The BENEFITS of Having a Private Tutor

Every child has different learning styles, abilities, likes and dislikes. If you have been considering to provide your child with extra academic guidance, opting a private tutor might be a necessary good. Simply because every child is different, having private tuition provides room to take care of your child’s needs and preferences.

While tuition centres acquire qualified tutors and often have a very structured curriculum for groups of students, it might be difficult to find the tuition centre that is able to accommodate exactly to all of your child’s preferences and needs. Furthermore, private tutors are not half as qualified, but are in fact as qualified as you need them to be! If your child merely requires guidance in homework or your child requires a private tutor familiar with the MOE syllabus, private tutors are equally and sometimes even more able to accommodate to these needs.

All that being said, the unique benefits of having a private tutor are far more than that. Below we discuss a few benefits which could ease your concerns and maybe help you in deciding if hiring a private tutor is a great idea for your child!

Privacy of Information

As parents, we hope that our child is able to learn in a safe and protected environment. We definitely would not want our child to experience cases of bullying, teasing or even unwanted gossiping and sharing of their grades without permission. This could entirely tear apart their confidence, and unnecessarily hurt the child, possibly worsening their studies. Hence at FamilyTutor, we want to avoid ALL OF THAT at all costs. We will provide you with private tutors that not only are qualified and professional, but also definitely respect the privacy of your child’s important journey. We want your child to be assured that their learning journey will be a safe and enjoyable one.

Long-term Continuity

What better would it be than to be able to continue with the same private tutor for years of guidance! With private tutors, you would worry less about finding a new tutor or new tuition centre when your child advances to the next level of education. Your current private tutor might simply be able to follow your child up as he/she progresses! At FamilyTutor, we have a pool of committed and dedicated tutors love teaching. Have a friendly chat with them and they would definitely be able to offer long-term continuity plans within their means!

Ability to Tailor Teaching Styles

Is your child an audio, visual or kinesthetic learner? With a private tutor, the tutor is able to tailor to the styles your child prefers for learning! Compared to a group tuition setting where tutors have to adopt a one-style-fits-all method, having a private tutor allows your child to experience something more personal and tailored to their various needs. In fact, FamilyTutor even has private tutors that are able to teach children with special needs! FamilyTutor selects open-minded tutors who would love to have a discussion with you about your child’s teaching needs, and more importantly, tutors who are open to change and strive to help your child as much as possible!

Improvement of Productivity due to Familiarity

It is apparent that new environments and new people need time for getting used to. Particularly for children who require a bit more time to feel comfortable with strangers, it would be desirable to have a private tutor in Singapore give them their fullest attention. This allows for the child and tutor to have more time familiarising themselves with each other, hence improving the productivity of each lesson. FamilyTutor aims to provide your child with the best use of their time. We value the time your child spends on studying and definitely do not want such precious time to go wasted. Thus, we assure you that lessons by our private tutors would be full of productivity!

If you are not yet convinced by the benefits of having a private tutor, then we dare you to try one! Don’t worry, you won’t regret it!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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