Should I Get Home Tuition in Singapore for IGCSE?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a popular curriculum which offers a myriad of routes for students of all abilities. It aims to shape a curriculum around students’ needs, making the entire experience very personalised. IGCSE’s aims are very clear cut: they want to improve the skill sets of students by honing skills in their creative thinkinginquiry and problem solving. While IGCSE is highly personalised for each student, some students may still see themselves require help in IGCSE. Especially because they are still in their teenage years, they might find themselves still unsure about their purposes in life. This could lead to a sense of cluelessness or unpreparedness for IGCSE because they don’t know why they study what they study.

Is my child Very Clueless about the IGCSE requirements?

It might be a good idea to get IGCSE Home Tuition in Singapore if your child is very clueless about IGCSE requirements. If you didn’t already know, IGCSE offers over 70 subjects for students to select from and they can be selected in any combination. And in these subjects, students are tested on areas like subject content, application of knowledge, intellectual enquiry, influencing outcomes, cultural awareness and more. So if your child doesn’t know the requirements of IGCSE, it might be an apt time to acquire a professional IGCSE Private Tutor in Singapore to aid your child in understanding and meeting the IGCSE requirements. Important pointers and relevant skills can be effectively taught in 1-to-1 IGCSE Home Tuition. The outcomes of IGCSE Home Tuition in Singapore has been desirable, where FamilyTutor has witnessed many of our IGCSE students starting and ending on the right path! As an IGCSE Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, we understand that IGCSE syllabuses are international in outlook with the retention of local relevance. It also avoids cultural bias which is why we are highly supportive of giving IGCSE students as much aid as they need by finding the best IGCSE Private Tutor in Singapore for them to turn the tables around!

Is my child Terribly Unprepared for IGCSE assessments?

The IGCSE assessment takes place generally at the end of the course and covers assessment types like written, oral, coursework and practicals. Grading is done from the scale of A* to G, benchmarked with different standards of achievement for each grade. If your child is terribly unprepared for IGCSE assessments, it might be time to get 1-to-1 IGCSE Home Tuition to plug the gaps in your child’s understanding. The IGCSE assessment shouldn’t be taken lightly, because it is going to be a way for others to gauge your child’s ‘abilities’ in the subject areas. FamilyTutor, an experienced IGCSE Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, is well aware that assessments CANNOT BE PREPARED FOR JUST THE NIGHT BEFORE. It requires progressive effort and time, and it has to be done right. We have seen many IGCSE students struggle and try to cope with the assessments on their own at the last minute, but fail to gain anything good out of it. Instead, after getting help and guidance from an IGCSE Private Tutor through the form of 1-to-1 IGCSE Home Tuition in Singapore, our IGCSE students have seen improvements in their IGCSE grades for their subject courses. They mentioned that they have gained a lot more insight after going through their weaker subjects with their well-trained IGCSE Home Tutor!

Do I want my child to have a Promising Future?

IGCSE is a rigorous and difficult examination. It is challenging and really tests the abilities of IGCSE students. Because of this, its qualification is recognised by numerous institutions around the world! Many students who finish their IGCSE move on to prepare for examinations like the GCE A-Level examination or International Baccalaureate. For your child to set foot on a path to a promising future ahead, they definitely cannot flunk this honourable examination!!! FamilyTutor thus proposes you to seriously consider getting help from IGCSE Private Tuition because with an IGCSE Home Tutor who is able to pace your child and guide your child whenever, your child is going to be able to do great things. As an IGCSE Home Tuition Agency in Singapore for a long time now, we have seen failures and we have seen successes for IGCSE examinations but what we have never encountered once is IGCSE Private Tuition not making things better for IGCSE students.

So, should you get a home tutor in Singapore for your child taking IGCSE? If you realized you should contact FamilyTutor right away and we will help you find the best IGCSE Home Tutor in Singapore for your child!



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