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Singapore is a country well-known for its World-class education standards and children are expected to have a good grip on their studies. Thus, it is very common for the parents to consider private tutors in Singapore. As the level of education becomes complex and competitive as the child grows older, it becomes very difficult to resist private tuitions. Most parents in Singapore even consider private tuitions after looking at the grades achieved by children who took private tutors Singapore. Grades matter a lot in Singapore as they not only help in securing better courses but also in getting a better job. So, if the question is “Are tuitions necessary?”, the answer is well, surprising!

Reasons why you too should consider Private Tuitions:

Individual Attention

Have you ever wondered why some students do well in school by getting grades compared to others despite the same teacher teaching the same class to both the students? Classes are designed in a way they benefit most of the students, and not on the basis of the learning capabilities of individual students. The student is expected to adapt to that standardized way of classroom teaching to stay competent in the class. However, with the increasing complexity of studies and the ever-growing subjects, it gets very hard to adapt in all classes. And, the class or the teacher would not wait until a particular child adapts and grasps the concepts clearly. This is where private tutors Singapore come in. While you cannot choose the type of teaching in school, in private tuitions, you can choose not only the type of teaching but also, different types of tutors and even the time for your convenience. This gives maximum flexibility and comfort thus making private tutors Singapore so popular and effective.

In school, the teachers might not be able to give attention to each and every student all the time and the student might also resist to ask doubts in the class for various reasons like shyness, peer pressure, fear etc. restricting learning. But, in private tuitions, the child is given absolute freedom to raise questions irrespective of how small or loosely related they may be. Personalized teaching, unique to private tutors Singaporealso helps your child a lot as the tutor here will teach the concepts in the way the child understands best.

Additional benefits of private tuitions

We all may have this common misconception that private tutors Singapore are mandatory and then acknowledge that need to put the child in tuitions for better grades and academic excellence. While that is good to a certain extent, it is also important to understand that the tuitions must not cause stress or increased burden to the student. Students already go through a lot of stressful situations from a young age starting with school and private tutors Singapore must not be like an additional burden. It is important to understand that the tuitions must facilitate long term learning and not create a mindset of getting more grades than their friends. Always choose tutors who make studies fun, relatable and ensure that your child loves to learn.

Private tuitions or group tuitions

Most parents come to a dilemma between considering private tutors Singapore or group tuitions. Most parents also believe that group tuitions are more economical compared to private tuitions. However, it is important to understand that while choosing a tuition agency or a type of tuition, it’s a good idea to keep finance as secondary priority as tuitions help in long term growth as well. Moreover, most parents might not have known that some private tuitions are actually less expensive compared to group tuitions. It is a better idea to choose private tuitions as group tuitions are very similar to school with more students and the child may face the similar difficulties as they were facing in school. Moreover, group tuitions have definitive timings making it stressful for the student to attend right after returning from school.

In the end, with private tutors in Singapore, individual attention is focused with personalized tutoring and the child is given freedom to learn concepts at their convenience making learning a lot better and effective. They are also encouraged to raise doubts so that they can learn more which is generally not very comfortable in a school environment. The child also learns important life lessons which is an added advantage.



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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