Why Getting a Home Tutor Is the Best Decision for Your Child

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Singaporean students take their academics very seriously. This is also supported by the government and their parents, making Singaporean students do twice as much and spend more time in their academics than their global counterparts. This may come as no surprise then that home tuition is also very popular in Singapore. There are many benefits to private tuition that students can’t get from schools. It’s become so popular that you as parents must have heard of it or even have done a little research about it.

Why you should get a home tutor for your child

While you might have delved and looked at options for your child in the tuition world, what you may not realize how important it may be for your child. In fact, it can even be the best decision you will make that can impact your child’s academic journey and help them achieve a bright future. Here are some reasons why it may be the best decision for your child.

Getting a home tutor has become the norm

Singapore has very high education standards and students are therefore expected to keep up with them. However, because it is really up there, it can also be extremely overwhelming for students and parents alike. And so, many Singaporean parents and students are also jumping into getting a home tutor. However, this isn’t just because it’s popular and they just jumping on the bandwagon.

There are many practical reasons as to why such as parents may be a little too busy to help with their children with their schoolwork all the time, the child may be falling behind in class, or it could be because there’s inadequate guidance in school. Whatever the reason may be, tutoring has become so prevalent that there is a huge possibility that your child may be the one left behind if you don’t engage in a home tutor for them.

It provides a boost in confidence

When a child is having trouble keeping up with their lessons or is getting lower marks than expected, it doesn’t automatically mean that they don’t understand their lessons 100%. There are many factors that may contribute to this such as your child may be too shy to raise their hand and ask questions in school. Of course, when they have questions that are left unanswered, they may also still be confused going to the next part of the lesson. In home tutoring, your child is in a safe, non-judgmental environment where their comfort is of the highest importance.

They will be encouraged to ask questions and speak up if they are having trouble understanding. As a result, they are likely to be refraining from doing things out of fear or embarrassment. And even if this wasn’t the case for your child, hiring a home tutor is guaranteed to raise your child’s confidence. The more time they spend on a learning material the more likely they will get better at it and thus, will help them perform better during tests and exams. This will then result in getting better marks and of course, feeling better about themselves and their improvement.

1-to-1 education equals 1-to-1 attention

One thing that may be so overlooked in school systems is the lack of individuality. The students are treated and taught in groups and thus, most of the methods are to cater to the majority. It’s hard to treat every child as an individual while catering to their needs when there are just so many for one teacher. However, in home tuition, this problem is completely cut off.

It’s part of a tutor’s responsibility to pay singular attention to your child to meet their individual needs. The lessons taught are tailored according to what fits your child best. It’s not a one-method-fits-all, instead, tutors take the time to get to know their students and then formulate lesson and action plans to help them with their academic struggles or enrich their learnings. As such, your child will also be free to express themselves in their own way, without the worry that they are going to fit into the mold designated for them.

Learning is more interesting and enjoyable

Another thing that is often overlooked is the limited learning. It means that learning seems to be done more like that of a chore rather than something that the students want to enjoy and cherish. As teaching and learning are more confined in the classroom in schools, it brings the wrong mindset to students that make them actively dislike learning. If left at that, it will not just affect them in school but through life as well as disinterest in learning has become a habit for them.

In home tuition, tutors make sure that their students are not only learning but having fun in doing so. Even if it’s 1-to-1 sessions it’s bound to get boring if they are only seated and spoon-fed with the lessons. Instead of doing this, they bring in new things to the table that will spark interest such as using the student’s previous likes and interests in the lesson or bringing the session to parks and museums for first-hand learning experiences. This makes it more fun for students to learn and in doing soon, they will also learn that learning doesn’t have to be boring and painful. Their thirst will grow as they also start to reach their academic goals.

Learn outside of the syllabus

Learning doesn’t have to be confined to one learning material as well. As well as learning from their school’s syllabus, students can also learn from other syllabi through their home tutors. Many home tutors have access to different learning materials and syllabi from other schools that students can also use. This means that your child can learn new materials as well that will help them with their current lessons from a structured setting. The more learning material they can get their hands on, the more they are likely to learn different things that will ultimately help them enrich the lessons they already know.

Parents get updates regularly

Home tuition usually happens in the student’s home which means it’s also close to where their parents are. Unlike in schools wherein you may get an update on how your child is doing during meetings or report cards, in home tuition you have more access to updates. Hiring a home tutor means that you will get regular feedback as to how your child is progressing. Parents can ask their child’s home tutor how they are doing and communication may be more open and frequent than their teachers in school.

As such, home tutors can also get more information from parents with regard to their student’s strengths and weaknesses. If in cases that the student is not as willing to open up as tutors wanted, they can also ask the parents and work together to create a plan to help the student. This is very important especially if they are struggling in core subjects like Math and Science.

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Provides motivation to study

It’s true that successfully convincing your child that they need to study is easier said than done. They will get bored and frustrated. Now to mention that they may also lose what focus and concentration they have because of various distractions. They will pretty much do anything else except study. Hiring a home tutor will help with this. It will make sitting down at the dining table with pen and paper a thing of the past. Instead of fighting with your child tooth and nail to get them to study, you will have someone to actually help them study.

Forcing someone to study is never a good idea. With a home tutor, they will have someone to teach them and also learn with them. A good home tutor will also be able to help your child deal with their frustrations and help them sustain their motivation to study. Tutoring is, for lack of a better word, an investment. It just doesn’t help your child at the present or help them reach the grades they want but also for their future. The knowledge and habits they gain from home tuition will be carried throughout the rest of their lives for the better.



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