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How you present yourself is an important aspect in today’s society. As we have strayed from the wild antics of our ancestors and moved into the more civilized manner we find the norm today. And since almost everything we do now has its own set of rules and regulations, proper etiquette is more important than ever.

Even in the event of private tutoring, there are certain etiquette you must follow in order to make the process much more efficient and beneficial for you. Most tutors have their own set of rules to follow and etiquette when dealing with their students, and if you hired one from FamilyTutor, you can expect nothing but the best tutors from Singapore’s number one home tuition agency.

As a student of your tutor, you must also display the proper etiquette needed to make the tutoring as smooth as possible. The effort of both parties is needed in order to achieve the desired result.

Importance of proper etiquette

You might be wondering “What’s the deal with the whole etiquette and manners thing? I can act the way I want because my parents are paying for my tutor.” In which case you are sorely mistaken.

Proper etiquette is still necessary even if you have paid for the tutor’s services. After all, you have paid them to teach you about certain subjects you are having trouble with, and did not pay them to tolerate your behavior.

Proper etiquette can also come a long way in the future. As this will most likely become a habit that you will be very proud in. Here are a few examples of how proper etiquette can help you in the long run:

• Helps you improve your personality

Having proper manners and knowing how to conduct yourself in front of others will greatly improve your personality. This will have a myriad of positive benefits for you as well such as being a more sociable person, you will become more trusted, and people will tend to be nice to you as well.

• Enables you to be well mannered

Proper etiquette is not only how you present and conduct yourself in front of others, but also includes the actions you do. Table manners, for instance, are an example of proper etiquette that shows in your actions. If you will continue to develop your etiquette, then you will also become a well-mannered individual.

• Helps you avoid any misunderstandings

The lack of proper etiquette and manners can often be misinterpreted as rudeness. This might lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and conflict in the near future. However, this can easily be avoided by practicing proper etiquette and manners even in the simplest of things.

• You will develop into an astounding individual

Have you ever noticed that as people climb high into the ranks of fame and respect, their etiquette and manners become more and more prominent? The reverse can also be true wherein you start by building a good foundation in your etiquette and manners and slowly build up your reputation as an astounding and respectful individual. So spare no effort when executing proper etiquette and manners in everything that you do.

Proper etiquette: Home tutoring

Now that we have tackled on how practicing proper etiquette can help you in the long run, let us now discuss the proper etiquette you should display when you are in a tutoring session. There are two major types of tutoring which are home and online based tutoring. Each have their own sets of etiquette you should observe and display in order to make the session as efficient and effective as possible.

Home tutoring refers to the type of tutoring where the tutors come to the student’s house and conduct the session in a private environment where both parties are physically present. This type can also occur anywhere else as long as both the tutor and tutored are in the same place.

Here are the proper etiquettes you should display during a home tutoring session:

1. Respect your tutor

The first and most important thing you should keep in mind is to respect your tutor. This goes for any other individual who teaches you such as you teachers or professors. Having respect will not only make the atmosphere less stressful for the teacher, but it also shows that you are willing to learn and is an individual that respects other individuals.

Respecting your tutor will serve as the base for every other act of etiquette you will display later on. You will be able to listen more attentively once you respect your tutor and will be able to understand the topics better. You will also avoid any unnecessary act of rudeness towards your tutor as you will mind your actions more.

2. Prepare all necessary materials

Another act of goodwill and manners is to prepare all the necessary materials before the session so that you will be fully prepared once the session start. This will allow you to focus on the session more and also shows your tutor that you are eager to attend and learn from the session. This can work wonders for making the session a lot more efficient.

3. Do not waste time

The next thing you should keep in mind is to not waste any time. Most tutors handle more than one student at a day and often divide their time accordingly to the number of students they have. You should avoid wasting any time as you are not the only student that your tutor is tutoring. Wasting your tutor’s time can lead to them being late for their next appointment and thus, lower your tutor’s reputation in their next client. Additionally, if you waste time in tuition, there will also be lesser time for you to use for more important matters such as improving and learning.

4. Pay attention

Paying attention is almost a given when it comes to any teaching session, yet some individuals take this leniently and tend to not focus on the discussion. This is a big NO when you are in a tutoring session as it defeats the whole purpose of why you are being tutored in the first place.

Paying attention is the least you can do to replicate the effort your tutor has exerted to teach you. Not paying attention will just make you look rude and arrogant, and it will also lower your and your tutor’s results. It will only lead to negative gains for both parties. So always remember to pay attention whenever you are in a tutoring session.

Proper etiquette: Online tutoring

The other half to the home based tutoring session has only been prevalent these past few years. The advancements in technology have allowed us to talk and see other people even if they are not in the same physical environment.

Online based tutoring is a form of tutoring where both the tutor and student use a software to communicate with each other and conduct a tutoring session. They can also conduct activities and quizzes through the use of various soft wares.

1. Respect your tutor

The first thing that should be on your mind, just like in the home based tutoring, is to respect you tutor. Even if you are not physically present in the vicinity of your tutor, you should still be respectful towards your tutor. Issues such as lack of attention and opening unnecessary apps can be avoided by simply having respect for your tutor.

All the positive outcomes of tutoring stems from the respect you have for your tutor along with the skills of your tutor. No matter how skilled your tutor is at teaching, if you do not spare any effort to listen to your tutor sue to lack of respect, then all of the effort would only be for naught and the results of your tutoring sessions will only disappoint your parents.

2. Be on time

Most of the times, you will have a scheduled time for when you will meet with your tutor online. It is of utmost importance to be on time or even stay online earlier than what was planned so that you can use up the whole duration of the session for the tutoring and not wait for 5 minutes to run the software that you will use.

Being on time is the least you can do to make the session as efficient as possible as you will be able to use up the whole allocated time to study and be taught by your tutor. This will also show that you are eager to learn and improve your academic performance which will positively affect the performance of your tutor as well.

3. Refrain from distractions

The internet is full of distractions. However, when you are in an online tutoring session, you should avoid distractions as much as possible. This will allow you to be more productive during the session and will improve the results of the tutoring session.

Do not open tabs or applications that might distract you unless you are told so by your tutor so that you will not be tempted to divide your attention between your tutor and whatever tab you opened. Even if you are not in the vicinity of your tutor, you should still offer your full attention to your tutor for the whole duration of the session.

4. Listen attentively

Listening attentively also comes hand in hand with avoiding distractions. Even if you have managed to avoid distractions, if you are still not paying attention to your tutors teaching, then all of your effort along with your tutor’s effort will be wasted. Listening attentively is a sign of respect and should be observed by the student at all times to make the result of the session positive.

These are the etiquette you should follow when you are having a tutoring session. Observing these etiquettes will greatly improve the results of your tutoring session and will also improve your relationship with your tutor. So go out there and be the best student you can be!



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