Picking the Right Course for You

There comes a time when everyone must make a decision so crucial it could very well be considered a turning point for their lives. Yes, we are referring to the course you will take once you enter college. The course that you will study and spend almost half a decade’s worth of your life finishing. The course that will define what jobs you will be able to have in the future. And the course that could greatly affect dictates your success in life.

The decision you will make should not be made on a whim and be taken leniently, as this could result to bad judgement and a course that does not suit you best. You should consider your strengths, what interests you, your weaknesses, and your abilities to make sure that you will choose the optimal course for you. However, if you have trouble choosing the course for you, then this article will walk you through how to choose the right course for you. 

Why it is important to choose the right career

Of course, there will be a few individuals who will fail to see the importance of this decision seeing as how you can always change courses or drop out whenever you feel like it. However, you will have to start back to zero on the course that you shifted to and that could waste you a few years of your life and a few thousand dollars of your parents’ money.

Choosing the right career path not only saves you the time and resources you will most likely waste when you continuously shift courses, but it will also allow you to at least enjoy your university life. This is due to the fact that you will most likely not encounter any fatigue and burnout while studying a course that you are interested and adept in.

What to consider when choosing a course

With that being said, how do you choose the right course for you? Well, there are a few factors you should consider and wrap your head around first. Self-evaluation is necessary for this to work; however, if you have trouble doing it yourself, you could always as those close to you for help with you evaluation. Listed below are the factors that you should consider when choosing the right course for you.

1. Choose one that involves your passion

The very first factor you should consider is what career paths or activities involve your passion. Evaluate what activities you are passionate in and enjoy doing and try to list them down. If you are passionate in making artistic creations, then why not consider taking a course that is related to arts? If you have enjoy making simple machines or solving calculations regarding moving objects, then you could take a course in engineering or physics. If you are passionate in helping other people through medically accurate facts and procedures, then you should consider a course in medicine.

Once you know what you enjoy doing and which activities you are passionate about, you will start to see the courses that will most likely be good choices to take. This is important because a profession without passion will only lead you to a daily life of work and fatigue. However, a profession which involves you passion will lead to a daily life where you will enjoy every moment spent on work and where every achievement will be worth so much more than if there was no passion involved.

2. Know what you are good at

The evaluation doesn’t stop at which activities you are passionate about, the next in line is to consider which of these activities you are good at. Passion without proficiency is a tough trail to trek, especially if that passion is easily overcome by despair and feelings of self-doubt. You should consider what activities you enjoy ding but is also proficient at.

You may enjoy watching art but lack talent in the creation department; this would mean that you will have difficulties when you will create your own original piece of art. Not to say that you will not improve and get better over time, but there is a high possibility that you will experience difficulties in the first few years of your university life.

If you can improve to be both passionate and proficient: then congratulations to you. However, if you want a paved road that will have the least amount of bumps, then you can stick to the courses you are passionate and proficient in.

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3. Choose one that pays well

Another thing to consider when choosing the right course for you is the salary factor. After you graduate from university, you will most likely start to live independently from your family. During this time, the only thing that will support your daily expenses is the salary you will get from your job. This is why it is important to consider the salary you will receive when choosing the career for you.

If you are someone that doesn’t mind the salary and just want to help other people by doing your profession, then you can always skip this one. However, of you are someone who intends to make it big someday to give your parents a relaxing retired life, then this factor will be just as important as the other two mentioned earlier.

4. Budget

As we delve lower into the list of factors you should consider, it becomes more and more optional. The next factor in the list is the budget you have. This may not be a problem for other people who belong to the top 1% of the global net worth, but for most individuals in the working class, budget is something that plays a huge role in choosing the course they take.

Without sufficient funds, you will not be able to finish a course you have taken. Some courses cost more to take than others, while some universities also have different tuition costs than others. This makes choosing the right course for someone on a strict budget really hard.

However, you can always opt to take a scholarship program to help alleviate some of the load off of your parents’ shoulders. However, most scholarship program require the scholar to be proficient in the course they will take, which brings us back to the second factor in our list.

5. Time you are willing to spend

The final factor you should consider when choosing the right course for you is to determine how much time you are willing to spend studying the course. Some courses take longer to finish than others, which is why some individuals often get put off by that course.

This factor can easily be overlooked if you are truly passionate about the course, but for those who want to graduate earlier to start their professional years, then this factor should also be considered. Taking a master’s degree also takes quite some time and should also be considered when you want to get a higher degree. But for the most part, this is not as crucial as the other factors on the list.

Pros of choosing the right course

Now that you know how to choose the tight course for you, you may start to as yourself “Why good would choosing the right course do for me?”. Listed below are a few of the reasons why:

1. Easier time in university

One of the most obvious reasons is that you will have a relatively easier time in your university years seeing as how the course you chose is something that you enjoy and is something you are good at. This is because you will enjoy listening to lectures and discussions related to the course you chose. You will also have an easier time getting good grades once you chose a course you are proficient at as well.

2. You continuously improve your strengths

Knowing as how you will most probably choose a course you are passionate and proficient in, chances are that as the years go by, you will also continuously improve your strengths as you continue to take that course. If you are strong at calculations and financial matters, then a course in accountancy will improve those strengths for you in the long run.  

3. You will enjoy your work

Another pro of choosing the right course has to do with after you graduate and get hired. As mentioned earlier in this article, you will spend every day of your professional life enjoying what you do due to the fact that you chose that career path based on your interests. 

When you choose the wrong course

Just as there are pros in choosing the right course, there will also be cons for when you choose the wrong course.

1. Hard time at university

The first con of choosing the wrong course is the reverse of the first pro in choosing the right course. You will have a difficult time at university as you will not have the advantages choosing the right course offers for you. You will not enjoy the lectures as much and you will also spend larger amounts of effort just to get good grades at the course you chose. 

2. Difficulty enjoying your job

Another opposite to the pro mentioned earlier is difficulty enjoying your job. As you are not interested in the activities included on your profession, you will also have a hard time enjoying every moment of your career. Achievements may be an exception, but anything other than that would be considerably less enjoyable for you if you chose the wrong course and career.


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