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Every year, previously used exam papers are uploaded into the local government’s archives so that they may be included in the records. The government’s archives, along with these exam papers, can be accessed by anyone who has the knowledge to do so and can be downloaded for free. These documents are often referred to as free exam papers.

One can easily download these free exam papers and print them for reference or as study material. This is a great way to prepare for a major exam like the PSLE or the A-levels. However, there are only a few individuals who are knowledgeable about how to fully utilize these free exam papers to their full potential.

This article is aimed to spread awareness as to how to properly utilize the potential of free exam papers to help prepare students for their exams. Continue reading the article to find out how.

Benefits of using free exam papers

Free exam papers are not just beneficial because they are free, but can also be beneficial in other aspects as well. Here are a few examples of the perks using free exam papers to prepare for exams can bring.

1. Become aware of the exam structure

One of the most important perks offered by using free exam papers other than being a reference is the fact that free exam papers also offer insight into the structure of the test one will take. While the questions included in the exam may vary every year, the structure of these exams will most likely stay the same unless an unexpected event occurs.

It is important to determine the structure of the exam one will take as the individual will be able to prepare for the types of questions that may appear in the exam. One might think that all the questions in the exams are multiple-choice questions, only to be shocked that the majority of the questions in the exam are enumeration-type questions.

2. Free exam-level questions

It can be hard to think of mock exam questions on your own, and even harder to make the level of difficulty of the said questions worthy of being in an actual exam. However, this obstacle can easily be avoided by using free exam papers. This is because the questions included in the free exam papers have already been used in the exams and are what the previous batch of students answered.

This will allow the individuals to gauge the level of difficulty of the questions included in the exams to further prepare for themselves. This will allow an individual to prepare for the more difficult questions that will appear to increase their chances of getting a high score in the exam.

3. Getting used to an environment

Another perk offered by using free exam papers to study for the exams is the fact that simply answering these free exam papers with a timer can do wonders to help an individual adapt to the stressful environment of an examination hall.

One of the most common factors that can bring an individual’s score to be significantly lower is panic. And panic is one of the few emotions that will prevail in an individual once they are taking an exam.

This is what makes using free exam papers to study such a beneficial regimen as the individual will slowly get used to the environment that they will be in. This will allow them to become a lot calmer than the other students in the exam hall and will give them a huge advantage over the rest.

How to use free exam papers

Now that we are aware of the benefits that come with using free exam papers to study for the exams, it is now time to discuss how to properly utilize these free exam papers to their fullest. The list below provides information on the process as to how to utilize free exam papers effectively:

1. Prepare a mock exam

The most effective way to utilize free exam papers to their fullest is to do what they are meant to do: and that is test an individual’s knowledge about a certain subject.

Prepare a mock exam where you will try to replicate the environment of the examination hall as much as you can. You must also prepare all the necessary items you will need for the mock exam and arrange for someone to look over the entire process for you.

By doing so, you will be able to feel the pressure of the exam hall while answering questions that are of the same level of difficulty as those that will appear in the exams. This will not only sharpen your brain’s information retention, critical thinking, and other cognitive functions but will also train you to be more relaxed when taking the real exams.

2. Ask for help

It was briefly mentioned earlier that one should arrange for someone to look after the entire process of the individual taking a mock exam using free exam papers. This is important as a third party can greatly avoid biases when checking the results of the mock exam conducted.

This will also allow an individual to fully focus on answering the questions in the free exam papers and not worry about how much time has elapsed as there will be someone to remind them when the time is up.

You can ask your family members or your friends to be your mediator for the mock exam. However, if you have no one to ask for help, then you can always rely on a tutor when it comes to any academic struggles. And what better place to look for a skilled tutor than at FamilyTutor, a leading home tuition in Singapore.

3. Answer the mock exam with honesty

There will be times when the free exam paper can come with an answer key when you download the document. During these times, you must avoid the urge to look at the answer key and cheat.

One must answer the mock exam as if they are answering an actual exam to fully bring out the benefits of using free exam papers. The goal of the mock exam is to test the level of knowledge you have on a certain subject to assess where you need to work harder on. But if you just ace the mock exams because you looked at the answer key, then the whole purpose of the mock exam will only be defeated.

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4. Get your answers checked

After answering the questions in the free exam papers with all honesty, it is now time to ask someone to check the answers for you. This will be the only time when you can look at the answer key. Make sure to tell the person checking your answer sheet to be as objective as possible.

5. Review where you went wrong

After you had your answer sheet for the mock exam checked and graded, it is now time to see the results of your endeavor. If you notice that the results you got are not as admirable as you thought, then you can keep track of the topics that you often get wrong or the type of question you are having difficulties with.

This will allow you to gain a better perspective of the parts of the subject you are already good at and the parts that you need to work on. It is better to find out where you are weak before you take the actual exam so that you can have time to study and work on the parts that bring you trouble.

6. Study in the areas you were weak at

After you become aware of the areas you are having difficulties with, it is now time to go back to studying. As you are already aware of the parts you are weak at, you can allocate more time to studying those areas to make up for what you lack.

By doing so, you will be able to get better at the parts you are weak at and will increase the chances of you getting a high score in your next exam. It will also improve not only the results you will get for the exams, but will also improve your general academic performance as you will be able to grasp the parts you need to continue studying.

7. Redo the mock exam

After a long training montage to get yourself to be smarter, it is now time to redeem yourself by retaking the mock exam. You can use another free exam paper from a different year than what you previously used as the paper for the next exam.

By redoing the mock exams using another free exam paper of the same subject and grade level, you will be able to gauge whether you have improved on the parts that you were previously having difficulties with.

If the results are still less than admirable, then you can repeat the process of determining the parts you are weak in and studying these parts until you finally see results. Simply using free exam papers will not bring you a sudden increase in academic performance. Free exam papers will still need effort from you to fully show their worth.

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