Signs You’re Relying on The Internet Too Much

The internet has been a revolution for the access and storage of information and data that could be compared to when humanity firs came up with the idea of the printing press. It has made our lives, especially at school, a whole lot easier as we can easily dive through the internet and scour the archives to retrieve our desired information.

We can also have a safe place to store our data where it can never be burned, erased, or lost. As once we upload something in the internet, it will be relatively difficult to erase any trace of.

Not to mention the various additions to the internet that makes it so much more entertaining and enjoyable. Social media apps allow us to share our memories to other people; media sharing sites allow us to witness creative videos for entertainment or educational purposes.

There are also a lot of communication applications made possible by the internet where communication is the fastest it has ever been. As well as various games and entertainment applications, it is quite the impressive feat to detach yourself from the online world using your own will.

However, there will be times when due to our indulgence in the internet and the various perks it comes with, that symptoms of over dependence start to surface. We may not be aware of these signs as it may already come in natural to others, but this just shows how much our lives have been dependent on the internet.

Benefits of the internet

1. Easier access to information

The first and most prominent benefit of the internet is the ability to access information easier and more efficiently. Almost all the information uploaded to the internet is accessible to the public which makes researching for certain topics a whole lot easier than with books. You also have the freedom to carry a small and compact device to access the internet and look for information even when you are outdoors.

2. Faster communication

Another major benefit of the internet is the incorporation of faster communication. You can chat someone over great distances and they will be able to receive that message in real time, given that they too have internet access. It would seem as if the days of the snail mail and penpals are over and is replaced by DM’s and Line messages.

The internet has even gone on and improved the quality of calls as well. Finished are the times when your calls could only send and receive voices. Now we can call someone over great distances and be able to see their faces as if they were right in front of us.

3. Ability to store data easily

One other great benefit that the internet has to offer is the ability to store data easily. You could upload a document into your Google Drive or cloud storage and it would free up some space from your hard disk and become virtual data which you can retrieve and download anytime and anywhere that has internet connection.  

4. Learning becomes much easier

With the advancement brought upon by the internet, the education section has not been left out and is instead one of the main beneficiaries of the internet. There are now a lot of new ways to learn: from online classes, free online courses, or even private tuition.

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Signs of overdependence on the internet

It is no secret that the internet includes a myriad of different benefits for every individual to enjoy; this is why we tend to rely on it too much. And rely on it too much we have. If you are not yet aware, then you might start to look out for these sings of overdependence on the internet.

1. You look up the internet too often

Yes, the internet has almost all the answers to all of your questions, but this does not mean that you should rely on it too often. Try to remember the last time when you were faced with a difficult problem and actually tried to solve it yourself instead of browsing the internet for answers. If you have trouble remembering the last time you did, then chances are you are starting to get over reliant on the internet.

2. You spend more time online than you do with the people around you

Another obvious reason that you are over dependent on the internet is that you spend more time online with your virtual companions rather than with your real companions. This could put a dent in your relationship with the people around you and make you feel more distant with each other.

A common saying goes that while the internet may make us feel somewhat closer to those farther away from us, it will also make those close to us seem farther away. if you happen to be spending too much time online then it might be time to take a break from the internet and spend some quality time with your friends, family, and loved ones.

3. You can’t do anything without the internet

Imagine a scenario where the internet access in your area suddenly becomes unavailable because the network providers are fixing something. What do you do then? Do you continue with your daily life as if nothing happened? Or are you completely clueless as to what to do next?

If you belong to the latter, then you may be showing signs of overdependence on the internet. You cannot do your usual daily routine without the internet, and you will only spend most of your time bickering as to shy the internet connection suddenly went down.  

4. You have difficulties communicating face-to-face

Another common sign of overdependence on the internet shows when you have trouble communicating face-to-face. You have been spending too much time online and too little time communicating with words that you find yourself having trouble when communicating in real life situations.

It is not just a matter of vocabulary as well. There will be times when individuals will have no difficulties with the words they will say, but instead have trouble with the act of communicating itself. They do not engage in eye contact and are frequently using mannerisms that indicate they are not confident. If these signs show up, then chances are that you are starting to be over-dependent on the internet.

5. You feel too tired when buying something offline

Did you know that you call shops where the owner experiences physical contact with his customers as a brick-and-mortar business? And these kinds of shops and business ventures are going out of trend because of the various apps where you can buy almost anything and have it delivered at your doorstep.

One signs that you may be over-dependent on the internet is that you feel like it is too much of a hassle to buy something offline and just order everything you need and get it delivered at your house. This not only shows signs of over dependence, but also shows signs of actual laziness as well. A little convenience can’t hurt you, but too much will hurt your back because you failed to exercise.

6. You use online calculators for every math problem

Admittedly, we all worship the glory of A.I. powered online calculators. It gets the job done perfectly and even shows you the steps on how to do it. So all you have to do now is to copy what is written and pass you homework. The first time isn’t that bad, but as you continue using it, you will find yourself slowly drawn into asking it for help for every math problem you face.

This is a tell-tale signs that you are being over-dependent on the internet once again. The urge to consult online calculators will become stronger than the urge to solve the problems yourself because you do not want to experience the agony of trying to figure out which part of the solution you did wrong. This could lead to your math solving skills to rust and make you a considerably worse math wizard than before you started to rely on online calculators.

7. You can’t let go of your phone

And finally, the most obvious sign of overdependence in the internet is when you can’t let go of your phone. Your mobile device is bound to be connected to the internet and is the most common form of access to the internet as well due to its compact size and ability to be brought anywhere.

This device could very well be your one way ticket into the internet, and a ticket you will hold on for most of your time spent awake. If you feel like you cannot do anything without your phone or have trouble letting go of it, then you most probably are already over-dependent on the internet.

This is detrimental for your mental health as relying on one object alone could lead to issues when that objects gets taken away from you. Yes, you could always replace that device with a new one, but will only feed the reliance and addiction towards that certain device.



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