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Home tuition has become very common nowadays that almost every student has had the thought of having one at least once. With our ever-evolving and becoming an increasingly competitive society, hardly anyone hasn’t thought of hiring a home tutor for their child. Parents, wanting the best for their children and giving them their support, hire home tutors for their children or enroll them in tuition centers to help them catch up with their academics and enrich the things they have learned in class.

As such because of the widespread convenience of home tutors, many parents may also forget or even not know at all the etiquette to uphold with their home tutor. This can also lead to other events such as conflicts between the parents and the tutor or even the student and the home tutor, which can also lead to tutors losing the motivation they had at the very beginning to teach the student and canceling on the assigned student. Many parents are not aware of the actions that could cause their child’s home tutor to part ways with them.

To prevent these things from happening, there are several measures you can take to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with your child’s home tutor and ultimately help your child as well.

1. Trust your child’s home tutor and show it

It’s very normal and also very common for parents to feel anxious when they are engaging in home tutors, especially for the first time. They may wonder if their hard-earned money is spent wisely in investing in a home tutor and whether they are putting it to good use or not. However, you should take the leap of faith and trust that the home tutor will help your child in any way they can.

This is also why it’s important for parents to do their own thorough research on home tuition as well as different home tuition agencies and tuition centers. With many different home tuition agencies and home tutors in Singapore, it’s understandable that it can get overwhelming at the time. With this in mind, it’s even more important that they should research their credibility and also get to know the tutor properly before deciding to engage their services. They would learn more about the home tutor as well as feel more assured with the choice. With knowing the home tutor, they will also get a glimpse of what kind of tuition their child will get as well as use this time to relay information to the home tutor pertaining to their child, whether or not they may need special attention to certain subjects or if they need to work on their focus or motivation.

If parents also want to learn more about their child’s progress and the effectiveness of the home tutor they have hired, they can also ask their child for their feedback after the tuition. This way, instead of closely surveilling their lessons like a hawk, you would hear your child’s opinions and get insights on how the tuition is working for them. Also, remember that popping in and out while tuition is ongoing can make parents seem like the helicopter type and may make the home tutor and their child uncomfortable. This can also be very distracting for them.

Some parents may want to sit in during the tuition lessons just so they can observe the home tutor first hand and while some tutors are comfortable with that, the last thing any parent should do would be to interrupt the home tutor in the middle of the lesson. That can be very disrespectful and distracting for both the home tutor and the child. If ever the home tutor obliges the request for a sit-in, parents should refrain from making unnecessary comments and instead wait for the tuition to be over and speak with the home tutor in private if they have anything they want to raise.

2. Talk to home tutors with respect

All human beings have emotions and deserve to be respected. Home tutors are the same and they are just doing their job in trying to help your child reach their academic goals. Like everyone else, they can get hurt when words get too critical or a parent’s action comes off as offensive or disrespectful. Many parents can even become too demanding with their home tutor that they easily forget that tutoring isn’t a very easy job at all.

There are many things that a tutor has to consider when tutoring a student. They also have to make sure that all the issues and struggles the child is facing can be addressed and solved. They are in charge of the strategy on how to help them achieve their goals as well as putting those in motion. It can be stressful for them if parents get too critical or want them to do this and that without putting into consideration all the other factors.

Remember that many of these home tutors are also professionals and experts in their own field. Many of them are teachers or training to be teachers. They have spent hours upon hours training for the career path they are choosing. They are helping your child so should there be any feedback for them, make sure to phrase and do it in a respectful manner. Make sure to also practice effective communication in doing so.

3. Discipline and parent your own child

A home tutor’s main job is to help the student with their academics, maybe they can also help with some other teachings such as time management and effective note-taking skills. However, it is not in the scope of their job to discipline your child or to even parent them, that is the responsibility of the parents.

Respecting the home tutors shouldn’t only apply to parents but also should be taught to the child as well. Ensure that your child shows the utmost respect to their own home tutor. If the tutor has given you any feedback about your child being rude during tuition, parents should take the responsibility of disciplining their child and apologize to the home tutor. It is unfortunate that home tutors receiving verbal abuse from their own students is very common but parents should also take these matters into their own hands.

While a tutor may help with a child who is unmotivated to study, ultimately the child still has to pick up after themselves. Some students become uncooperative in completing their homework or tasks for school that is required for them to do. Unfortunately, the results of this will not only befall on the student but also the home tutor. If parents are aware of these situations to happen, they should also take charge in disciplining their children. Parents can do this by making sure their child has completed their homework or tasks that are assigned to them before the tuition sessions so that tuition can be more effective.

4. Stop contacting them outside of their work hours

Home tutors usually leave their contact information with the parents of the students they are tutoring. This can be used when parents have questions about their children or if they have any concerns. Sometimes this can also be used when parents are asking for feedback on how their child is doing in tuition. It is a convenient way to communicate with the home tutors however, parents should also not take advantage of this and bother home tutors outside of their working hours.

Tutors also have lives outside of tutoring and they should have the right of enjoying their time off. They are getting paid for the lessons they conduct so parents and students should clarify what they need during those times. If parents or students have any concerns, they should make sure to speak with their home tutor with regards to the best time to contact them and respect their boundaries if they don’t want to be contacted on their time off.

5. Make payment on time

Tutoring is a full-time career for some and they rely on their pay for their livelihood. As with any job, it’s the employer’s responsibility to pay their employees. The same with home tuition, parents should also be transparent with payment and pay the tutor they hired or the tuition agency or center on time. If late payment becomes a habit, home tutors may cancel on your assignment or you can get blacklisted by the home tuition agency or center.

6. Refrain from demanding immediate results

Unfortunately, immediate results are just out of the realm of possibilities with regards to helping your child get a better understanding of their studies. Tutors are only human and as much as they also want their students to immediately rise to the top, it will not happen overnight. Retaining learning is a step-by-step process and home tutors help your child in making sure they fully understand the lesson before moving to the next topic. There are also other factors to consider that may cause hindrance for their improvements such as lack of focus and motivation. This will take time.



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