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Most children these days find studying to be difficult. Education is more difficult compared to when we as parents experienced. The world is growing fast, leading to an increase in challenges with limited resources and a greater need for advancements which in turn requires more skilled manpower. Thus, the level of education is speeding up and the curriculum is changing to fix that challenge. This, however, puts a toll on the child’s education as well, as they are required to learn more in a short period of time efficiently. They often learn topics difficult to understand at that age. So, what can you, as parents with the help of a private tuition do? Here are a few tips you can assist your child in making education easy for them. You can also request your tutor to advise them of your child’s learning process

Let them focus on understanding, Not Remembering everything at face value

The best way of education is by understanding topics logically. Not everything should be memorized at face value, as it diminishes creativity and reduces learning. Key facts developed through reasoning can be memorized.  If your child memorizes the solution of any problem without learning the process (logical action) of solving the problem, he/she will not be able to solve a different problem that requires the usage of the same logic. So, it’s a good idea to discourage children from memorizing unless absolutely required. It’s also a good idea to suggest your private tutor to encourage your child to focus on logic and reasoning instead of remembering. Recommend your private tutor to give similar/ relevant problems to the child to ensure that they understood the procedure of solving problems instead of remembering the procedure to solve, as it will help them a lot in the future.

Take Notes

Most children who often listen to class find it difficult to recollect or remember topics after they reach home. We, as humans have limited attention span and often get distracted by external factors or internal factors. So, the best way to overcome this challenge is by taking notes and review them at a later time. Even while writing notes, there are a few factors to consider. Do not write notes while the teacher is explaining the topics and do not write the notes word-to-word. Instead, encourage them to understand the topic clearly as the teacher explains, if they have any doubts, let them ask the teacher at that time itself and write notes of what they understood and learned from the topic in their own words. However, the child should remember mathematical formulae or historical dates for easier learning.

Stay away from distractions

Children nowadays have a major problem handling distractions such as mobile phone games, chatting applications on their phones and laptops. The mere presence of these devices within their vicinity causes temptation if they are not mentally strong enough to resist distractions. Children do not develop maturity at a young age. So, they are prone to distractions. Do not let your children use your or their mobile phones during the home tutoring hours. Suggest your tutor to not put their phones around your children as well, as it can spark temptation.

Teach them to use technology at an earlier age

We need to use electronic gadgets effectively. While they have the potential to cause distractions and temptations, they can also make life easier. Encourage your child as well as the private tutor to make use of electronic gadgets effectively. Even if these gadgets were not used in schools, try to use them at home. Advise your private tutor to teach your children to create Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, create and give PowerPoint presentations from a young age to make them develop these skills as they are extremely beneficial at a later point in their lives. You can let your private tutor in Singapore also teach on these gadgets instead of paper notes as children learn faster on devices they are most familiar with.

Balance Academic time and Relaxation time

Do not force your children to focus solely on academics all day. It is vital to balance relaxation and academics for the child’s well-being and better learning. After relaxing, the child will be more focused learn better. At FamilyTutor, our tutors try to be of the best support in learning life lessons besides high standard education services. We also recommend you to provide your child relaxation time for their well-being.

A child’s mind is incredible and filled with imagination and joyful experiences. We should direct them to the correct path and educate properly. We should not overburden them; and with proper guidance, they will be successful for themselves as well as for society.



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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