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Seriously, we do not want to sugarcoat. Yes, the A Level H1 General Paper syllabus is arguably the most difficult A Level subject for Junior College (JC) students to excel in. Why is that so?

First of all, ALL JC students have to take the subject; there is no escape from taking it unless the JC student drops out or changes to the Polytechnic route! So even if they dislike the English Language or simply hate writing essays, there is really nothing they can do about it.

Second of all, it is not just a higher-level English Language paper or just about reading more and memorising content; it is a test of thinking and argumentative skills which are not what O Level students are specially trained to do extremely well in.

Lastly, the H1 General Paper syllabus incorporates the knowledge of current affairs and understanding of the world. Oh wait, so on top of all the difficult H1/H2//H3 subjects that a JC student must study for, they have to read the news to keep themselves abreast of the current happenings in the world? Yes, that’s right.

The GCE A Level H1 General Paper syllabus may or may not be the JC student’s cup of tea, but they have to take the exam anyway. So instead of dreading it, why not we think of ways to overcome it?! With that, FamilyTutor has interviewed some of our best H1 General Paper home tutors in Singapore, and below are what they suggested!

TV News are your best friends now!

One of our H1 General Paper home tutors told us this: “Watch TV.” Our interviewers went “HUH?!”, and then the tutor added “Watch at least 1 hour of news a day. Even if your entire focus isn’t on the TV, at least play the news in the background while you do your own stuff.”

When told to clarify, this H1 General Paper home tutor explained that the H1 General Paper syllabus is about world affairs. Even if we do not talk about the current happenings, what we can do it to make sure that we are well informed about them so we could impress the markers of the examination. Even if our eyes are not stuck to the TV, having the news played in the background would ensure that we watch them whenever we take a break from doing whatever we are doing. “I’ve tried it with over 200 of my H1 General Paper home tuition students; it’s proven to be effective,” she added.

Think like a diplomat!

Another H1 General Paper home tutor of FamilyTutor gave us this interesting tip: “Imagine yourself as a diplomat. Sit on the fence; don’t take sides too soon.”

Well, that is unconventional. Aren’t we supposed to pick a side when answering a question in General Paper? Yes, we are supposed to do that. However, the reason this H1 General Paper home tutor gave us this advice is that he recognises the need to show maturity and objectivity in the H1 General Paper syllabus, regardless it is for the comprehension or essay question. Yes, eventually we need to pick a side, but at the same time we need to show a balanced argument with 3 to 4 well backed points for each perspective in order to prove to the examiner that we are analytically mature. 

Seek assistance from an H1 General Paper home tutor!

Last but not least, having a mentor to constantly consult with is one of the best ways that we can excel in the H1 General Paper. Realistically speaking, the JC is a fast-track system to push JC students to be ready for the University. With so many other subjects to study for, sometimes it is always better to have an H1 General Paper home tutor to fall back on whenever the going gets tough. Rather than relying on just the limited H1 General Paper class contact time in school and ourselves, we can always consider having H1 General Paper home tuition to accelerate our learning and to score well for the A Levels!

FamilyTutor is the best H1 General Paper home tuition agency in Singapore. Over the years, we have recommended countless H1 General Paper home tutors to family island wide. Most of our H1 General Paper private tutors have at least 5 years of experience imparting valuable General Paper knowledge to their students. Under their care, the students that came to us eventually improved in and scored extremely well for their A Level H1 General Paper!

If you are ready to take the necessary action to help yourself or your children score well for the subject, feel free to contact FamilyTutor! We will do our very best to recommend one H1 General Paper home tutor who suits your needs! With FamilyTutor, every Singaporean son & daughter is in good hands!



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