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Hiring home tutors is a great decision as you are almost always guaranteed to improve on your academics or other aspects that you are having trouble with. Tutors provide you with feedback on the areas that you need to improve in as well as help you become even better at the skills you already have. With this, it’s almost always a sure way to help you meet your academic goals.

Of course, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these home tutors charge for their skills. They are there to help you not only with your academic goals such as getting good grades or helping you be accepted to your dream university, but also to help you with other matters such as advising you and helping you weigh your options as to what degree to take or how to take notes better.

However, if you really want to excel in what you do and get the most of your home tutor, hiring one isn’t enough. In fact, even if you hire the best home tutor in the world, it still wouldn’t be enough. More than anything else, the secret to reaching any goal you put your mind to is you. Aside from the efforts from your home tutor, you also have to make your own effort and prepare as a student. This would determine how you learn as well as your responsibility, and it is a pretty big one.

As such, it’s also good to realize the power that you have within yourself to reach the goals that you want to achieve. In this article, we’ll be discussing how you can get the most out of your home tutor and make home tuition your secret weapon.

1. Fill the gaps for them

It’s not a secret that home tutors are remarkably helpful assets for students. They can help you reach your academic goals and they also help with other matters that will help you get there such as preparing for your exams or efficiently taking notes. With all the things they can do, it’s also important to understand that they are not superhuman. There is only so much that they can do. They don’t hold the magic to instantly make you understand the lesson and get the scores you want.

This is why it’s important to maximize productivity during your home tuition sessions. Remember that your home tutor wouldn’t only be meeting with you and the time you’ll be spending learning from them is limited.

Before you meet with your home tutor, try to identify what exactly you need assistance with. Are you struggling with a certain subject or are you trying to improve your essay writing skills? Are you perhaps looking to effectively answer exam questions? Assess your skills and weaknesses before your tuition sessions. This way, when the time comes for you to meet with your home tutor, you wouldn’t be unnecessarily going over topics you already understand or practicing skills you have already mastered. With this, home tuition sessions will be more focused on improving you and thus, be more productive.

2. Spend the sessions learning, not catching up

It’s very common for students to think to let their home tutors leave the way for them. If you have already done the previous tip, you may think that’s all there is to it. You might have given yourself a mental high five and turn over the work to your home tutor. However, that would still mean that your home tutor still has to get to know you.

And while getting to know their students is a top priority for home tutors, it can use up a bit of time that should’ve been for tuition sessions instead. If you have a new home tutor, they probably will just know that you are having trouble with a certain subject but that may be as far as they know. So, how can you help to maximize the time spent for the actual learning rather than getting your home tutor to know you?

Home tutors wouldn’t just dive into the lesson headfirst. They have to know and understand the student before they can begin the lesson. They have to familiarize themselves with the students learning style, pace, and background. There are about a lot of things a tutor has to learn and understand before they can go ahead and formulate the best approach for you to understand the lesson effectively and efficiently. So, instead of paying your home tutor to get to know your learning style during the first few tuition sessions, why don’t you send this information to your home tutor before the beginning of the lessons.

Surely, you know which approach you understand best when you have someone teaching you. Are you more inclined to visual representations or to listen for instructions? Are you physically active and get easily distracted or can you sit still for longer periods of time? All of this relevant information you can send to your home tutor before the start of your tuition sessions so they will already have a solid idea of how to approach the lessons with you.

3. Prepare good questions

To make the most out of good answers, you also have to ask good questions. Come to each tuition session with a list of specific and targeted questions. Some of these questions you’ll be able to use in every lesson but maybe some you won’t. However, either way, they are guaranteed to come in handy.

Try to imagine yourself as an athlete that has been playing a sport for a long time and is an absolute fan of it. You play the sport every chance you get, say about 3-5 times per week, and study all about the strategy and techniques professionals use. You study and study, watch footage and learn almost everything about the sport however, your skills still don’t seem to measure up. So, you hire a private instructor.

This is the same with home tuition. If you really want the most of your lessons, you should already be prepared to ask questions rather than just say what you want to achieve. You want to ace your Math exam, you don’t just say it. You’d have to ask specific questions like “How can I answer this question efficiently without using too much of my time figuring out this formula?” or “Is my answering technique stopping me from flowing smoothly from one question to the next?”

Tutors love it when students prepare great questions for them. It allows them to hone what and how to teach their students almost immediately. This would also give them more ideas on what you may need and thus, give you more of the custom-made lessons.

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4. Understand the power of note-taking

If you’ve been an avid follower of our blog, you may have come across a few articles reiterating the power of note-taking. And this is still true. But for this one, we aren’t only talking about all the ideas you can put in writing.

The biggest benefit of having a home tutor perhaps is that they provide you with personalized lessons and feedback. You get individualized instructions and attention for every single lesson. However, some students only seem to take notes of the lesson material and not of all the other valuable bits their home tutor has to offer. Of course, if you have hired an expert to learn from them, why stop with just learning about the subject when you can learn so much more and possibly everything from them?

Students sometimes adopt a straightforward thinking, in which they think that when they come in for say a Physics lesson, that should only be their sole focus. And yes, you should be learning Physics from your home tutor but there are also other various skills and knowledge needed in Physics. You can still continue to learn more than what is being taught in school or those topics that are part of your lessons. Stay focused on your initial goals but also lookout for opportunities to expand your skills.


Those are just some of the tricks you can use to maximize your time with your home tutor. However, if you do want these tricks to the maximum, the best way to do so is to implement them right now. Don’t think of starting them later or tomorrow. These are not only tricks but also new habits, which in turn can turn into new skills. And new skills as to be cultivated and nurtured right away.



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