My Private Chemistry Tutor saved my grades!

Chemistry might seem like a daunting and laborious subject to many, and it is certainly true to some extent! However, with more good Science home tuition in Singapore, many have found themselves conquering Chemistry as well. Wish to have a private tuition in Singapore that can turn your fails to not only a pass, but a distinction? Here’s what to look out for when engaging with a private Chemistry tutor in Singapore.

The Private Chemistry Tutor knew exactly what I didn’t know.

Ever wondered how it felt like to have someone know you inside out? That’s exactly how good private Chemistry tutor in Singapore make you feel like. Because they are experts in the area of Chemistry, they are able to quickly pinpoint what you lack in your answers, what you misunderstood from the question or even when you confuse one concept from another. Especially since Chemistry has just so many things to take note of, Chemistry home tuition in Singapore has to be efficient so that as little time as possible is spent on unnecessary things. Hence, FamilyTutor, a fellow Chemistry home tuition agency in Singapore, believes that it is important to have a good Chemistry tutor to really fill in the gaps in the student’s understanding swiftly and effectively. That’s why we have a pool of expert Chemistry tutors who know exactly what you don’t know!

The Private Chemistry Tutor made sure I learnt from my mistakes.

The entire purpose of having Chemistry home tuition in Singapore is for your child to actually start improving. Hence, a good private Chemistry tutor will not only explain the concept to your child when they have made a mistake, but also ensure that they learn from it. Be it through giving the student a similar question or testing the child’s knowledge minutes later, acts like this during Chemistry home tuition are fruitful and meaningful. FamilyTutor takes our Chemistry home tuition agent role very seriously, and we will never ever provide you Chemistry tutors who keep feeding your child knowledge and not check their understanding. We simply want the best experience for your child and do not want their education to be compromised in any way.

The Private Chemistry Tutor knew what I needed to know; no more, no less.

Having private Chemistry tutor in Singapore versus having a Chemistry enrichment programme is different for a reason. Imagine having a Chemistry tutor who rambles on about the latest chemical discovery or goes off tangent about a concept not covered in syllabus. You wouldn’t want that right? Or imagine having a Chemistry tutor that only knows half the syllabus? No way! Thus, FamilyTutor ensures that we engage you with a Chemistry tutor relevant to the needs of your child. As a leading Chemistry home tuition agency in Singapore, we take requests very seriously so we manually interview our tutors and not let any computer algorithm do the job. We ensure that the Chemistry tutor we recommend to you has passed eligibility checks for a more desirable private Chemistry tutor outcome!

The Private Chemistry Tutor was sincere in working together with me to improve my Chemistry grades.

Sincerity shows through really clearly. The essence of 1-to-1 Chemistry home tuition in Singapore is that it provides the opportunity for both the private Chemistry tutor and the student to bond! To have a shoulder to lean on in tough times really feels comforting isn’t it? Similarly, we hope that our students are able to experience that emotional support from our Chemistry tutors during the 1-to-1 Chemistry home tuition. Hence, FamilyTutor manually interview our Chemistry tutors so we are able to detect any favourable human attributes – such as sincerity, responsibility, and positive attitude – and recommend only those tutors that possess these attributes to the students & parents who come to us! We want our Chemistry tutors to not only impart knowledge and help the student improve their grades in 1-to-1 Chemistry home tuition, but also want the students & parents to feel at ease when the private Chemistry tutors are teaching at their home! Even better, we want the students & parents to feel like their tutors are part of their family!

To put it simply, we hope your Chemistry home tutor in Singapore will be able to save your child’s grades like how many of our private Chemistry tutors have done for other children. It is time to stop fretting over the Chemistry concepts, and let the magic happen with an amazing Chemistry tutor today!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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