Swimming Into Phase 2: How Will Lessons Be Conducted In Institutes Of Higher Learning?

Hurray again as Singapore finally swims into Phase Two of post-Circuit Breaker! As we do so, students from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) will also experience changes from the current arrangement. With a progressively increasing number of students allowed to be back on campus at any one time, there will be more face-to-face learning available from 29 June 2020 onwards! This will definitely come with measures to keep schooling in IHLs a safe and viable option, with the bulk of lessons still being held online. So exactly how will lessons be conducted in IHLs now?

How Formal Lessons Will Go

With the progression from Circuit Breaker to Phase 1 to Phase 2, IHLs are slowly allowing select groups of students return back to the campus for in-person learning. Practical and lab sessions with no more than 50 students per class will resume on campus with proper safe distancing measures. Not only that, other classes and consultations that were previously online in Phase 1 will progressively but definitely resume on camps with a maximum of 50 students per class. That being said, mass classes and lectures will still be conducted online for now, until the COVID-19 situation gets better.

Student Activities, Slowly But Surely

Apart from formal lessons slowly resuming online, selected student activities will also gradually resume. Such activities include project work discussions, face-to-face counselling and even fitness training, where there will also be a maximum of 50 persons per venue for now. Individuals also need to maintain at least one metre distance, adhering to safe distancing measures. As of now, the resumption of activities in person is only limited to small-scale activities. Large-scale activities like orientation for incoming freshmen will still not be possible due to the dangers posed. With that in mind, small-scale orientation activities like briefings, meetings, campus tours and ice breaking activities which do not require contact may proceed in line with safe management measures.

And The Usual Safety Measures…

IHL campuses will continually enforce necessary safe management measures. Just like the measures taken when going to malls and shopping centres, all students, staff, visitors and vendors will have to check in and out of the campus using SafeEntry. Before entering the campus, they will also have to undergo temperature and symptom screening to ensure that there are currently no onset symptoms before allowing them to enter. At all times, everyone in the campus vicinity will need to wear a mask, though there would be an exception for teaching staff to wear a face shield in some teaching settings. During lessons, students will also be allocated seating with sufficient distance from their peers. And to reduce amounts of interactions with various groups of students on campus, IHLs will make sure that start and end timing for various lessons will be staggered.

This COVID-19 battle cannot only be fought by IHLs and the Ministry of Health. As a community, we need to put in collective effort to make sure that every one of us exercises responsibility socially by keeping good personal hygiene habits and abiding by the safe distance measures. As a home tuition in Singapore, FamilyTutor wants to further emphasise that if you are sick, Please Stay Home. This would ensure that we can all go back to IHLs safely!

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