, the depth in which subjects are studied in secondary schools is far more complex and extensive than those studied in primary school, this can cause an increase in stress for students facing the change that they did not expect. While in primary school, the four main subjects were English, Math, Sciences, and Mother tongue, the subjects in secondary school are far more than those studied previously, each with their own different theories and concept, some of which are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Additional Math, Elementary Math, history, and many more. However, hiring a professional and experienced Secondary school home tutor could be a very effective solution to the problem. But the most recurring question that clients have is why? Why would we invest in yet another problem? Or more precisely wouldn’t hiring a home tutor add to the stress that a student is already facing? Contrary to common belief, hiring a home tutor will help relieve the stress a student faces, not in any way increase it. Here are some reasons why home tutors can relieve the pressure and stress that a student is victimized to. Firstly, with hiring a private home tutor, a student is assured that any doubts or questions that he may have are dealt with on the spot. Furthermore, this immediate help is given to the students on a daily basis, so students need not worry about having any undealt misconceptions with their studies. Secondly, private tutions prepare students for exams much better than schools, with the undivided attention that tutors give students, concepts and weaknesses can be overcome with a drop of a hat, this is very beneficial in raising the confidence and reliving pressure from both the students and their parents. And so, a safe and assured future is also promised. Thirdly, with the help of home tutors, students have a better schedule wherein after they have finished their homework as well as revision, they get free time which can be spent doing other activities. The last reason and probably the most critical one is the ability of private tutors in Singapore to clear misconceptions and concepts before the course progresses too far, this helps students in bieng up-to-date as well as having a better understanding of what is going on in school.

2. Learn Effective and Reliable Memorization Techniques

One of the most difficult challenges that students face with the transition from primary to secondary school is the comparative increase in memorization work. With an increase in subjects as well as their difficulty level, there seem to be more theories and concepts that students have to keep in mind, hence, information about all these concepts have to be memorized. But how is this problem tackled? How does a student know which methods are effective for memorization and which waste time? This is where home tutors come in handy. Due to years of experience and teaching, home tutors know what to memorize and especially how-to memorize it. Various techniques such as mind maps and acronyms are taught to students by their personal tutors in order to help them remember information at their fingertips making it more likely that they will remember it in their exams the same way. Furthermore, by perfecting the memorization techniques, students are free to concentrate on other important sections from their paper for example, exam strategies and answering techniques.

3. Lessons Tailored and Focused Solely on the Student

It is no secret that most tuition centers follow a strict curriculum according to a given time, this however, keeps children at a disadvantage, especially those who fail to grab a concept as fast their other peers. However, with private 1-to-1 tuition, students are benefited greatly due to the undivided attention provided to them, clearing up any misconceptions that they may have. Hence, with private tuitions, the schedules can be personalized according to the student bieng taught, focusing on his weaknesses, or practicing their oral speech are a perfect example of this benefit. Furthermore, while in schools and centers, teachers run by a given schedule and curriculum, private tutions focus solely on the students’ needs and that means devising a schedule that benefits them the most.

Often, students have misconception in their lesson but fail to ask for help from teachers due to various reasons such as, A) insecurities infront of peers, B) lack of time, and C) lack of understanding. Due to these reasons and more, a student’s misconception or doubt in a particular topic is never solved and that compromises his / her marks in the near future. Nevertheless, with private tutors, students can ask for help in any problem they may have due to the absence of any hindrance that may have stopped them before. Since the tutors provide their undivided attention to students, they feel free to ask any questions and clear any misconceptions before the course progresses too far. Another benefit that home tutors provide is customized questions and challenges to their students in order to clear their previous doubts, this is not provided by schoolteachers as they do not have a one-to-one relationship with the student. To conclude, personalization and customization are the two main key benefits that a student acquiring private 1-to-1 tuition has over a student studying at tuition centers.

4. Receive Help from Credible and Experienced Secondary Home Tutors

Expertise and experience are the main characteristics that parents look for when hiring private tutors and a tutor’s effectiveness along with his experience go hand in hand. Due to this very fact, we at FamilyTutor home tutoring agency provide tutors with both current and prior experience of tutoring Secondary School students. To our agency, qualifying the exams with good grades does not matter as much as their experience in the field with relative students and thus, we encourage this belief throughout our procedures. But why does experience matter? Why is a teacher only effective if and only if he is experienced?

