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With the increasing need for tutors in Singapore, many have taken notice of this potentially lucrative market and have jumped on the bandwagon to join the ever-growing tuition industry. As a result, we now have many tutors ready to accommodate the needs of the masses in Singapore. However, the problem that some of us may encounter is that we find ourselves lost with too many tutors to choose from. Being doting and concerned parents, we always hope to employ the right home tutor in Singapore so that our child has both an enjoyable and fulfilling tutoring experience!

At FamilyTutor, we actually assure you with educated, committed, and suitable tutors from a pool of carefully procured talent. Don’t like the first tutor? Not meeting your expectations? We promise a second even better. We understand that as parents, you would love to understand the internal workings and processes of our tutor selection. To further your understanding of what goes on behind-the-scenes, we provide you with the general approach we adopt in selecting the right tutor for your child in Singapore.

Where we find our tutors from

The prerequisite to searching for the right tutor for you is to have a pool of talented tutors first. Believe it or not, FamilyTutor does not actually find our tutors! Instead, tutors come straight to us! We feel that this is the ideal way to secure an interested tutor for an assignment, simply because the desire to take on the assignment originally stems from the tutor in the first place. This naturally ensures a committed tutor for you, as they chose to make an informed decision to offer to take on the assignment themselves.

What we look for in our tutors

So, from our pool of tutors, we will then sieve out the cream of the crop! At FamilyTutor, we thoughtfully take into account many considerations for our selection. Firstly, we promise you a tutor with the demographics of your choice! Be it gender, age, qualification or any other preferences specified, we got you covered. From the selected group of candidates we deem suitable, we then further filter for the best by looking out for the passionate, enthusiastic, and genuine individuals simply through the way they respond and interact with us (and it tells because, in times of stressful job selections, it is the easiest for the tutors to be themselves!).

How our tutors are like

Surely no parent would want a qualified tutor with terrible character. That’s why FamilyTutor’s slogan is “Putting Every Singaporean Son & Daughter In Good Hands”. The tutors we provide you will be mature and take pride in their job, where communication of ideas between both parent and tutor would certainly not be a problem. FamilyTutor values professionalism and hence there wouldn’t be even a single case of low commitment from your tutor, unreasonable talk or even being a bad example to your child. We are not just a tuition agency that links you up with any random tutor; we go further than that to ensure the best experience possible.

We value you

Ultimately, the hunt for the right tutor in Singapore is not a slipshod job. FamilyTutor values you and your child, and we simply hope for your child to receive the best educational guidance as possible. We match a tutor not only to teach your child well and improve his or her grades but also to build a good rapport and a meaningful relationship with your child and even with your whole family! This is what we have been doing and is what we will continue to do for you. We find joy in helping every family find the right home tutor in Singapore for their child, and we would certainly love to help YOU too.

Let FamilyTutor help you find the right tutor in Singapore for your child, and we will definitely not disappoint!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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FamilyTutor is an established home tuition agency in Singapore! We match suitable home tutors for our clients not just to improve the students' academic grades, but also to build a strong rapport and meaningful relationship with the students and even the their whole family. FamilyTutor put every student in good hands!

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