Why Secondary School Private Tutors Are Really Important

Welcome to Secondary School: a rollercoaster ride of 4-5 years with possibly a national examination at the end! Secondary School marks the beginning of a phase with many different milestones in students’ lives. Be it new subjects, new friends or even new relationships, Secondary School life is a relatively big transition from Primary School fun days. It is every parent’s hope for their children to mature to become fine young men and women of good character, so it is important to ensure that students are learning positively in their secondary school years. FamilyTutor, a leading Secondary School Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, feels that Secondary School Private Tutors are really important for Secondary School students because not only do they help to define balance and set goals, they also help your child realise their dreams! Let’s discuss further:

Defining Balance in Maturing Years

As our children transition into their teenage years, they might inevitably lose track of things in life because just so many things are introduced in this stage. New friends in secondary school, new subjects to take, new responsibilities due to age, and maybe new relationships as well – teenagers between the age of 13 to 17 are overwhelmed with everything new. And because of that, they might not be able to manage or balance their priorities and just dive into everything new whenever it comes. This might result in an accidental neglect of their studies, just because they think they can cope with and juggle between many many commitments! Hence as a Secondary School Home Tuition in Singapore and a fellow local Singaporean, FamilyTutor feels that with a professional Secondary School Private Tutor, students will never be able to accidentally forget about studying! This is simply because students will be allocated a specific amount of time to be dedicated to revision, homework or just learning new concepts in school. For the duration of their Secondary School Private Tuition, they have to allocate their time to studying and catching up on school and not only that, as Secondary School Home Tutors will likely give their fair share of revision papers to students, students also have to put in effort to complete the homework! You might wonder, but schools give homework too and my child doesn’t do it? Well, because Secondary School Private Tuition generally takes place in a 1-to-1 setting, your child will not be able to ‘get away’ with not completing their homework properly. The Secondary School Home Tutor will be bound to find out and ensure that your child gets it done properly.

Setting Realistic Goals

Something very important about engaging a Secondary School Home Tutor in Singapore is making sure that he/she clicks well with the child so that 1-to-1 Secondary School Home Tuition will be a more fruitful experience for both parties. Let me elaborate: if you really click well with your Secondary School Home Tutor and treasure the time in Secondary School Private Tuition, then you will naturally want to do your tuition homework properly! Also, walking the Secondary School journey with a ‘mentor’ will be a more comfortable environment to set realistic goals for yourself. If you are taking the O Level examinations, where do you want to go next? How many points do you need to get to go there? Is it a realistic goal? Goal setting in 1-to-1 Secondary School Home Tuition will be beneficial for you and your Secondary School Tutor to plan out something realistic and achievable for you. With so many other commitments stuck in your head, you might also be inevitably stressed out by the millions of things to achieve. FamilyTutor thus believes that walking the education journey with someone experienced and approachable will make studying less stressful for you!

Realising Dreams

Throughout your child’s Secondary School journey, they will slowly start to think about what they want to and can do in the next phase of life! Be it through furthering their studies in ITEPolytechnics or University or heading out into the workforce, this is the time for them to realise their dreams. Through 1-to-1 Secondary School Home Tuition in Singapore, students start to realise that ‘hey, maybe Biology isn’t that bad after all?’ or ‘wow, i really want to further my studies in Mathematics!’ – things they start to realise after they fully understand and are able to handle the curriculum and Secondary School syllabus! Secondary School home tutor in Singapore will not only help your child get better in their subjects, but it also helps your child realize what they like and what they want to do! Educated Secondary School Home Tuition Agencies in Singapore like FamilyTutor thus reiterate the power of Secondary School Home Tuition as we have seen from many Secondary School students who realised and pursued their dreams bravely after the help of Secondary School Home Tuition in Singapore.

In essence, Secondary School Private Tutors aim to shape your future in the way you want it to be, and also try to make your present living more fruitful and meaningful! They Are Really Important, you realised?



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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