Stress: Why Do I Stress Myself Out So Much?

There has been an increase in the number of students stressing themselves out too much each day. We live in a competitive society, where there are expectations to meet, people to be accountable to and an increasing want to be the best. While stress can be positively beneficial in pushing you to do more, negative/too much stress should not be welcomed in our lives. Why do we stress ourselves out so much and how should we cope with it? There’s no hard and fast answer because every journey is different, but let’s help a little by dissecting the reasons for stress and try to see why we should not stress ourselves so much. Hopefully, this would help you in some way.

Everyone Else Is Doing Better Than Me

One of the most common reasons why you would stress yourself out so much is because everyone else around you is ‘doing so well’. This is very sad because a competitive environment was always meant to motivate, but because people compare themselves too much with others this environment has become a demotivating ground and just terribly negative. Stressing over your progress is okay, but stressing over it so much because you compare others that it overwhelms all other positive emotions is not good for you. As an individual existing, you need to focus on your own existence, your own journey and your own pace. Everyone owns a different pace in life, sometimes they go faster but sometimes they slow down. I bet you hardly see them slowing down because they don’t show it, but seriously I urge you to stop stressing out over the fact that others seem to be doing better. You aren’t them, you don’t know how they function, you aren’t meant to be like them. You don’t need to win them, their end goals are going to be different in some way or another. Focus on living your own life and you’ll see good things come out of it for sure.

I Once Did Very Well, But Not Anymore

There are people in this world who excessively compare with themselves that it becomes too unhealthy. They see their past results and compare it with their present results and bash themselves up for a lack of improvement or maybe a deprovement. But you need to pick yourself up and realise that not only do circumstances change, but the intensity of your education also increases with time?? If you got 90+ in Primary School, good. But if you don’t get 90+ Secondary School, it’s normal? You know, life gets harder as we grow and we cannot expect to get the same grade as we got in Primary School, in a higher level institution. What you should focus on is doing your best right now, instead of stressing over your lack of ‘improvement’. Think about it, if you want to do very well, shouldn’t you then spend your time wisely on actually making the improvement instead? Stop stressing over what you can’t change, be the change you want!

I Have To Get XXX To Enter XXX

If you have a requirement to meet, and currently you don’t seem to be able to meet it, the worry might take a toll on you resulting in an excessive amount of stress on yourself. Apart from reminding you to focus on studying, here’s some advice you can consider with regards to meeting expectations as well. Firstly, know your limits. If this is something you really can’t achieve, don’t overpush yourself. Secondly, if you decide to try to reach the requirement, just try your best and if you get it, good. If you don’t get it, pick yourself up and move on. Don’t fret too much about not meeting just one thing. You have many things in life you can achieve. If you stay focused but loosen your expectations on yourself, you will find yourself less stressed out! This will really do you a lot of good.

If you haven’t already realised, stressing out too much is just going to distract you from the actual task at hand. If you want to really succeed in whatever you are doing, it is best if you set realistic goals for yourself and work towards it. FamilyTutor believes in you, and hopes that you believe in yourself too. Don’t let stress take over you okay!

This article written by FamilyTutor, a home tuition hopes that you learnt a few tips in handling stress effectively.

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