Why 1-to-1 Home Tuition for JC Students is a Lifesaver

The final stage of formal education in Singapore under the close guidance of teachers is Junior College education! Junior College education is a time where students spend 2 years to learn the A Level syllabus to conquer the A Level examination. The A Level results will then be a form of certification for Junior College students to enter universities and take courses of their choice, typically with the free selection of 3 H2 and 1 H1 subjects. This makes the 2 years in Junior College highly crucial: it will give them an ‘entry pass’ to pursue what they want to do in university which subsequently influences their career outcomes as well. On top of having to do well for the A Level examinations, Junior College students also need to allocate time to build up their portfolio with Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) contributions, Community Involvement Programme (CIP) contributions and other self-initiated projects. With all that commitment, 1-to-1 JC Home Tuition in Singapore has been a lifesaver for many many Junior College students. 1-to-1 JC Home Tuition basically helped them accelerate their understanding and learning in the right way, making the ‘A’ on the report card become reality for them!

Overcoming Ordinary Objectives

As mentioned earlier, the 2 years in Junior College requires a lot of goal-setting and achieving. Be it wanting to hit a minimum grade in a school examination or aiming to pass General Paper, students set ordinary objectives for themselves just like anyone else. But these ordinary objectives are not achievable without a lot of hard work. Take it from former Junior College students: we totally realised that we must do way better than we think in terms of revision, studying and homework. With JC Home Tuition in Singapore aiming to improve familiarity and skill in terms of the A Level syllabus, we saw ourselves overcoming our ordinary objectives! In fact, my JC Private Tutor in Singapore helped me to achieve more than my ordinary objective. This was not through any black magic, but rather through breaking down the content into smaller bits to digest, and eventually making me realise that ‘it is not as hard as I thought!’. FamilyTutor, a JC Home Tuition in Singapore, wants you to experience that same realisation, that same joy and overcome your objectives by exceeding them! We know that in this difficult 2 years, a little help like JC Home Tuition would go a long way in not only building on your pre-existing knowledge but also stretching your limits as well.

Sustaining Solid Successes

Another consideration in your A Level journey is the sustainability of your daily lifestyle. Let me further elaborate on what this means: In the midst of coping with CCA, CIP and other responsibilities, you need to maintain and improve your academic standard as well. You can’t just score A for a class test but fail the entire examination right? That’s why it is important to sustain your solid successes! One of the comfortable ways to do so is to commit to a weekly JC Home Tuition session. This is because your JC Private Tutor will be able to track your progress and revise/teach you every week. The form of weekly routine in JC Private Tuition will help to continually support you and be a safeguard for your progress. Slow and steady wins the race! And FamilyTutor hopes you get to enjoy that level of academic reassurance that you are constantly improving and not worsening in any part of your 2 year JC journey. As an experienced JC Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, we have witnessed with our very own eyes the solid successes obtained by our JC students who have received quality JC Private Tuition in Singapore!

Conquering Crucial Crossroads

One of the greatest worries of Junior College students would be on whether they manage to get past the 2 years of Junior College successfully. Viewing your A Level result slip and emerging with a huge smile on your face would be conquering your crucial crossroads! To be able to smoothly transition into your next stage of life after Junior College is every JC student’s wish and as a caring JC Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, FamilyTutor wants to make that dream come true for you. So we strongly urge you to consider engaging a professional JC Home Tutor in Singapore to guide and aid you in your own personal JC journey. Everyone’s journey is different due to just too many reasons, so a JC Home Tutor who is able to act as a mentor to you and your life would be a blessing for you. Worry no more about being embarrassed about talking about your struggles or asking questions which you probably should have answers to; JC private tuition agency is meant to be an additional outlet apart from school for students to air all their concerns!

A JC Home Tutor in Singapore could be the ‘Lifesaver’ for this crucial period in your education journey. If it means securing a successful education pathway and a great life ahead, why not?



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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