Overcoming Feelings of Lagging Behind

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The pace of learning in Singapore is incredibly rapid. Every student is focused on their academics and spends a lot of time studying to make sure they are keeping up with their peers and their lessons. They spend a lot of time and effort as well to enrich their learning by studying ahead or even engaging in tutor services. However, no matter how much work and effort is put in, there may be instances when there are times when students are not keeping up and are very lost. Sometimes students are also not focused on their lessons no matter how much they try and it could quickly reflect on their grades.

It happens frequently for students to fall behind. You can be dealing with learning issues or simply not feeling your best. Burnout is also one of the main factors why students may feel like they are lagging behind. Students who experience burnout may try to get back on track with their studies but it can get difficult as they may just go through the cycle of burning out if they don’t try to find the cause and make sure they deal with it correctly. Sometimes, students also are facing problems that are out of their control that can still affect their grades. Burnout is also one of the main factors why students may feel like they are lagging behind. You could feel scared or concerned at moments like these that the gap will widen, but how can you help yourself?

How to overcome feelings of lagging behind

One thing to note about feelings of lagging behind is that it’s completely normal. Every student at some point might have felt the same way. There are cases that you simply feel are out of your control. However, there are many ways for you to deal with feelings such as. We have a list of things you can do to overcome these feelings of lagging behind.

1. Talk to your teachers or tutors

Teachers and tutors are some of the people that are responsible for your learning so you shouldn’t feel the need to be ashamed or embarrassed to ask them for help especially if it’s regarding your academics.

Teachers frequently have a large number of students to manage, so it’s possible that they won’t notice if you’re having trouble or are under stress. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t approach them for any questions or concerns. If you need extra help, it’s best for you to make the first move and approach your teacher. Gather information about the mistakes you have made recently or with any other doubts you may have and ask your teachers for consultations as to how you can deal with these matters. They may have an idea for a solution that could also involve them. As much as you will be a reflection of how you approach your academics, how much you understand from their lessons also reflect how effective they are as teachers.

You can also ask them to go through the papers that you didn’t do very well. They may be able to provide you with feedback on which areas you need to improve in order to work on your issues. Sometimes, you may need their perspective to see what you can improve in. You just need to take the initiative, and your tutor or teacher should be able to assist you.

2. Ask help from friends

You may find it challenging at times to approach your teacher with a question because they might be preoccupied or you might feel awkward. For some students, they may feel shy to even come to their teachers. Others may be hesitant because they are afraid of getting scolded or judged. If you are uncomfortable in getting help from your teachers, you can try approaching your peers or friends who seem to be coping well.

You can ask them to help you in clarifying your doubts about the lessons or you can ask for advice from them on how they are managing to study for the lesson. They may give you tips for better understanding. Some students have their own quirks that go outside of the usual process of learning that can help them understand the lesson better. In any case, this may be easier for you since you are in the same age bracket as them and will be more comfortable opening up about your struggles. Both of you benefit when your friend assists you because they are also solidifying their own learning.

While you can contact a buddy or two for advice, you shouldn’t completely rely on them to help you out because they will also have their own academic obligations to attend to. Unless you have engaged their services in a professional manner, you shouldn’t obligate them to help you with your studies all the time. Aside from it being burdensome, they can also feel irritated if you continue to ask them about the lessons all the time. You wouldn’t want to lose a friend because of this.

3. Engage in tuition

If you have tried the tips above and you are still having trouble with your lessons, you can ask your parents to help you engage in tuition. There is no shame in needing extra aid to catch up because every student learns at a different rate, and Singapore still frequently uses a one-size-fits-all approach to accommodate for big class numbers.

In addition to the few lectures and large courses you take in school, tuition can give you the extra assistance you need. Small group instruction is available, as well as private one-on-one lessons where your teacher will give you his or her full attention. These lessons are personalized according to the student’s learning needs and style. You may find that you actually do understand the lesson, just in a different medium of instruction or learning pace. Approach your parents and bring up hiring a tutor if you believe you would benefit from one.


Feeling like you’re falling behind can make you more anxious. Recognize, though, that everyone is on their own road and that occasionally falling behind is acceptable as long as you make an attempt to catch up. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you feel that you are lagging behind. However, in the end, it’s up to you to make the decision to desire to improve yourself and put in more effort.



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