Private Math Tuition in Singapore

Math Private Tuition in Singapore

It is safe to say that Mathematics is the most challenging subject encountered by students. The subject is tough for a majority of students and there is no shame in admitting that. Math revolves around complex concepts with a set of rules to follow to solve problems and equations.

Now, along with Science, Math can be a daunting subject to take. In Singapore, Math is a compulsory subject that’s required from primary school. The Math Curriculum in Singapore also increases in challenge over the years, making the subject much more complex for students.

In a competitive world, increasing the level of difficulty in Maths and Science is understandable. After all, mastery in these subjects are ways to get ahead in the future, too. However, it also holds the possibility of adding stress to students year by year.

Mathematics isn’t just about adding or subtracting numbers. Math in Singapore goes beyond that – aiming to teach problem-solving skills, critical-thinking, and reasoning skills. It’s also emphasized that students will not only use Math when it relates to their chosen field, but also with everyday life.

However, because of these increased demands, students may have a hard time coping with the expectations to fully understand concepts and formulas in the same pace as other students. This is when private home tuition comes it.

FamilyTutor, the best home tuition agency in Singapore, offers a wide variety of subjects for our students and that also includes Math. We offer Math tutoring for primary levels, secondary levels (A-Math), Junior college (JC-Math), O-Level Math, and IP Math. That said, we have three categories of home tutors that students and parents can choose from based on their needs and budgets.

Private Math Tuition

Math is undoubtedly a tough subject. Even parents have trouble teaching their children Math. If the student is not naturally gifted in Math, there may be a struggle for him/her one way or another with the subject. That said, parents only want the best for their children and don’t want their children to delay behind their classmates.

Engaging in private home tuition that specializes in Math may help elevate this problem. Home tuition, after all, is there to help students with difficulties to learn the lessons or catch up to their classmates at home. Home tutoring boasts personalized lessons for every student.

When students have a particular struggle with Math, home tutors can concentrate more on the subject and which part students have difficulties in. This way, tuition sessions adapt to the needs and learning goals of the student. This also includes learning styles and will be conducted in a pace that fits best the student.

The home tutor can also provide feedback and develop his/her teaching styles according the student’s needs. For example, they will concentrate teaching more on concepts that the student finds more difficult that what the student has already mastered.

Problems when looking for private Math tutor

Looking for an effective Math home tutor can be a problem if parents personally don’t know anyone. That said, they will probably resort to engaging home tutors via agencies. But how can parents assure that they are choosing the right home tutors? These are some tips in looking for a private home tutor for your students:

1. Check the home tutor’s profile

After all, parents don’t know the home tutors. They should take into account that checking the profiles of the home tutors may be beneficial not just for their children but also for them. If they are matched via agencies, they should ask the agencies to share the home tutor’s profile with them. FamilyTutor has the policy of sharing their home tutor’s profile with the parents for transparency’s sake and so the parents know who they are engaging in.

2. Basing on what the student’s needs

There are thousands of home tutors around Singapore and more than a few hundred specializes in Math. So, how would parents know who fits best for their children? The answer lies on the specifics of the student’s needs. Are they having trouble in algebraic expressions? Perhaps fractions? Or reading equations? By knowing what the student needs, parents can ask agencies to match them with a home tutor that specializes in a certain area of that field.

Why should parents engage in private Math home tuition?

The Singaporean educational system is cutthroat. It’s a known fact that many students and parents aim for educational excellence. But subjects such as Math might prove to be a hindrance to this goal. These are some reasons why parents should consider engaging in a private Math home tutor:

1. Helps build confidence

Students who underperform in Math may develop more fear of the subject whenever they feel left behind and struggle behind their classmates. When this happens, they will be terrified answering exams in this subject and may get bad grades. This cycle is never-ending and will only take a negative toll on the students.

By engaging in a private Math tutor, students will be able to talk and explain their doubts and weaknesses regarding the subject. By talking to their home tutors, the tutors will in turn concentrate lessons more on those difficulties.

They will not only help students learn about the concepts of Math but also boost student’s confidence by helping them understand and solve Math problems. Through this gradual process, student may develop an interest in Math instead of fear. It will not only improve their grades, they will also ease the anxiety of learning or discussing Math and will help them in the long run.

2. Helps pass the subject

As Math is a compulsory subject, students are required to pass them well. Math is a requirement for entry to higher levels of education, thus making passing them a top priority. There are may cases of students passing their other subjects but failing at Math. Because of that, they might not get to their desired school.

By hiring a home tutor, students can work on passing their exams and getting good grades. Home tutors have more resources and will help students practice for their exams, helping them perform better and get good grades.

3. For higher education

Math isn’t just a subject by itself. It has different branches and used in other subjects such as Physics and Chemistry. It’s also basis for all Engineering courses. By grasping a strong foundation in Math, students will also not have a hard time understanding other concepts in related subjects.

What to look out for in a private Math home tutor

By this time, parents already understand the benefits their children will reap by engaging in a private home tutor. But the question now is what should they look out for in a private Math home tutor?

1. Expertise and knowledge in the subject

Like every other home tutor that specializes in a certain subject, parents should make sure that the home tutor they’ll be engaging in has proven expertise in the subject. This is also one of the reasons why parents aren’t always suitable to teach their children. An expert private home Math tutor will have the knowledge on conveying concepts and skills to the student.

2. Past experience

This is both for the parents and student’s sake. An experienced Math home tutor will have the knowledge and resources to change teaching styles that will fit best the student’s needs. This is also helpful in communicating with the student. As most children are embarrassed with admitting their weaknesses, it’s beneficial to have a home tutor that has the experience in dealing with this.

3. Good character

This can include many things from their passion in teaching the subject to their level of patience. Math isn’t an easy subject to teach. It will only be more difficult when teaching students who are struggling. A good Math home tutor should show patience in teaching Math especially to a struggling student. They should be calm and give students ample time to solve problems. By explaining to the student using a calm voice, it will also eliminate the fear of being called out for their weakness.

4. Resourcefulness

Remember that students don’t all learn the same. When engaging in a private home tutor, parents should look for a Math tutor that is both innovative and resourceful. Following the syllabus is one thing but not all students will only learn from it. Home tutors have more freedom in using other techniques to help stimulate learning. Some home tutors even have turned their teaching into games to make the process more interesting for the student. This way also, it slowly eliminates the fear and anxiety over the subject.


Math is indeed a challenging subject but, like everything else with the right guidance and development, students can overcome it. Private home tutoring is only one of the ways to improve students in Math.

Are you looking for private Math tuition? FamilyTutor, as one of the leading private tuition in Singapore, offers the best and most experienced Math home tutors. We have three categories of home tutors to engage in that specializes in over 200 subjects at a fairly reasonable rate.

We match suitable home tutors based on every student’s needs and hep students and home tutors build a strong relationship that will be beneficial in reaching the student’s goals. We understand the importance of Math in Singapore and its students, and we strive to ensure that students only have the best home tutors with them.

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