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With the recent circumstances, there are many things that’s now considered the new “normal” for us. Due to the pandemic, many schools have shut down and have turned to online classes to continue the education of the students. The same can be seen in the home tuition sector, with many parents opting for online tuition instead of actual tutors coming to their houses to help their children while schools are still closed.

Online classes and tuition aren’t exactly new. They have been there for a long time for convenience of students but with the recent development, they have grown more mainstream. So much that even parents who aren’t familiar with them are now thinking of hiring an online tutor for their child.

While online tutoring can be significantly cheaper than traditional home tuition, there is also the matter of the pandemic that has cost many families to set a stricter budget for themselves. Because of the rise in demand for online tutors, there are also many people who aspire to be one, especially since the pandemic has also cost some people their jobs. However, even if this is so, parents shouldn’t just hire anyone for their children. A tutor will ultimately still have to be effective, online or otherwise. With this is mind, we’ve gathered some tips for parents who want to fully utilize online tuition for their children.

1. Select the subject tuition is needed

The first tip isn’t far off from starting to consider hiring a home tutor for your child. It’s important to understand first why the parent is hiring a tutor in the first place. Is the child having struggles with a certain subject? Do they not participate in class? Are they not doing their homework or passing it in time? Do they get low scores in major exams but do well in smaller ones?

When hiring a tutor, they will offer a variety of subjects they can teach the child. However, most students struggle on a certain subject only. If a parent gets a tutor for their child for many subjects, even for those they are generally doing well in, it can get overwhelming for them.

By narrowing down which subject they need help in, the parent will help with many things the first being the budget. Tutors change by tuition session for the number of subjects. That means if you hired a tutor to teach the child Math, Science, English, and History, it’s going to significantly cost more than when they are only teaching Math to the child.

When thinking of which subject you are hiring an online tutor for, consider the subjects the child is having difficulty in. Then after narrowing the list down, prioritize. If the child is struggling in Math and Geography, the parent may feel that Math is more important than Geography and that’s the subject the child should focus on.

Of course, since it’s the child that’ll be given online tuition, it’s also important to ask for their opinion. Ask them if they are more inclined to get online tuition in one subject over the other or if they can work on improving on the other subject by themselves while needing help in the other.

2. Set realistic and achievable goals

Because of the recent events, many schools have shut down. Because of this, the parents may get carried away with their child’s education and may see the online tutor to take the place of their child’s teacher. Of course, parents only want the best for their child. However, if they use up too much of the tutor’s time, they can end up spending more of their allotted budget.

Because of the limited time in tuition sessions, parents should have a clear idea of the goals they want to set for their child. With the expectations clear, it’ll be easier for the tutor to focus on these and decrease their chances of being the “actual teacher” to the child.

Parents should set goals that are realistic and achievable. If the child has a lower grade, don’t expect them to get an A+ overnight. It doesn’t work like that. Even with the best online tutor, they can’t magically transform the child’s grade. Tuition is a process and with the right assistance and support, it can be effective enough to get the child that A+. However, it takes time and hard work. They should also aim for these goals to be specific and relevant to their learning. Simply saying you want them to get better at the subject isn’t specific and it can be subjective. Aim for a goal that is measurable and concrete, like for example getting a grade within this or that range.

3. Track and measure progress

Since we’ve mentioned that goals should be specific and concrete, it’s also useful to understand exactly how to measure the progress made by the child. This way, parents can see whether tuition is helping their child or not.

One good way of keeping track with the child’s progress is to check with the child’s tutor and ask for progress reports. Tutors already expect parent to want to know how their child is improving. A good tutor would have prepared evidences to support their claim if the child is improving. However, aside from asking the tutor directly for reports, parents can also look at the child’s scores and compare them to their previous marks and grades. This way, parents can measure how far the child has come from their base grades or scores.

Another thing to consider also in tuition, although home tutors from FamilyTutor are highly qualified and experienced, there are times when tuition just wouldn’t work. There can be other factors that will hinder the child’s progress aside from the tutor. As it is also online tuition, the child may also have a hard time adapting to the new means of tuition. If the child is visibly not making any progress, it may be worth a discussion with the tutor or the tuition agency for replacement or a change of action plan for the child.

4. Invest in your child’s education

As we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and while some things are going back to normal, some families may still have apprehension with regards to their finances and the future. However, by giving the child the education they deserve and supporting them through online tuition, parents may be giving the best investment they can to their children especially in times like this.

Though online tuition, parents will be helping their child continue where they left off and take steps forward their education while schools are still closed. This means that though some students may be learning at home, they will still be able to catch up or get ahead their studies.

What to consider when hiring an online tutor

Of course, if parents are considering online tuition to support their child’s studies and help them achieve academic excellence, they should also consider many factors when hiring an online tutor for their child.

1. Budget

If the family is really trying to save money while nothing’s for certain yet because of the pandemic, it’s safe to say budget is one of the key factors that parents should think of when considering an online tutor for their child. With many tutors who offer expert tuition in different subjects and fields, it’s important to consider how much you are willing to spend. Once the parent has a solid amount in mind, you can then talk to a tuition agency to request for a home tutor within that range. It’s a good way to narrow the tutor list down and it will also give parents a peace of mind that they will not go overboard with spending money.

2. Tutor’s experience and qualifications

This is also one of the things many parents look for when hiring a home tutor. How long has the tutor been teaching, and what are their credentials in tutoring my child? Are they expert in this subject?

While it’s not mandatory for tutors to get teaching certificates to become a home tutor, they still need to be qualified and show evidences of their qualifications in order to give the most to their students. It will defeat the purpose of tuition if the tutor is not knowledgeable in their subject.

The more the tutoring experience the tutor has, the more effective they become in adapting their teaching style and explaining concepts to their students. This comes with time for tutors to properly strategize how to approach students in a way that can sustain their interest and help retain what they’ve learned.

It also helps if the tutor already has experience in online tuition since they will already know how the technology works and wouldn’t have to waste time figuring out the ins and outs of the online world since they are used to it already.

Experience also comes in handy for tutors dealing with specific educational needs. This gives them the in-depth knowledge in teaching your child so parents can rest assured their child is in good hands.

Luckily, FamilyTutor has a wide range of highly qualified and experienced tutors. The agency also makes sure to share the tutor’s profile to parents before they are hired so parents know who they are dealing with.

3. Reviews on the tutor

Since we had been talking about experience, of course, tutors will already have students they’ve taught before. When selecting a tutor for your child, it’s best to choose from tutors with good feedback and reviews. This means that their previous students have a positive experience when they were under the tutor.

However, also consider the number of people leaving the reviews. If there are only less people leaving reviews, they’re going to be counted higher than those with more reviews. This means that someone who has two 5-star review may look better than 4-star average review. However, if there are twenty people giving reviews under the tutor with an average 4-star, there must be a reason why they are more popular.



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