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When students wish to pursue an academic exit for their secondary, they are faced with two choices: pursue junior college, or take Polytechnic. Each of these choices is viable and have their own individual perks. However, due to the fact that most universities favor the admission of those who graduated from JC, the number of those who wish to take Poly is lower than that of JC.

This leads to less information circulating about how to get in and be enrolled in an individual’s chosen Polytechnic course. However, that struggle ends now as this article will discuss a few pointers on how to start preparing for your dream Polytechnic course. Continue reading the article to find out more.

Perks of being in Poly

While junior college may have its own perks that let it stand out as an exit choice, Poly also has its own fair share of perks that are unique to it. Here are a few examples:

• Less time it takes to be able to work

While an individual can technically start to work as soon as they have reached the age of 18, the chances of landing a job in any field other than the service industry are very small. Poly, however, allows its graduates to be able to find decent jobs and occupations as soon as they have graduated from Poly due to the focus on practical skills while they were still studying.

• Practical exposure

Speaking of practical exposure, it is also one of the leading perks that is offered by studying in Poly. Practical exposure literally means that the students are exposed to actual practice related to their chosen course. this allows them to develop practical skills that are necessary in order to land decent jobs even when they are not college graduates yet.

• Can transition into higher education

Poly isn’t the end of the road for those who chose to study it. In fact, it is only one of the many checkpoints they must overcome once they choose to follow such path. While most universities favor accepting those who have graduated from junior college, it is still not entirely impossible to pursue higher education and get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

In fact, if you pursue a college course that is closely related to your chosen Poly course, you will have a much easier time as you already have most of the basic practices down from your time in Poly.

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Tips to prepare for your dream Poly course

Now that we have finished discussing the perks of studying in Poly, let us now discuss a few tips on how to start preparing for your dream Poly course.

1. Get involved in co-curricular activities

Performing extremely well academically is always a great feat to accomplish. However, when one’s goal is to get an admission and enter into their dream Poly course, academic excellence is not all that matters. As of the current years, those who are in charge of screening admissions are on the constant lookout for individuals that show high Co-curricular activities and community service.

Co-curricular activities are those activities not held by the boundaries of the four walls of the classroom but are nonetheless still tied to the curriculum. These activities include spelling bees, math quizzes, student council duties, or even school theater performances.

By participating in these activities, you are showing to the admission board of the Poly you want to apply that you are an outstanding and well-rounded individual that is not only skilled academically but also possesses skills that are necessary to participate in co-curricular activities. It would also do you well to win and earn some recognition while you are at it to make you stand out even more and increase your chances of getting in at your chosen Poly.

However, if competitions aren’t your forte, then you can always opt to participate in co-curricular activities that showcase your responsibility and leadership skills. This will inform those in charge that you are a capable individual that can handle difficult tasks and make rational decisions that will benefit the entire organization you are leading.

All of these activities are great ways to increase one’s chances of getting in on their dream Polytechnic. By working hard to become an exemplary example of a well-rounded individual, you are one step closer to getting accepted in your dream Poly.

2. Start making your portfolio more attractive

Of course, doing all of those co-curricular activities aren’t just so you can mention them during the interview. They should also be used to add enticement to your resume for when you apply for admission in your dream Poly.

Most resumes include all of the past achievements an individual has experienced which can be used by those in charge to gauge the skills and worth of an applicant. So, it would be best to start decorating it with achievements as early as possible in order to make it more attractive and appealing for those in charge of admissions.

One can do this by simply following the previous tip of getting involved in co-curricular activities and earning recognition for one’s self. Winning competitions are a great addition to the achievements section in a resume. This shows that an individual is skilled enough to win and rise up from the rest of their peers in a specific field.

There is also the option of doing activities that are relevant to the course you want to pursue. For instance, if you aim to pursue photography or filmmaking, then why not consider taking shots or short clips and including them in your portfolio. This shows that you are dedicated to your passion, which is something educators wish to see in the young individuals of today.

3. Start practicing the 600-word write up

Most Poly often asks interested students to create a 600-word write-up to understand more about the background of the individual. This may seem easy enough at first; however, aside from the actual interview, this will be the only way for the staff of the Poly to get to know you better. So, make sure to leave as much of an impression as you can.

The word limit can be difficult to get around especially when you have a lot to talk about with regards to why you would want to study in your chosen Poly. However, make sure to prioritize the important details as well as your previous achievements in order to increase your chances of getting in.

Grammar and punctuation are also important factors in this write-up as they will determine the skill one has over the language that they will write the essay in. Plus, it also makes the whole reading experience for those in charge a lot smoother.

4. Attend events in the Polytechnic if possible

In order to get to know your dream Poly better, it would be a great idea to attend open events in them. You can check with the Poly’s website on which days have events to set your schedule. It is always better to see the campus you will study in for yourself before you commit to the institution.

You can check the facilities of the institution and the way the students behave. This will allow you to experience less of a shock once transitioning from secondary to Poly. You will also be able to meet current students and ask them for pointers and tips about the admission process and school life in general.

You can also use this opportunity to ask about the specifics of the home tuition fees and whatnot in order to get a better idea of the overall expenditure needed when you study there. Being prepared and knowing more about the place you will study will never go wrong.

5. Get your requirements ready

All of the preparatory tips listed earlier are great ways to increase your chances of getting accepted into your dream Poly course. However, the most basic maneuver to get accepted in your dream Poly should also not be forgotten. This is getting all of the required paper works ready.

These paper works may include the report card of your previous years in high school, personal information-related papers like birth certificates, a letter of recommendation from the previous school, and others. All of these requirements should be prepared beforehand in order to avoid any problems or hold-ups in the admission process of your dream Poly course.

6. Prepare for the interview

And the final tip we can give on how to start preparing for your dream Poly course is to prepare for the part that will make or break your admission to your chosen Poly: the interview.

Interviews are used by those in charge to gain a better understanding of an individual by having them talk and ask questions about the applicant. This exposes the strength of an individual’s communications skills, their confidence, how much they are actually interested in their chosen course, and can also help determine whether an individual is worthy of admission.

Research on the common questions asked during interviews in order to formulate decent answers beforehand. Of course, we are not telling you to memorize the answers to these questions (although you can do so if you really want to), but it is better to be prepared and have a solid idea of what will be asked and what to respond to those types of questions.



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