Tips to Make Studying in Your Room Easier

Gaining and sustaining the motivation to study has got to be one of the most common and hardest challenges a student can face. Motivation is a very important factor when it comes to a student’s academic lifestyle. When they are motivated to reach their goals or achieve something, they are bound to work harder to get there. On the opposite, when students lack motivation, they may find it difficult to do the most minuscule of tasks that relate to their schoolwork. Sometimes, they also would be more distracted from listening to their teachers in school.

However, studying doesn’t only stop when the bell rings. Students also have to spend their time studying at home after school and answering their homework. Studying at home can be more challenging for students as some of the spaces are more constricted for them and they have to push themselves to sit for hours and try to stay focused. This is not really one’s idea of fun. However, there is still a silver lining as we have tips to help make studying at home easier and more comfortable.

1. Keep it neat and tidy

Keep only the essentials when it comes to your study space. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind, as they say, meaning the state of your room can affect the way your brain functions. It may be a difficult thing to do but we also have some pointers that can help you keep your room and study space clean.

  • Do cleaning sessions regularly. It’s important to maintain the cleanliness of your room so the best thing to do is set a time every week or month to clean and keep your space in check. This would also help you reorganize your workspace and get rid of the clutter and unnecessary things that may distract you from focusing on your studies.
  • When keeping only the essentials in your workspace, it means keeping only the things that you use always or on a daily basis. If you have things that you want to keep but barely use, you can stash your keepsakes in boxes or in your cabinet rather than have them somewhere lying around.
  • Decorating your own room also brings out a person’s individualism and as a growing person, it’s good to exercise your autonomy and decorate your room according to your own tastes. However, make sure that you don’t go overboard with decorating as too much can also cause distraction and even stress as you will need to constantly keep up with the theme of your room. A minimalistic room can help give you more clarity and help with clutter.

2. Get organizers and organizational furniture

Clutter usually is more pronounced when everything is just stuck together or has been shoved to the same corner of the room or on top of a table or even in one single chair. Some make use of boxes but then fill them up to the brim, making your room look like a warehouse.  Not only does this make it difficult for you to find exactly what you need when you need it but it’s also very unsightly.

Organizing things in drawers or compartments can help with this situation. You can still use your boxes but compartmentalizing them can save you time when you are looking for something and also make it look tidier. Additionally, you can also make use of the free spaces you have for storage such as the space under your bed or the blank wall. With help if needed, you can install shelves for your walls so you can stack your books there or other memorabilia you want to exhibit, without them being in a clutter.

This also goes with your pens or other stationery. You can find organizers to help you so they aren’t scattered on your desk. Another tip is to stack upwards to save more space, you can also get stackable boxes or drawers so you can store a lot without taking too much space.

3. Look for inspiration online

Having your own room and choosing your decorations and theme can also be overwhelming. There may be a lot of things you want to do with it but there could be restrictions such as the space inside the room. If you are having trouble deciding how you should proceed with your room’s layout, there are many ways for you to come to a decision. One way is to visualize your room, you can use apps that allow you to create a virtual room with your room’s dimensions and you can try doing the layout there first. This way, you have more choices for the layout of your room before doing it in actuality and thus, saving you time and energy.

For inspiration, you can also visit physical stores or showrooms that can help you find what you want the theme for your room will be. You can also look online for ideas and inspiration while still giving yourself the authority to customize your room according to the way you want it. Pinterest has a lot of ideas you can get inspiration from regarding room designs and layout.

Another tip is for you to stick to a certain color palette. You can create a more pleasing room layout by sticking with colors that work well with each other. This way you can actually be in a room you want to be in since it has been created according to your tastes. A welcoming environment may boost your mood and increase productivity.

4. Light a candle

You may have seen other students lighting up a candle when they are studying and wondered why. This isn’t just a trend among students. Lighting candles can actually help you study better by stimulating your brain and associating it with a calming experience since the scent of candles has that effect. Additionally, this can also help you retain information better. There are many candle scents to choose from can some of them are infused with extracts that can help you improve your concentration and reduce stress.

Aside from the practical benefits it offers, candles are also pleasing to the eyes as well as provide warmth as the flame accompanies you while you are working and studying through the long hours. However, make sure to also be responsible when using candles as it can also cause accidents if not properly attended to.

5. Use air purifiers

Poor ventilation can also be a reason why students may have a hard time studying in their rooms. If the area feels study and humid, they can feel suffocated and want to avoid studying in it. It’s important to ensure that your room also has good ventilation and the atmosphere is fresh and inviting. However, there will be cases where some rooms just don’t have the preferred ventilation so using air purifiers may alleviate this problem. It can filter and ventilate fresh air so that it doesn’t feel too humid and you’ll have more motivation to study.


When they lack the drive to study at home, many students ignore how important it is to make their space conducive to their academic “battles” and instead opt to study outside. However, instead of having to pack a lot of gear to go outside and study, it could really be easier for you to study in the comfort of your own house where you have access to all of your resources. You might try to make studying at home a more pleasant experience by redecorating your space so that you will love spending time there. More than you would imagine, having a comfortable study space might affect your motivation for the better.



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