Why an English Home Tuition Agency could make a difference to your child’s English grades

English Home Tuition Agency Singapore

Languages generally have especially steeper Learning Curves, and English is one such language! Be it English listening comprehension, English composition, English oral or English written comprehension, skills of these components of languages are hard to grasp. Hence, an English home tuition agency in Singapore is all the more necessary in ensuring that your child gets sufficient and quality help for the English language.

Takes into account the Needs and Values of each family.

English Home Tuition in Singapore is vital in aiding your child to perform better in English. With that goal in mind, it is important for the English home tuition in Singapore to take into account the needs and values of each family, especially since it will be done in the comfort of the student’s home. Maybe your family prefers having English private tutors who are comfortable with dogs, or prefers the English private tutor to be a female – we will accommodate to all your needs. FamilyTutor believes that as an English home tuition agency, your primary needs should be definitely considered before thinking about progressing to the selection of tutors. Basic needs and preferences of each family should be highly valued and taken into serious consideration!

Definitely consider the various Personal Goals of students!

Every child’s learning journey is different because every child has different personal goals set for themselves. Some children are not satisfied with the “B” grade they are getting for English, while some students simply want to learn basic conversational English. As an English home tuition agency in Singapore, FamilyTutor ensures that we will find an appropriate English private tutor for you! We want your English home tutor to be the alpha to your omega; the corrector to your mistakes. We would not engage you with an English home tutor that does not suit your needs. So, if you require extra help in English oral, we will get an English home tutor in Singapore that specialises in the oral aspects of English language. Just like getting the correct order at any fast food outlet, we want to get the correct English home tuition for you!

Resourceful in acquiring professional English tutors.

It is not easy to acquire professional English tutors because the nature of the subject makes it difficult for one to judge the skill of the tutor. How would you know if this English home tuition you are having is actually good for you? This is a common dilemma for many hence English tuition agencies like us take an extra step in ensuring that the English private tuitions in Singapore are trustworthy and reliable. FamilyTutor does detailed checks on the prospective English tutors because we want to give parents full assurance that their child is in good hands!

Never misses out on the child’s Emotional Wellbeing!

Requiring 1-to-1 English home tuition in Singapore is never something to rejoice about, and thus as adults, we should also consider the emotional wellbeing of the child receiving help. We don’t want a nasty 1-to-1 English home tuition environment, but rather an environment with an avenue for the child to make mistakes and learn from it. Maybe the child struggles in differentiating past tense from past participle, or just does not know when to use the right adjectives – FamilyTutor expects the English home tutor to be able to be non-judgmental, tolerant and kind. We want 1-to-1 English home tuitions in Singapore to maintain professionalism, be comfortable for students of all abilities and most importantly, not be a place of negativity.

An English Home Tuition Agency would really make a big difference to the assured quality of your child’s English tuition. With so many more considerations these English tuition agencies care about, parents do not ever need to worry about the quality of English tuitions in Singapore anymore! 🙂



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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