Supporting Your Child’s Passions

As working adults, you have already experienced the working life and can already attest to what it entails. This can even be more relatable if you are already parents. This also means that you already know the struggle and hardship of being in a job you are not passionate about. You get the very heavy feeling of not wanting to leave the bed when the alarm rings and dreading the next hours in a job that doesn’t spark anything in you at all.

Employees tend to be very unsatisfied about their job if it is not in the field they are interested in, no matter how many perks come with the job. If it’s not something they are passionate about or something that doesn’t excite them, they will still have low engagement with the job. With this being the reality, parents wouldn’t want their children to endure years upon years of working a job they aren’t passionate about, would they? Parents are more understanding nowadays and know the feeling of dreading going to work so they also understand better how to help in supporting their child’s passions and pursuits in order for them to find their path for the future.

In this article, we’ll be tackling the different ways in how parents can help in supporting their children to find and pursue their passions.

1. Stop being too overprotective

Discovering one’s passions doesn’t happen overnight and to some, it may even take longer. And it will even take longer for you to discover your child’s talents and passions. Children are young and inexperienced to a lot of things and they tend to be very curious about the world around them as well as trying out different things such as cooking, reading, playing sports, and many others. And because of this, sometimes, parents may start to fear for their children’s safety when they are trying something new, especially if they are always trying something new. They may even disallow them from doing the things that they are starting to gain an interest in.

However, you shouldn’t really be too overprotective of your children and let them try as many things as possible. By being overly protective of your child, you’re going to prevent them from actually discovering what they are truly passionate and interested about as you’ll only be letting them do the things that you deem are safe. You and your child will never truly know if your child has the talent for playing highly physical sports because you have already made up your mind that these kinds of sports are too dangerous for them. If you fear something that has yet to happen, and may never will, you’re going to prevent your child from discovering their natural talent and the passions they want to pursue.

2. Encourage experience

As we’ve mentioned above, your child will naturally be curious about the world around them however, it doesn’t mean that every child will want to go out of their way. You may also have a child who happens to be shyer and reserved and they may want to keep doing what they are already doing in their comfort zone. If they are only doing the things they are used to, they may also miss out on opportunities to engage in other activities that may also interest them. This is why parents should also encourage their children to try out new stuff and experience new things.

As an example, instead of letting your child stay where they are with a sport they have learned growing up, you can sign them up for sports classes wherein they can try a variety of sports that they haven’t experienced before. Who knows? Maybe they’ll discover a passion for a sport other than what they are used to. If your child is more inclined to the arts, you can list them up for music classes or art classes, where there are a variety of things they can try and learn to do.

If your child is more hesitant with trying out new things, you can also support them by being physically there when they are exploring so they feel more comfortable with their new environment. If parents don’t try to encourage their children to try out new things, it’s more or less the same as forbidding them from stepping out of their comfort zone. And because of this, your child may stay where they have always been and will never discover something they are truly passionate about.

3. Refrain from judging their choices

It’s only natural for parents to think their children have to follow their advice expectations since they have been in the world longer than their children and have more experience in this world. Many parents want their children to follow in their footsteps career-wise while some push their children into high-paying jobs. While the intentions may be good and parents are only thinking of their children’s futures and making sure it is bright for them, some things may not always go according to plan.

Instead of becoming a lawyer like their parents want them to be, they may discover a passion for a different kind of court that they only feel when they are playing basketball. So, instead of them enjoying the activities that their parents are pushing them to do, they are becoming bored. When parents first find out about this, their first reaction may probably be to rectify the situation and reason out with their children and list down the advantages of becoming a lawyer.

However, it’s really not a good idea to do this. Instead, resist the urge to judge your children’s choices. Despite their young ages, children are as sensitive as young adults. When they feel that their parents are judging or rejecting their choices, they may feel down. This can also impact their self-esteem and confidence.

4. Nurture their passions

Finding out someone’s passions and talents can take longer and for young children, this may take longer. However, once your child has discovered theirs, it’s also your responsibility as parents to help them in nurturing it. Their innate potential should be fully supported, not just by them but also by the people around them, in order for it to reach its peak.

For example, if you discover that your child has a passion for playing a certain sport at a young age, why not invest in hiring a professional coach to train your child and help in honing their innate talent and skills? Aside from this, you can also support them by helping them in preparing their diet that’s appropriate for someone playing the sport they are interested in. This will ensure they have the nutrients they need to fuel their bodies.

Help them remember to stay disciplined as well as this will ensure they don’t slack off the work they have put in as it will also affect their development. Help them remember that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

5. Instill optimism and positivity

Every adult knows the world is a competitive place to live in. It’s cutthroat and everyone is on the rat race to reach the top. There can be many self-centered people and most only look out for themselves. In such stiff competition, people who are thought to be less capable are often left behind. This puts an insane amount of pressure on us, making us strive to be better and better than everybody else.

This may also be one of the reasons why depression cases are rising globally. However, failures and failing are part of life. However, only some people can emerge from the rubble of failures and come out as stronger people. If you want to make sure that your child is one of these people, you need to instill optimism into their lives. People who are more optimistic tend to look at life positively, they are willing to take healthy risks, have better relationships with people, and are overall better problem solvers. This is why it’s best to give out the best support and nurture to your child in a more pleasant environment, ensuring they have a more positive view of life.


It’s a dream come true for many people to work a job they are truly passionate about. For some people living the dream, this is the reality for them. However, not many people have the chance to realize this dream but we’re sure everybody, when given the chance, would love to work in a job they are passionate about.

However, if you are one of those unfortunate enough to not work in the field of your passion, you shouldn’t diminish the possibility of others’ chances to do so, especially your child’s. The future is still uncertain and with enough support, they may be able to thoroughly enjoy a future where they are given the chance to pursue their passions and skills. With the tips above, we hope parents will give their children the chance to discover and nurture their own passions.



Carelle is a teacher who has been through the ups and downs of the teacher and learner life. She wishes for every learner to gain educational satisfaction that will help embody the people they want to be in the future.

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