SHOULD I Get a Home Tutor in Singapore?

Whether to have a home tutor in Singapore was never an easy question. Sometimes, life does not go how we expect it to be and things get difficult. But fret not, you are not alone! We relate with you and hence have come up with some possible indicators worth thinking about while deciding if getting a home tutor in Singapore for your child is a necessary option.

Is your child unable to concentrate when studying?

In every child’s growing years, more often than not they will encounter the problem of being unable to concentrate when studying. Why can’t I play all day? This is too boring! We hear that very often as children may not be matured enough to understand that education and learning are essential in upgrading one’s skillsets and brainpower for the future. Your child might actually be intelligent but just unable to concentrate. In such situations, it would be such a waste to forgo the fact that your child could be groomed to be a talented and capable person. Hence, FamilyTutor advises you to get a home tutor in Singapore for your child to realize their full potential. With a home tutor, he/she will be able to ensure that your child will be able to stay focused through personalized learning styles that suit your child and would capture more of their attention! Because of a role model which your child can learn from, who knows, your child could decide to also help others concentrate and inspire them by being a home tutor themselves one day!

Is your child not confident of his/her learning abilities?

Failures are always painful, and harsh environments make it worse. Maybe the problem doesn’t actually lie in being unable to do something but instead lies in thinking that you can’t. No parent would want their child to lose confidence in their learning abilities. Every child is born unique and special, and with much-needed confidence, they could go a long way. Hence, if you find that your child is struggling in finding that confidence, FamilyTutor strongly urges you to take action as soon as possible. Engaging a home tutor in Singapore could help your child realize that Hey, Your methods are not Wrong or Hey, Your working is excellent! With a home tutor guiding your child in questions, words of affirmation will definitely be a confidence boost for your child. In no time would you see a change in how your child feels about themselves, thus giving rise to a more confident and stronger individual.

Is your child fearful of his/her subjects?

Maybe the thought of having to write a language composition or the thought of doing a complex mathematics question daunts your child. In the process of learning new things, realizing that it is hard might often spawn fear of a particular subject. Especially because children are sometimes just more susceptible to perceiving new challenges negatively, this behavior might be more obvious. Being fearful of a subject will lead to no good because it would get worse and worse. Hence, nipping this issue in the bud by eradicating your child’s fear of the subject is highly necessary. We feel that one effective way would be with the help of a home tutor. As home tutors are highly familiar with the subject and have gone through the curriculum, they are the best people to help your child professionally and help reduce their fear in the subject. With determination and perseverance, we promise you a fearless and courageous child in time to come.

Sometimes, a little help impacts one greatly – far greater in magnitude than the help given from the start. Maybe your child does not experience those problems mentioned above, then you should rejoice! But maybe your child is facing other problems and you know that positive change is required. It is time to take that leap of faith and entrust the job to a home tutor in Singapore – for that help, that model, that support. We have seen desirable results; do you want to too? It is never too late to start now.



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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