Why Home Tuition is More of a BOON than a Bane

I’m sure you have come across posts about how home tuition is a good choice and also come across posts condemning home tuition for being a bad choice. Or maybe you have never come across such articles altogether. Regardless, this article today discusses not only the negative but also the positive reasons of getting home tuition for your child. In this way, you will be able to weigh both sides and decide on your own if you feel that home tuition is more of a boon than a bane!

Own Time, Own Target

The nature of home tuition allows for a flexible schedule where the pace of lessons can be accommodated to the student. This is a concern for some, since they might be worried that the child will be unable to complete what is necessary to be learnt for their relevant examinations. If the child is slow and the home tuition follows the pace of the child, then the child would not be able to excel. However, here’s the thing. Logically would any good home tutor allow your child to be in such a state? No! With the concept of Own Time, Own Target, your child can learn at their own comfortable pace. But surely the home tutor would ensure that your child is keeping up with the pace of the curriculum. At topics your child is able to manage, the tutor can take that time to spend more time on the topics that are difficult for your child. Thus, FamilyTutor firmly believes that our tutors are able to ensure that your child is able to learn well and not be under rigid time constraints. What more could you provide your child with than less stress from reduced amounts of strict curriculum?

Valuable Feedback

Feedback has always played an important role in letting your child know What Went Wrong. In every subject/course, it is essential for your child to know how they can improve and be better the next time they attempt questions. Some may say that home tuition would limit the amount of feedback since your child would not be able to learn from others’ mistakes and hence would be solely based on your child’s errors. However, this might not be true! FamilyTutor has a pool of experienced tutors who have been tutoring/have been in the same shoes as your child. This means that our tutors are able to identify possible errors/mistakes that could be made that your child should take note of even if your child does not make it for a particular question. Your child would be provided with this valuable feedback even in the comfort of their homes. Home tuition allows for not only a safe environment to make mistakes, but it definitely doesn’t reduce the amount of exposure to feedback gained.

Increased Accountability

The journey of lifelong learning was never only about the quality of learning at hand, but for the fact that learning is a lifelong journey and really goes a long way. A common worry among parents is that their child does not take home tuition seriously because it is in their home and it isn’t a “schooling environment”. Many feel that tuition centres provide an environment for their child to be responsible for their learning and take the lessons and homework seriously. However, with many children in one lesson, it might be impossible for each child to be held accountable for sufficient progress. Instead, FamilyTutor feels that home tuition would allow for an increased sense of accountability induced in your child. Though home tuition is in the comfort of your home, for the fact that the tutor and child will be the only interaction during the lesson, your child will nurture a sense of responsibility to complete the homework assigned and listen attentively. Attention spans might even naturally increase, so isn’t that great?

Besides, home tuition in Singapore also allows for a relationship to formulate between the tutor and your child. Weekly progress, valuable feedback and even encouragement would help your child be better at whatever they are doing. FamilyTutor hopes that your child will be able to enjoy the process of learning and experience the numerous benefits of engaging home tuition. What are you waiting for?!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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