Tutoring Students with Special Needs

While many countries and the general society are starting to become more open with the discussion of special needs students, there are still many countries, including Singapore, that overlook the needs of these kinds of students. They require more than regular students in terms of attention and love thus, teaching them requires a great deal of physical and mental strength and stability.

Not only this, but in order to properly teach or tutor a child with special needs, tutors have to undergo programs and training to make sure they are properly capable of the position and prepare them for a career in tuition with special needs students. Unfortunately, for some home tutors, this may be seen as a disadvantage as they have to spend more time and money on the training and programs than their regular counterparts. This leads to fewer and fewer special education tutors all over the world.

Job duties of a special needs tutor

Aside from the usual tuition session in which tutors will give students supplementary lessons, tutors who teach special needs students may also have other varying duties depending on the particulars of the student they are tutoring. We’ve listed some of the possible duties a home tutor may also have when they decide to tutor a student with special needs.

• Perform diagnostics

As other tutors do with regular students, home tutors for special needs students also determine the student’s weaknesses. Additionally, they may also communicate with the parents about other underlying issues such as learning disabilities. We still recommend seeing an expert for a full diagnosis, but since a special needs tutor is trained in dealing with students with special needs, they may give their opinions on the child’s possible issues as well.

• Work closely with parents

Students with special needs are not easy to deal with. There’s a wide spectrum to just bulk them all together and as such, not all of them behave the same way. This is why tutors have to work closely with the student’s parents. Moreover, they can also sign in other professionals to help with dealing with the child.

• Develop goals and objectives

While tutors still follow the MOE curriculum and syllabus, they still have more freedom than school teachers to tweak these goals and objectives according to the students. They can develop their own goals and objectives based on what is suggested and apply them to their students. With special needs students, tutors have to be patient and take the time to consider the goals they want to achieve with their students. As such, the student should also be taken into consideration when setting up goals and objectives.

• Lift and care for students who can’t move physically

When dealing with special needs students, there is a possibility that they won’t all be mobile. This means that some students will have difficulty with some of their motor functions. As part of teaching them, tutors should also care for their students and sometimes help in moving them or caring for them.

Benefits of tutoring special needs students

Fortunately, we have gathered some of the many benefits of tutoring a special needs student. If you are a home tutor ready to make a career to teach special needs students specifically, this article is for you.

1. More rewarding and fulfilling

Being a home tutor and seeing your student reach their academic goal is satisfying enough, how much more with a student who requires special attention and care?

Special needs students are more apprehensive with their surroundings, shy with new people, and are generally guarded when it comes to interactions. Getting them comfortable around their home tutor is one of the main objectives a tutor should have before the start of the session or at the first session. In home tuition, the more comfortable and open the student is with their home tutor, the smoother home tuition would go. This is because the tutor would be able to properly understand the needs and struggles of the student and thus, can effectively formulate a plan to tackle the issue.

Additionally, earning the trust and respect of a special needs student isn’t an easy feat. If they are not comfortable with their home tutor, they may tend to become stressed out if the tutor is near them. It will defeat the purpose of tuition and may make it more painful for them to continue with the sessions.

Unfortunately, after gaining their trust and acceptance, the challenges don’t stop there. There is also the matter of helping these students understand concepts. As mentioned, they require more attention and care. As such, like every other student, they don’t learn the same way. A method may work on one special needs student but not on another. They may require a new style of teaching altogether, as they may find learning the common approach difficult.

With every concept they retained and understood, consider that a victory on your part and the students ‘ as well. As mentioned, it’s not an easy feat, and considering they retained the lesson, it’s already a good job for both the tutor and student. Additionally, the level of satisfaction is much higher with the student thanks you for teaching them. Some students feel left out of their classmates and lessons but with the tutor’s help, they can get back on track and catch up to their classmates.

2. Special needs tutors are in demand

As mentioned previously, there are significantly fewer home tutors for special needs students than those of normal students. Because of this, there is an increasing demand for these kinds of home tutors. There are endless home tuition agencies and parents who are looking to hire tutors for special needs students.

Most people don’t want to go through all the extra training and programs, looking at them as more hassle. They also look at teaching students with special needs as more challenging with the added physical and mental difficulty.

However, with more parents looking to hire a tutor for their special needs child, you will not have to worry about the fear of unemployment as there’s always an opportunity for you.

3. More job opportunities

Teaching special needs students is very challenging and requires a lot of mental strength as a home tutor. You have to practice extreme patience and the ability to endure stress. It is not easy to deal with them, considering they may also get frustrated with themselves. Additionally, tutors have to go through more training and programs in order to be qualified tutors for special needs students.

This extra time and effort wouldn’t be wasted. Tutors will gain more skills and qualifications which they can also add to their resume. Because of this, their resume will look more attractive to employers should they decide to switch careers. Tutors who look to be hired under a different industry will be seen as a great asset and value for their companies because of their experience and credentials.

With this, if you find yourself at a crossroads and look to switch careers, don’t fret. Many employers will be looking for employees such as yourself to add to their company.

4. Shorter working hours

As special needs education schools have shorter school days and hours than conventional schools, the same can be said with special needs home tuition. There is also a significantly less difficult and simpler curriculum to follow in special needs education. This means that tutors can have more time to spend doing what they like after a tough but productive day of tuition sessions with special needs students. Tutors can also use the extra time after tuition to interact with their students outside of the lesson and get to know them better.

If the tutor interacts with the student outside tuition hours, they may also start to see the tutor as more of a friend than a teacher. This may make the student more comfortable with the tutor and make tuition significantly easier for both sides. Additionally, more free time also helps balance work and personal life.

5. Be the voice of your students

Although there has been more and more aware of special needs students, there are still some labels given to them by society. If you are a passionate home tutor, then you can also use your experience to stand up against the stigma. As someone who spends time with special needs students, you’ll start to understand them better and reverberate with them. This also means you have more opportunities to properly explain to the general public why some special needs students behave a certain way or unusual from all the regular students.

With other passionate advocates and even the parents of your students, you can spread awareness and understanding and be their voice. this will help people with special needs let other people know that they should not be looked down upon and instead, we should accept them wholeheartedly and without reservations in society as they are also human. By bringing their voice into the world, more people will hear them, and thus, the world will be more inclusive and open to people with special needs.


There are still many other benefits of being a special needs hem tutor. These are only some of the key advantages as to why you should think of becoming one. If you’ve enjoyed our article, check out FamilyTutor, the best home tuition agency in Singapore.

If you’re interested in becoming a home tutor today, send your application here, and let’s make the world a better place by giving the students the quality education they deserve.



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