Pursuing a Career in Medicine: Why you should think about it

At one point in our lives, we have often thought of taking a course or pursuing a profession which can support us financially. And if you happen to be living somewhere in the eastern side of Asia, then chances are that you have thought about medicine as the course to take to make sure your future stays bright.

Whether it is your own choice, your parents constantly reminding you to be a doctor, or you just happened to go with the flow and ended up choosing medicine as your career of choice, there are a few reasons to choose medicine as a career path to take.

Medicine as a course

Medicine is a career path that seems to start off rather simple at first: you treat people of illnesses and you get paid. But as you research further into the course, you will discover that there are specific medical practitioners who are necessary to treat a specific body part.

A cardiologist specializes on the cardio-vascular system and is often the specialist people will visit when they have heart conditions. A dentist although being debated over whether they are truly doctors or not, specializes in the maintenance and treatment of the dental cavities. There are also a few “generalized” specialties such as a doctor in internal medicine which is the one that often prescribes the medicine and dosage you should take as your treatment.

Just as there are varying specialties in medicine, the time it takes for you to place a “Dr.” along with your name vary from specialty to specialty as well. While it may take 4 years for a pre-med course and anther 5-6 years for your specialty and residency for your standard doctor in internal medicine, these years can sometimes extend for an extra 2 years for specialized courses. You can also add a few more years to that equation if you want to get your own PhD, but you can already be hired while pursuing your PhD, so it doesn’t matter that much.

Do you have what it takes to be a medicine student?

Now that you know a little bit of basic knowledge about the course, let us now examine if you have what it takes for you to be a medical student. Aptitude is really important for determining whether you want to pursue medicine due to the fact that you will most likely be spending more or less a decade of your life studying medicine. And if you do not have the aptitude and perseverance to continue the course, this can often lead to difficulties and burnout while you are still studying medicine.

• Interest in medicine

First and foremost, to determine whether you are fit to pursue medicine or not, you need to valuate yourself and determine whether you have an interest in medicine or not. If you are just forced to take the course, then you will most likely not enjoy the life you will live once you are a professional. A medical professional’s life is very tiring and busy, so you need to take into account whether you will enjoy treating patients for 16 hours straight or not.

With that being said, if you truly do have an interest in medicine, then congratulations for you will become one of the individuals who are responsible for preserving the health and welfare of your patients. A very noble and fulfilling job once you are truly interested in the course.

• Remain calm when faced with pressure

Another thing you should consider to see if you have an aptitude for medicine is the ability to remain calm when faced under pressure. You will most likely face a lot of stressful situations when you will become a doctor. From surgeries to angry and hysterical patients, you will face a lot of these stressful situations on a daily basis. This is why it is important to be able to remain calm during these times to make sure that you can fulfil your duty to your utmost best and become free from cloudy judgement due to too much pressure and stress.

• Aptitude in science

Along with the two previously mentioned aptitudes, you will also need the brain to support you to become a professional doctor. The good news is that aptitude for science is not hereditary, but can be nurtured at a very young age to result to better grades. You may no longer be at the “very young age” bracket, but you can still work on your aptitude for science by studying hard, or by hiring the help of a tutor.

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• Funds

The last thing on your checklist is an optional one, but should still be an important one to consider. Medical courses are undoubtedly expensive courses to pursue, and without the sufficient amount of funds to support your course, you may have difficulties finishing your course. Of course you can always look for a scholarship to help share the weight of the course, but funds should still be considered when you want to study medical courses.

Perks of studying medicine

Medicine may be a long road you will have to take, but the destination will be worth every second you spent travelling towards it. Here are a few perks for studying medicine that will surely entice anyone to pursue the course.

1. Diverse medical career opportunities

The first few years of studying medicine will most likely be spent on teaching students the basics. Once you move up the years of medicine, you will be presented certain choices on which specialty to take. This is where the diverse range of medical career options will open up to you. From specializing in bones, to teeth, to the nervous system, the diversity of specialized courses in medicine seem to rival the amount of organ systems in the human body.

You can choose a specialized course that peaks your interest the most, or you could choose one that offers the most pay. Your choices are only limited to your abilities and the time and money you are willing to spend to learn these specialized courses. Or if you feel like specialized courses are too much for you, you can always opt to choose generalized courses such as a course in internal medicine which is often referred to as the “doctor of doctors”.

2. You can apply anywhere in the world

Another perk for studying medicine is that you can get hired and work almost anywhere in the world. As medical professionals are often necessary to manage a community, even a small town in the middle of nowhere will hire a doctor to take care of its residents. There is never a shortage of job listings for medical professionals.

You can use this to your advantage whenever you want to live outside your hometown or in a foreign country but concerned whether you will have enough salary to pay for living expenses. Just as there are a myriad of career opportunities to choose from the roster of specialties in medicine, there are also a never ending demand for healthcare and medical professionals worldwide due to the fact that human beings are prone to diseases.

3. You can help with disease treatment

Pursuing a career in medicine will also allow you to be rewarded for your years of effort by seeing the smiles of your satisfied patients. You will be able to treat the illnesses of your patients and help them recover from injuries or any instance where they might need medical help. A career in medicine is a very fulfilling one once you enjoy helping others and love to see the welfare of your patients.

However, there will be instances where you will most likely be blamed by the family of your patient for the untimely demise of one of your patients. These instances balance out the joy you receive from a successful treatment by letting you experience the downside of medicine to help you appreciate the fruits of your efforts more.

4. High salary

And the perk everyone has been waiting for: a high salary. Yes, it is considered a fact that doctors are one of the highest paid professionals in the world. Along with lawyers and accountants, a medical professional is one of the elites in terms of salary.

According to Money Smart, in Singapore, the median salary of an average medical professional is $12,052. However, that number does not account for the salary raise of those medical professional who specialize in a certain field. The more intricate and complex the course you take, the higher your pay will be once you finally get hired.

For most people, these numbers are enough to sell them into studying medicine as a course. However, you should consider your aptitude in medicine first before rushing in and realizing midway that medicine is not for you. Take your time to know yourself, what you enjoy doing, and what you are good at to fully determine what course you should take, to make sure you don’t regret anything in the future.



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