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Chinese may be a lot of students’ Second Language and it might be a pain at times. This is because English is already enough to learn, and then there’s still another language?!? Grammar, comprehension, phrasing and just all those strokes can be difficult to grasp and students may feel like it is pointless, necessary and just too complex to spend time on. This is problematic, especially because the Mother Tongue Language has so much value to one’s culture and their identity – learning about it is vital in understanding and appreciating one’s roots. This is why we wish that students can be offered quality 1-to-1 Chinese Home Tuition experience in hopes for a better Chinese Language experience for students!

A Chinese Home Tutor in Singapore who can answer my questions (even in English).

Many students tend to speak better in English, and converse more in English as well. To be able to learn a second language like Chinese would really require a lot of effort and brain power. Hence, having a private tuition teaching Chinese that is able to converse well in both English and Chinese might be a plus-point for students! This is because students can freely ask questions in English and it might be an easier way for them to express themselves. This allows them to clarify their doubts about Chinese more frequently since they are able to clearly explain their question. Of course, we are not trying to promote the sole reliance on English as a means to communicate. But with experienced Chinese Home Tutors, we totally understand that it might be initially difficult for weaker Chinese students to be able to properly ask questions about Chinese in Chinese. Hence, we feel that every child deserves such an experience.

A Chinese Home Tutor in Singapore who can make Chinese more interesting (and bearable).

What excites students more than a fun Chinese class! Honestly, if a class was interesting, students definitely do pay more attention to it. This means that if Chinese Home Tuition classes were made to be more interesting, more interactive and more personalized, students might grow to enjoy the subject! With so many Private tutors in Singapore, we makes the conscious effort to manually interview these them. This is because as a Chinese Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, we feel that every child deserves that kind of amazing experience in their learning. We want the Chinese Tutors conducting the 1-to-1 Chinese Home Tuition in Singapore to know their stuff well, and are able to teach and catch the attention of our students. This is what we feel every student deserves!

A Chinese Home Tutor in Singapore who can influence me to try my best in Chinese.

Motivations are so important in life, be it through friends, purposes, goals or just pure self-motivation. To have someone motivating you to keep trying to do a compulsory subject you hate/aren’t good at is honestly one of the best feelings in the world. Be it through encouragements, detailed going through of answers, positive feedback or just praises when good work is produced – students deserve such treatment in 1-to-1 Chinese Home Tuition in Singapore. Students might have it rough in school, especially with the increasing stress levels due to peer pressure or expectations. We want the class to be the place for positive growth, and for our Chinese Private Tutors to be the guiding hand for students to keep trying their best. It is definitely true that putting in effort will reap you results regardless of how long it might take. Hence, the spirit of never giving up is essential in such a situation. Chinese essays, Chinese comprehension or Chinese oral – we can do it!

A Chinese Home Tutor in Singapore who can help me understand why Chinese is important.

It all boils down to our roots. To be able to fully understand why Chinese is important to the Chinese is definitely a goal. However, in reality, it might not be that easy. Students may not be able to understand the need for learning this extra language, and might simply think of it as something cumbersome. Parents like us might struggle to no ends to try to explain to our children that Mother Tongue Language is important and represents our identity, and fail to convince our children in the end. FamilyTutor thus hopes that these private tutoring sessions can be an avenue where students are exposed to more Chinese in fun and interactive ways and kind and non-judgmental environments so that students first feel comfortable while at it. Then, they might start to realise on their own during Chinese Home Tuition that Chinese is pretty interesting, pretty meaningful and pretty fun after all!

To be able to speak in your own Mother Tongue Language is actually a blessing, and some may fail to realise it now. Maybe after having Chinese Home Tuition will these students eventually seek to realise the true blessing of embracing their identity.



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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