Questions to Ask Your Child’s Home Tutor at Every Milestone

Getting a home tutor for your child is one good way to see how they are doing in school. Tutors are especially trained in analyzing how a student learns, adapts to new challenges, and reacts to being tested. Thus, home tutors help parents determine what steps they can take to help their child further. They provide ample insight as to how your child is performing and developing academically.

As such, because of their training and skills, they are also not limited to only teach within the syllabus. By hiring a home tutor, parents are guaranteed of a personalized lesson for their child, wherein home tutors will be able to guide them and teach them according to the style and pace they are comfortable in.

As parents, it’s important to be a constant figure of support for your child’s development, academically or otherwise. That is why, it’s advisable for parents to make asking questions about their child’s progress regular.

However, it’s not only important to ask the right questions to your child’s home tutor but also, it’s important to pick the right time to ask these questions. Although it’s advisable to keep track with their progress, continuous asking may distract the student and the home tutor. Not to mention it might turn into an obsessive compulsion rather than keeping up with their progress.

We’ve gathered some questions you can ask your child’s home tutor at every milestone:

Milestone 1: When your child first starts with home tuition

There are about hundreds to thousands of home tutors in Singapore alone. And as such, there are also about as many home tuition agencies to choose from. The question therein lies in which home tutor would fit your child best.

By speaking to your selected home tutor agency about your child’s needs, you’d do them a favor by helping the selection process be a lot easier for the agency. Some parents also have no clue as to what happens in home tutoring sessions. As a result, they have also close to no clue on how to monitor the sessions properly.

Take time to speak with the agency or the selected home tutor to fully understand what will go on during the sessions, what to expect during the program, and their approach in helping the student learn.

As students learn differently from one another, home tutors also have certain techniques and teaching methods for every child. By asking these questions to your child’s new home tutor, you can grasp some ideas on how to monitor their sessions.

  1. How will you get an idea of my child’s learning style and needs?
  2. What kind of results might I expect to see from my child?
  3. How can I help my child to be more comfortable with home tuition?
  4. What are your teaching methods or techniques?
  5. How will you test my child’s progress?
  6. How can I help with your sessions?

By asking these questions, you’ll not only grasp how to monitor their sessions, you’ll also get to know the home tutor you are engaging in. You may also get the sense on how to make home tuition easier for your child and home tutor. It’s important to make the learning environment as welcoming as possible (for the child and the tutor) especially for a struggling student.

Milestone 2: Before and after the first big test

Exams and big tests are always stressful for students. However, students react different to that pressure.

Some students may cram during the week or two days before the exam. Some students may use their time in studying diligently for the test, only to get nervous on the day and forget what they’ve studied. There are many measures a student can take to stay calm during exams, however, there are still times when those get thrown out of the window.

Making sure your child is prepared for the exam will be the primary concern. Talk to your child’s home tutor for recommendations when it comes to helping the student study at home. As home tuition sessions only last an hour and a half at most, there should still be some home study sessions for the student alone. Parents can help with the child during these times.

As such, parents can also ask for their progress after based on the test scores and see which areas they’ve improved and are still struggling in. Some of the questions you can ask are as follows:

  1. Which study habits or skills does my child struggle to cope with?
  2. Which study habits or skills has my child improved in?
  3. Does my child show signs of anxiety when reviewing test materials?
  4. How does my child react after the exam? Is he/she indifferent or more motivated to succeed?
  5. What are your recommendations for helping him/her study at home?
  6. Is there a subject my child particularly struggles in?
  7. What can I do as a parent to help them?

Milestone 3: After the student’s first term

This is a great time to touch base and have a long discussion about your child’s progress from the beginning of home tuition up to the end of the term. It’s a time to talk to your child’s home tutor about the trends they’ve noticed in your child’s study and learning habits, as well as the improvement they have seen in their performance.

Knowing the improvements they have developed and remaining difficulties, you can help the home tutor formulate a strategy for their approach for the next term. With new goals in mind, it will help your child for the next term.

Here are some questions you can discuss with the home tutor:

  1. How is my child adjusting to home tuition?
  2. How has my child been progressing during the term?
  3. In what areas did they improve in this term?
  4. What areas are they still struggling in?
  5. Are there any areas my child should focus more in the next term?
  6. How can I help my child prepare for the next term?

Milestone 4: After the school year

Once the school year has ended, it’s time to take a deeper and harder look at the past year of home tutoring and analyze your child’s progress in the long term. Talk with your child’s home tutor and ask them the patterns they saw and noticed with regards to your child’s learning abilities and skills. During this time, you can discuss further the areas they developed in and the areas that remained stagnant or still needs development for them.

Once you talk with your child’s home tutor, you can ask for opinions of the next steps you can take for your child’s academic develop, be it supplemental classes or remedial classes they can enroll in. You can also ask the home tutor on how to prepare the child for the next school year and what measures you can take during their break.

Some specific questions you can ask are as follows:

  1. Which areas did my child improve the most this past school year?
  2. Which areas are they still having trouble in?
  3. What areas can still be improved on?
  4. Should I enroll my child in remedial learning programs?
  5. What can I do to help them retain their lessons over the break?
  6. Will holiday tutoring help my child for the next school year?


Education is very important in today’s modern and competitive world. Everyone is on the race to be the best they can be. As parents, it’s understandable to only want what’s best for your children. As such, it’s also important for them to learn and retain lessons as much as possible. It’s not only preparation for the future but it could also help with their self-esteem and guide them to be better and confident adults.

With the help of home tutors, parents can monitor their child’s progress both in class and at home. Parents can also understand in what ways they can help their child that will reflect upon them once they are in school. Don’t be afraid to talk with your child’s private tutor and ask for progress reports.  As such, you can also ask home tutors for recommendations with regards to things you can’t understand about your child’s education.

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