As the famous saying goes “A great performer does not mean a good teacher.” We agree to the context of the saying and strongly believe that teaching a student the skill you deem yourself good in are two different types of things. Teaching requires experience, experience which is gained by teaching the same type of students. Through this, home tutors will be able to identify, tackle, and improve the areas the student is weak in as effectively as possible. Furthermore, with current experience, private tutors will also be up to date with the changes and procedures in O & N Level national examinations as well as have proper knowledge of the expansive MOE syllabus, both of which ensure an effective and up-to-date teaching method provided to students. Another benefit that tutors provide is their resource bank, with lots of experience means multiple students taught over the few years, through this tutors come to acquire multiple effective resources which they can pass on to other students during their sessions, this increases practice and helps to challenge and overcome any weak spots that students may have.

Private tutors not only help with academic needs but also any personal needs the student wishes to share. With the personal one-to-one relation that the tutor and students have, the children are free to discuss any biological or behavioral changes they may be facing. Hence, an experienced tutor can help solve these problems due to their past experiences with other students who faced the same problems. However, the idea of an effective private 1-to-1 tutor in Singapore does not necessarily mean one who is expensive. We at FamilyTutor home tuition provide multiple packages with affordable and negotiable rates.

5. Gain Important Values and Motivation to Work Harder

The last few months before the official examinations are very critical and require immense efforts from both students and tutors. However, the student must act with diligence, even after hiring a good and experienced tutor, it depends heavily on the student and his concentration towards his revision as well as the effort he takes to ensure that his concepts are clear and revised. It should be noted, that tutoring and especially revision is a two way street, 1-to-1 private tutors need to teach multiple and effective revision methods to their students while the students need to make use of these techniques in practicing and retaining what they have learnt. Without proper fulfilment of each of their roles, the student’s grades are compromised as well as their futures are at a risk. Since it is important to maintain this relationship prior to the official examinations, discipline is important. By implementing discipline on the student’s part ensure academic success in both the current examinations as well as in their future.

Further, effective revision is also encouraged by private tutors. But how does one practice effective revision? Many experienced sources believe that for effective revision, just being tested on what you know can greatly affect your confidence in your studies. Hence, students are consistently motivated to be conscious of their revision, some parents even go to extreme lengths of hiring another home tutor solely for the purpose of testing a student’s theories once the examination dates move nearer.

6. Insights in Tackling Questions and Studying the 10-Year Series

For a secondary school student hoping to do well in their official examinations, we cannot emphasize enough how important the 10-year series is for their designated goal. From teachers to tutors, everyone recommends students undertaking the examinations to religiously study the 10-year series. It is due to the very fact that this book provides the best expected visual of how the questions will appear in their examinations and hence, in a way prepares the student for its arrival. Secondary home tutors provide these books for their students which benefit them greatly since they are a source of practice for the official exam.

Furthermore, solving and tackling questions with tutors can give students an insight of how to best approach the questions in their paper as well as enhancing their time management capabilities. Another added benefit to this is the fact that tutors can gather papers from different school which can expose students to various types of questions that may appear in their exams and especially the methods which best tackle them.


To overview, the challenges and difficulties faced by students in secondary school can put them under lots of pressure and directly impact their studies. Thus, parents who are consistently involved in their children’s lives can help them deal with these problems and sway them back to a more confident path. Furthermore, parents can hire external help in form of private tutors who can aid in any problems the students may have in not only their academic studies but also their personal life. However, as we have thoroughly observed, the grades a student acquires solely impacts his/her chances at a higher educational level. Therefore, effective guidance and support, be it in any form, is very helpful to a student studying in secondary school.

We at FamilyTutor home tutoring agency pride ourselves in employing the most experienced and effective secondary school tutors in all of Singapore. Visit our website and reach out to our wonderful team to acquire the list of possible candidates suitable to your preference and financial situation.

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