Swimming Into Phase 2: Resumption of Private Lessons?

Hurray as Singapore finally swims into Phase Two of post-Circuit Breaker! As we do so, more and more activities are slowly permitted for resumption by the government. One of which includes the resumption of private lessons in Singapore! With private lessons experiencing a complete halt during the Circuit Breaker period, students who seek private tuition or enrichment classes in Singapore either have to pause lessons or adapt to changes – online classes instead. So now that we have reached Phase 2, how’s the resumption of private lessons going to be like amidst the still ongoing COVID-19 situation?

Private Education Institutions

First and foremost, Private Education Institutions (PEIs) that are currently offering pre-tertiary and tertiary courses will be allowed to resume their lessons in accordance with the implementations by Singapore schools and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). Students in PEIs will be able to return to the PEIs’ campuses but in strict accordance to the national guidelines for the Phase Two period stated by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Isn’t this great? Our children finally get to go back to school! As for more details on the measures and styles of lessons in PEI campuses, the Committee for Private Education governed by SkillsFuture Singapore will further advise to the various PEIs so keep a lookout for updates from the institutions directly!

Private Tuition/Enrichment Classes

Moving on, the highly-raved private tuition and enrichment classes will start rolling back into action! From 19 June 2020, self-help group enrichment activities, private tuition and enrichment classes may resume physical services for all levels of children. However, this definitely comes with proper safe management measures. Not only do students need to maintain safe distancing of at least one metre from one another, they will also have to try to refrain from interacting from peers. In cases where interaction is necessary, students will be grouped into groups with no more than five people. Each group will also be far away from other groups to ensure lesser intermingling involved. As for the teachers administering the lessons, they will need to try to not intermingle among the groups by staying in the front of the classroom as much as possible. Home tuition and enrichment classes are also in resumption, but house visitation will have to strictly follow the standard practices MOH has put in!

This COVID-19 battle cannot only be fought by MOE and MOH. As a community, we need to put in collective effort to make sure that every one of us exercises responsibility socially by keeping good personal hygiene habits and abiding by the safe distance measures. As a home tuition in Singapore, FamilyTutor wants to further emphasise that if your child is sick, Please Stay Home and do not head out to classes. This would ensure that we can all swim into Phase 2 safely!

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