Productivity: Where’s The Best Place To Study?

Sometimes, we never really feel like there’s a good place where we can actually settle down to study. While everyone has seemingly found their favourite study spot, we are there struggling because no one person has the same study preference. After years and years of just trying so many options, we never seem to find the one that suits us best. This might be due to our ever-changing character, but anyway, here are 3 main pointers you might want to consider when deciding for that ‘permanent’ go-to place for studying!

Food Or Nah

The most yummy point ever, F O O D. Do we need food around when we study? It’s actually a personal choice! Some people cannot study and stay focused without food readily available beside them. Be it a cup of coffee or a plate of popcorn chicken, food keeps them productive and motivated to study on. On the other hand, some people see food as a distraction. Instead of having food beside them, they would rather study hard for a period of time then get off their study desk and enjoy a hearty meal before proceeding back to study. So are you team food or team no food? Knowing which category you fall under will already narrow down the places you can consider studying at – some places don’t allow food at the premises while other places even sell food!

Noise Or Nah

The next point is crucial because it’s going to play a huge part in ensuring your continual concentration while studying. Do you study better in complete silence, with music, or with background noises? Some people enjoy being in complete silence so libraries suit them a lot. Others prefer to hear the hustles of their surroundings, so public spaces suit them better (they claim it helps them stay awake). It is important to make sure that the environment you’re going to study in is in your favour and preference. Don’t try to force yourself to study in an environment you’re not comfortable with, for example, if you get distracted by noises easily then studying in a public space is just going to be a disastrous study session altogether!

Friends Or Nah

Are you a friend person or nah? Think about it, would you rather study with friends or without? Some common pointers to consider would be that would you feel like you’re in this study session together with them or would it feel more like competition? Would you be distracted with friends around since you guys might spin into an unending conversation? Or if friends are around, you guys are able to clarify doubts and discuss? Ultimately, it really depends on your friend group and personalities as well. However, with and without friends in your study session will play a relatively huge part in your study location decision. This is because with a friend group, you have to find places with enough space to accommodate for everyone comfortably. Friends might be fun to be with though, so think wisely!

Choosing the perfect study location for yourself is never going to be a simple algorithm because one algorithm doesn’t fit all! We’re all born different and so are our tastes and preferences. It’s rare to get the first try right, because you’ll soon realise your other preferences with more experience. In fact, we are ever-changing and growing people, so our preferences might change as we grow older as well! FamilyTutor, as a tuition agency in Singapore wants to emphasise the fact that you may never find the perfect study place all the time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t study! Just find places where your study levels are optimal, and never let one bad location negatively get at you. Happy studying!

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Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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