Why Private Tuition in Singapore is not a BAD Choice

There are many common beliefs for the reasons why traditional tuition centres are a good choice for students to learn and improve in their studies. As times change in Singapore however, having private tuition in Singapore is not a bad choice either. Today, we provide you with a different perspective.

1. Some people say that traditional tuition centres are better because the group environment encourages competition and self-improvement.

A positive environment is definitely able to encourage healthy competition and self-improvement but we have to realise that children are prone to feeling stressed and constantly worrying about their peers “doing better than me”. With the Singaporean mentality of wanting to be the best, group environments might actually create unnecessary peer pressure which could lead to unwanted negative effects on the child’s learning.

Protection from Peer Pressure

Hence, FamilyTutor wants to protect your child from negative peer pressure. Having private tuition in Singapore completely removes the possibility of being negatively affected by a competitive environment. Your child would be able to focus solely on self-improvement. Furthermore, inculcating in them the habit of comparing their progress only with themselves would help them grow as an individual, reducing the need to compare with others for validation.

2. Some people say that group tuitions allow for the discussion of questions among students, thus facilitating the cross-pollination of ideas and possibly sharpening critical thinking skills.

In an ideal situation, parents picture a fun and engaging educational conversation going on the tuition centre, where students actively respond to queries and help one another. However, kids these days fear asking “stupid” questions or even answering questions for the fear of it being the wrong answer. Hence, while group tuitions create an environment for such sparks to fly, it is difficult for children to fully embrace the characteristics of such an environment and it could instead have the reverse effect of creating more fear in them

Safe Space to Ask Questions

Thus, FamilyTutor would like to help assure your child that asking questions are okay. With private tuition, the students only interact with friendly tutors ready to answer their queries. This would help to build up their confidence in asking questions, creating a habit to ask questions whenever they need it and not feign knowledge. This helps your child clarify their doubts and dare to do, making the entire experience a more relaxing one.

3. Some people say that group tuitions replicate a classroom setting which compels students to concentrate and be more focused.

Maybe the idea of being in “school” helps students to understand the importance of staying focused and be accustomed to pay attention. However, simply because it is a group of students that some may end up sleeping or getting distracted just like in school. We don’t want our child to be THAT ONE child. Moreover, if students in the tuition class all have a common dislike for the subject, everyone could end up being distracted together! Bad!

Increased Focus during Sessions

Therefore, FamilyTutor proposes that the consideration of private tuition could alleviate that worry of yours. With private sessions, the tutor devotes all attention to the child and naturally, the child would have to give their attention back. If the child is distracted, the tutor would know immediately and would swiftly help to gain back the child’s attention. Bravo!

4. Some people say that traditional tuition centres have the expertise and resources to provide all-round support for each student in the class.

It is true that tuition centres certainly employ a very structured curriculum and have the resources ready to accommodate to the students’ needs. But what if your child knows a topic very well and only needs help in another? What if the help your child needs does not align with the structured curriculum? More often than not, many parents in Singapore face this difficulty and it is definitely undesirable to be going through it.

Individualistic Support Given

That is why FamilyTutor supports the idea of individualistic support! Anything your child needs, the tutor can provide. Whether is it with model drawing in Mathematics or Phonics in English, your requests can be tailored accordingly to your child’s current needs. Even better so, if your child has gotten better at a particular area the tutor has been focusing on, there is ease in changing the focus of the private tuition, compared to leaving a current tuition centre and again finding a place that is able to help your child with their ever-changing concerns!

Every child is important to us, and no parent would want their child to have an unpleasant experience when learning. Private tuition in Singapore could be a cure to all problems!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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