Options After Dropping Out of University

As one contemplates about their recent failures in school or university, he/she is filled with thoughts of giving up and dropping out of college. But what will he/she do once they do drop out of college? Are there any viable options they can take that will still lead them to a comfortable life in the future? This article will answer these questions shortly.

There will be times when life doesn’t go how one wants it to turn. Failures and mistakes often make an individual’s heart down and weary about the possible future. Life can often be hard and brutal to some while it can go smoothly for others.

However, these emotions should not result in any rash decisions such as immediately dropping out of college. It is important to first weigh the options one has when they do decide to drop out of college and whether it will benefit them.

Common reasons for dropping out

A lot of factors can contribute to why an individual chose to drop out of university. Some are for personal reasons, while others are external factors that they cannot control. Here are a few primary reasons why individuals drop out of university.

• Difficulty with the curriculum

The first and most common reason for dropping out of university is due to the individuals having difficulties with the curriculum. Either they failed to reach a certain grade required to keep them in the university, or they willingly dropped out of their own accord.

Experiencing difficulties with the curriculum is a common event especially when the course taken leans towards the technical and complicated side. Some individuals may have underestimated the course or were forced to study the course due to the career options it will open, but were shocked with the level of complexity and difficulty possessed by the course.

• Financial matters

Another common reason why individuals drop out of university is due to financial matters. The university they are studying at may cost a lot or the cost of transportation and living expenses (if they are living by themselves) are too great to handle. Many individuals will drop out of a university that costs too much for them and would opt to transfer to another less expensive university. However, some choose to completely drop out as well.

• Health issues

There are also external factors that one cannot control which might have contributed to why an individual chose to drop out of college. One such factor is health. A person may be lucky and be born completely healthy, others may have gained illnesses due to unforeseen events, while others may have been born with a certain illness.

For those with health issues that can affect the way they go about their day in university, the most logical course of action would be to prioritize their health. This would lead them to willingly drop out of university in order to focus more on their well-being and recovery rather than chase numbers on their report card.

• Personal preference

One other common reason as to why individuals drop out of college is their personal preference. They may have been admitted to a course they are not interested in, or are not interested in higher education at all and want to start joining the workforce as early as possible.

Personal preference is important when choosing a career path that one will follow, and it is only natural that some individuals would want to follow their passion and not follow a path laid out for them by their parents.

Options you can take

So, what are the options one can choose when they drop out of college? Well, there are generally only two main paths to take. Either gather the courage to try again in another university or decide to go along with the situation and start contributing to the economy. The list below explains the options one has after dropping out of college more clearly.

1. Join the workforce

For most individuals, the most reasonable and viable option they have is to join the workforce of their community. There are a lot of jobs that accept non-college graduates that pay considerably well. However, these individuals will have a more difficult time climbing through the ranks of their job as officials are often those with a college diploma.

Contrary to common belief, an individual will be able to find a job and contribute to the community even when they do not possess a college diploma. After all, they have been studying for 12 years already and have gained enough experience and knowledge to handle less complicated jobs.

There are generally two types of jobs an individual can apply for when they want to join the workforce: part-time and full-time jobs.

• Part-time

Part-time jobs are those jobs that have an hourly rate as opposed to fixed pay. The jobs included in this category are often those that require an establishment to be open for an extended period and need a lot of employees to be run such as fast-food chains, restaurants, or convenience stores.

These kinds of jobs are a great way to have an income while still having a bit of freedom as one does not necessarily have to work on a 9 to 5 basis. This is why you can often see a lot of students with part-time jobs as they will be able to balance school and work more easily. If you want to join the workforce but want to have more time for yourself, then you can consider picking up a part-time job.

• Full time

Full-time jobs, on the other hand, are jobs that have a fixed salary rate and fixed schedule as to when an individual’s work starts and when it ends. One can often find these types of jobs in common 9 to 5 workplaces such as company offices, and stores.

Most full-time jobs offer considerably good starting pay, mostly enough to support the daily expenses of a single person. These types of jobs are perfect when you want to settle down and become independent. You will be able to provide for yourself and will no longer require assistance from your parents with regard to expenses.

2. Become an entrepreneur

If working for another person seems like too much of a hassle to pull off, then why not become your boss by being an entrepreneur? Becoming an entrepreneur is another viable option one can take after one has dropped out of college.

Becoming an entrepreneur is quite simple, and literally, anyone can do it. However, only a select few can pull it off and become successful entrepreneurs. This is due to the fact that to become an entrepreneur, one needs to establish their own business from scratch. And that is a really difficult task. However, when one successfully grows their business, they will also be the ones to reap the rewards of their labor.

There are generally two types of business establishments entrepreneurs can pursue, and these are:

• Online business

Due to the current pandemic and the rapid advancements in technology, online businesses are receiving a huge boom in popularity. Online businesses are a great way to start a business without having to rent a physical front to store and sell your wares.

Plus, almost anyone can create their own online business, given that they are internet literate and have the drive needed to grow their business. Online businesses also offer the advantage of being easily accessible for the consumers as they do not need to drive to order food or clothing.

• Brick and mortar

The more “standard” approach to entrepreneurship would be starting one’s brick and mortar business, or a business that requires the customer and seller to interact physically. These types of businesses include restaurants, stores, salons, and more.

Brick and mortar businesses may be getting less and less popular today, but there are still a couple of niches that cannot be filled by online businesses and can only be satisfied by the classic way of businesses. However, brick-and-mortar businesses do require a lot from the entrepreneur as they have to prepare the specific papers needed to establish their business and tend to their customers on a daily basis.

3. Study in Polytechnic

If one is not inclined to join the workforce yet and still wants to continue their studies, then another viable option one can take is to study in polytechnic (if you haven’t already taken it). While universities mostly focus on the academic aspect of the course one is taking, polytechnic focuses on the skills necessary to excel and work in that career path.

This would be a great option to take whenever you feel like academics is not best suited for you and are confident in your real-life application skills. Plus, studying in poly will improve the appearance of your resume whenever you feel like applying for a job.

The experience one gains from studying in polytechnic will be a valuable asset an individual will carry for the rest of their lives. An individual with a diploma from a polytechnic will also have a better chance of climbing through the ranks of their work even if they do not have a college diploma.

4. Try another university

When all the other options mentioned were not good enough for you, then you can always go back and try again. However, try to look for a course that will most suit your specific set of skills and passion in order to get the best results. You may have taken a course you are not interested in due to other external reasons, but now is the time to choose what you want in order to not be prone to dropping out again.

It never hurts to try again and restart back from zero. After all, if an individual wants to have the best chance to get hired in a specific job, then a college diploma would be their best weapon.

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