Should You Move Out During College?

There will be a time when a young bird must learn to spread its wings and be able to fly by themselves. These times vary from individual to individual. For some it may take them about 20 or more years before they finally decide to live independently from their parents, others never truly leave their nest, while others leave their nest as early as college.

For those interested in moving out of their parent’s homes when they will attend university, this article will walk you through the pros and cons of moving out of your parents’ house during college. Of course the experience you will have during college will be unique and varied from others, but these are what you will mostly experience when living by yourself for the first time.

Why people want to move out?

Have you ever had a fleeting thought about what it would be like to live by yourself, where you make the rules, and where there is nobody to boss you around but yourself? This idea is often what pushes young individuals to dream about living by themselves and being independent.

 Living by yourself will offer you independence and a greater sense of responsibility which is very difficult to achieve when you are still living with your parents. They will also have the freedom and privacy that they desired which was never given to them by their loving and caring parents.

Most people are also often dragged by the idea that they can live however they like because there is no one to reprimand them. However, these optimistic ideas and sceneries will soon be met with reality.    

Pros of moving out

Admittedly, there are a lot of advantages for moving out of your parents’ house, especially during college. Here are a few of the advantages you will experience when living by yourself for the first time.

1. Independence

The most obvious advantage moving out entail is independence. You will no longer rely on your parents for anything except for financial aid. This means that all the housework, cooking, and cleaning, are completely under your jurisdiction. This may be tiresome for others, but it will undoubtedly sprout the seed of independence that your parents have trusted you with.

This could also serve as training for when you will truly be independent from your parents and family and survive the world solely through your own income. The scenarios you experience while living alone during your university years will most likely be the same for the first few years of you professional life.

2. Privacy

Another major perk that living away from your parents entails is the increase in personal space and privacy. You can laugh at memes all you want without your mom constantly asking who is making you smile. You can dress however you like without being scolded for wearing too little clothing.

You can also focus on your studies a whole lot better as you will be free from any distractions caused by your family members. You can also choose when and where you study as almost all the space you rented is yours for the taking. This will also benefit your grades just as much as it will benefit your own personal preference for living alone.

3. Self-esteem and self-reliance

The perk of independence brought about by living by yourself also has a squire that constantly follows it around, and that is an increase in self-esteem and self-reliance. You will become more confident in your skills and ability as a young adult as you have successfully started living by yourself without any major issues. This could help you become more outgoing and look forward to what adulthood will bring instead of dreading the life you will tread ahead.

You will also have an increase in self-reliance as there will be no one else for you during this time but yourself. Aside from your roommate (if you will have any) and some friends who will help you from time to time, all the responsibility of taking care of yourself falls into your own shoulders.

4. Distance between university

For some people, practicality also played a role when deciding to move out of their parents’ house. And one practical benefit that moving out entails is the reduced distance between where you reside and where your school is.

You may have been accepted into a university that is considerably far from your house, and it will save you an awful lot of money and time to just move somewhere close to your university, or into one of its dormitories if the university you chose has any.

Cons of moving out

Just like how a coin always has two faces, moving out of your parents’ houses can often be covered in rose-coloured glasses. Here are a few disadvantages brought about by living alone.

1. Financial issues

Independence comes with a price, and hat price is never cheap. Even if you are now a young adult, you are still a student and have no means to support yourself. This is why you will still rely on your parents for financial support. And if you have never experienced budgeting all of your money to last a week or two, then you will be experiencing difficulties adjusting for the first few months of your university days.

If you already have experience with how to budget your allowance to last a certain amount of days, then this wouldn’t be that big of a disadvantage. However, if you are a complete novice, then we recommend you read up on how to budget. There are a lot of guides out there to help you with budgeting and we have even covered an article about it.  

2. Housework and chores

As we have briefly mentioned earlier, housework and chores are included in the complete set that comes along with independence. And while others may not find it a disadvantage, there will be a few individuals that will find this tedious.

Think about it, after you get home from university, you want to take a break and relax but can’t because you still have to prepare your dinner and clean your room. Add this up with having to study and make homework and you will be exhausted in no time.

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3. Emotional disadvantages

Other people may have a strong emotional quotient, but for those who get homesick very easily, this could be a disadvantage brought upon by living away from your parents. This could pose serious problems for those who are emotionally unstable.

If this problem occurs, then it is best to stay in contact with your family regularly to avoid being homesick. With the advancements of technology, it should just be a breeze to talk to someone from far away and see their faces through video calls.

4. Security issues

Another issue with living alone is the possibility of security issues that may arise with living away from your parents. If you are staying in a dormitory with strict curfews and house rules to be followed, then this wouldn’t be that much of a threat.  However, if you live in an apartment where security regulations aren’t as strict, then security issues could be a major issue that comes with living away from your parents.

Things you should consider when moving out for college

Now that you are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of living away from your parents’ house, you may have come to a conclusion whether you want to move out or not. If you do happen to want to move out, then there are a few things you should consider first to make sure that you will not encounter any problems.

1. Find an appropriate place

The first thing you should consider is the place you will move out of. Is it close to your university? Does it have good security measures? Is it near stores that sell your necessities? If the answers to all these questions are yes, then that is a good place to move out.

 You could also factor in the possibility that there will be someone you know who live near you so that you will have someone to approach in case of emergencies. It is important to find a good place so that it won’t compromise your security, health, and your experience living alone.

2. Determine your budget

The next thing to consider is your budget. Ask your parents how much they are willing to pay for your rent and how much allowance you will get on a monthly basis so that you can budge your expenditures ahead.

Finding a good place will be pointless if it falls outside of your budget, so make sure that the place you find is within your budget but is still a good place. It is also important to budget your allowance to make sure it lasts a month and you won’t need to call your mom for extra money every 3rd week of the month.

3. Security

Security is another thing you should consider when preparing to move out of your parents’ house. It is of utmost importance to never compromise your safety. This is why you should look into the security measures of the place. If an apartment protects its tenant’s security and privacy to the best of its abilities, then that is a good apartment. Never settle for a place where you feel unsafe to make sure you will enjoy your independent life.



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