Why Your Child Should HAVE a Home Tutor

Have you ever wondered,
If anything could be more wonderful,
Than the seven wonders of the world?

Have you ever wondered,
What life would be like,
With a motivated, driven and obedient child?

This is why,
Action is needed
For the greater good,
For the betterment of oneself,
To let your child,
Realize their full potential.

This is why,
Your child should,
Have a home tutor.

This is why,
It is time,
To hear exactly why.
What would happen?
Why is it so magical?

Once upon a time … with the help of a home tutor, who imparted 5 important skill sets to my child …

It all started when my child came back from school one day, looking really tired and burned out from a long day at school. He did not want to do any homework at all, but yet … he was not seen taking a nap. Instead, he was on Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Why? I was so confused. Shouldn’t he be resting?

Then I hear a voice – a really wise voice. It seems to be that of the Fairy of Reduced Procrastination! “Your son, he’s procrastinating!”, she exclaims.

If your child is procrastinating, it must be solved! It cannot go on like this. Having a home tutor to ensure that your child does not fall into the deep dark hole of procrastination is vital in ensuring your child’s academic excellence. Do not be dismayed, for FamilyTutor is here to provide you the solution. It might seem impossible for your child to stop procrastinating, but nothing is impossible with a leap of faith.

I sighed and went back to his room, hoping to talk him out of procrastination. Instead, I was greeted with the magic L-word. The word I always hated to hear from my children. It was “LAZY”. He told me he was lazy! Why can’t my son stop being lazy? What did I do wrong for him to turn out lazy? If he was a little more hardworking, maybe he would be able to keep up with the work in school.

Then I heard a voice again – a different voice. It seems to be that of the Fairy of No More Laziness! “Your son, he’s lazy!”, she squeals.

If your child is feeling lazy often, having that Angel sits beside your child might just turn things around! With a home tutor, FamilyTutor promises a reduction of laziness during the session. Not only that, this positive behavior might carry over even when the home tutor is not around. This is because just like negative habits, positive habits can grow when the child is immersed in the world of productivity and starts to enjoy it. Say no more to laziness!

I sat down with my son whilst he started doing his homework. Moments later though, he said he wanted me to leave and not look at him while he was doing his homework. He clarified that he did not feel confident about his work and was ashamed of his abilities. That hit my heart right at the center. I wished he knew better about how capable he was.

Then came a voice – a soothing voice. It seems to be that of the Fairy of Growing Confidence! “Your son, he’s not feeling the most confident!”, she cried out.

If your child is lacking confidence in themselves, wait no longer. A little help goes a long way and with a home tutor who is able to divert all their attention to your child, your child would be able to air their concerns freely to the home tutor. And with expert advice from them as well as encouragement, your child would not only be able to improve in their studies but FamilyTutor also believes that they would be nurtured to become confident individuals ready to face the harsh demands of the world we live in in today.

… and with all that happening in just one day, I decided to get my child a home tutor in desperate hopes to turn the situation around for the better. Believe it or not, we lived happily ever after!

Through home tutoring, children are able to acquire life-long skills that aid them through the journey of life. Not only do they pick up the relevant knowledge required for their current stage of education, but home tutors are also trained to teach your child the right ways of handling situations, awareness of responsibility and how to take every step with a leap of faith. With the “immunity” boost, your child would be more than ready to take on any challenge, big or small, in the future with a more positive and motivated attitude.

Hence, if your child is facing these problems, it is not the end of the world. After acknowledging that they require extra help in this area, engaging a home tutor in Singapore would be a great first step in helping your child tackle these problems they face. FamilyTutor wants to help you with that. So, will you let us help you today?



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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