Tips in Making Better Essays

Oftentimes, essays are introduced to students starting at the later years of primary schools, where the students are taught the basic premises and components that make up an essay. However, it is during secondary school where writing essays become more than a simple topic and becomes a necessary skill to learn. And if you want to learn how to make better essays, then continue reading the article to find out how.

Technically speaking, making an essay could be as simple as writing different characters together into groups to form an abstract idea of an object, action, and adjectives. These group of characters can then be grouped further to create concrete ideas known as sentences. The sentences are then grouped together to form paragraphs.

As long as you can make the introduction, body, and conclusion paragraph, you have technically made an essay. The creation of an essay is as simple as that; however, the creation of an outstanding essay requires much more effort.

Perks of better essays

1. Preparation for technical papers in college

Essays are not just introduced to you just so your English teacher can have a homework to assign to you. It is an important aspect of technical papers which you will most likely encounter in college. This is why essays are introduced to students as early as primary school.

Creating better essays will allow you to have a relatively smooth time making technical papers later on as you will be accustomed to the process of creating numerous paragraphs, given that you know your topic for your technical paper very well. You will also encounter minimal difficulties when you are trying to persuade your readers due to the fact that well-written essays are much more persuasive than an essay of below average quality.

2. Your opinions are expressed better

Another thing that well-written essays can give you is the perk of expressing your opinions and thoughts better. With a well-written essay, ideas flow smoothly and your words are able to express what the bottom line of your opinions are. Your essay will portray your opinions clearly and vividly to make sure that your readers can understand what you are trying to imply.

3. Can become a source of income

The ability to create better essays is an asset that should not be taken lightly. If you make your essays well enough, this could lead to a source of income even when you are still a student.

You can get commissions from people to create an essay for them. This simple act could fetch a pretty price and can help you make extra cash while polishing your essay making skills.

And in the event that you become an astounding writer, you can pursue a career as an author of a newspaper, magazine, or online blog. All of these jobs pay pretty well considering the fact that as an author, you have the freedom to choose your own working hours, as long as you submit your outputs before the deadline.

How to create better essays

Creating better essays can be a rough process when you start from square one. You have to learn from every mistake you make and improve your essays to make sure that you do not commit those mistakes again. But fear not, for this list will walk you through 8 tips that will help you create better essays:

1. Understand the topic you will write about

The first and most important thing you should do before writing down an essay is to understand the topic you want to write about. If your teacher gave you a topic to use, then you should first understand the topic given to you and what you should do. Does your teacher want you to make a persuasive essay about your topic? Or does she want an argumentative essay?

You would be surprised to see how many people disregard this fact and end up creating an essay that was not the intended outcome of their teachers. This would only lead to wasted effort and a really bad habit of not addressing the proper topic.

In the event that your teacher gives you free reign to decide on whatever topic you want to make an essay about, you should still have a clear vision of what you want your essay to look like and how it all adds up to prove your point.

2. Make a schedule of what you should write

There will be times when your teacher will give you a specific time period to make an essay. This could be nerve racking and could greatly hinder your ability to create an impressive essay. However, you should remain calm and be wary of the time you spend in shock.  It is better if you will divide your time to making different parts of the essay, with the important parts like your main points getting more time than the others.

If your teacher gives you an hour to make a 500-word essay, then you should make a schedule to fit making all the parts within an hour. You could allocate 20 minutes to create and provide supporting detail to your main point, 10 minutes for your introduction, another 10 for your conclusion, and 20 minutes to review and revise your essay’s contents. This will allow you to finish composing your essay while still having enough time to review or revise your essay if you feel unsatisfied with the outcome or if there were mistakes made.

Additionally, it can also help breaking down the contents of your essay into bullets, just so you know exactly what you are going to write about and not miss any important details. Chances are if you forget to add something, people tend to just squeeze that detail in.

3. Avoid procrastination

If the essay was given to you as a homework, then you should make a schedule of what to write as soon as possible and avoid procrastinating. Procrastination is the bane of all students, and it is a very impressive feat if you can defeat this urge.

Procrastination will easily eat up the time you have left to create a well-written essay. And the less time you have left, the more your vocabulary and brain run out of juice due to the panic you will feel. The more time you have creating your essay, the more improvements you can make and the less mistakes there are.

4. Always provide supporting statements

The secret to making your main points believable and persuasive is to always provide supporting statements for it. You cannot simply start the body of an essay by stating “The eggs of Pasteur raised chickens have more protein than mass produced chicken eggs” and start the next sentence with another idea that is completely unrelated to the previous sentence.

Supporting statements allow your main point to stand out and provide more detail to the main sentence that could no longer fit. They can also be used to provide evidence to add sense to your claims. Supporting statements can be compared to the braces of a table and the main point are the legs; the legs provide structure and keep the table upright but the braces are what keep the legs stable and sturdy.

5. Refrain from plagiarism

No matter how great of an essay you have turned in, it would still be all for naught if that work was plagiarized. Plagiarism is a serious crime and can often lead to imprisonment in some countries. Plagiarizing a piece will not improve your skills at all as you are not the one that came up with flow of words and ideas used in the piece. Besides that, it’s just wrong.

6. Verify your sources

To avoid plagiarism, students often use information from other sources and cite them. This will help their piece become more believable and persuasive while avoiding a copyright strike from the original author. However, you should be wary and vigilant of your sources.

You should always research beforehand of the source of the information you will place in your essay is a reliable one. If not, then it will only make your essay a lot less credible and may even get a score deduction due to false information. With the vast amount of false information spreading around the internet today, it is of great importance to make sure that whatever information you include in your essays are accurate and true.

7. Fluidity

Another important aspect that could make or break your essay is the fluidity of ideas in your piece. As previously mentioned earlier, essays may have multiple points or ideas along with their own supporting statements, and it is your job to ensure the smooth flow of one idea to another.

If the ideas are too big of a leap, then use another paragraph to emphasize that it is a different point. You do not necessarily need to follow the “an essay is made up of 3 paragraphs” misconception. You can always have multiple paragraphs for the body to ensure the smooth flow of ideas within you essay.

Or you can use your skills and wit to create a transition from one idea to another. It is up to your creativity and knowledge to think of a way to make your ideas flow smoothly and prevent your reader from being confused.

8. Review and revise

A lot of students turn in their works as soon as they have finished writing the final period in their essay. However, this is a bad habit and could hinder the improvement of your essays.

Reviewing is an important part of making an essay as it will allow you to notice any typos and grammatical mistakes, while revising will allow you to correct and improve your essay to make sure that what you turn in is the best possible output you could conjure.

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