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General Paper is a compulsory A level subject in Singapore that aims to bring forth higher level intellectual thinking regarding real world matters. In school, teachers go through certain key themes that are significant in today’s context, exploring the two sides of the argument. Sometimes, there are more than two sides to consider.

“How far is failure an essential part of success?” or “To what extent is the pursuit of continuous economic growth a desirable goal?” – These are some of the topics that students would encounter, and we can see that these are questions that are worthy to be thought about in greater detail.

Does taking this subject matter in the first place, and why even bother to do well in it? This may seem like a rhetorical question, as most of us would definitely see the real-world application of learning how to critically assess situations to arrive at the appropriate solution. No matter, we can see that most people believe in doing well for General Paper (GP). General Paper can also be challenging for some, which is why many opted for General Paper private tuition.

We understand that the transition from secondary to Junior College (JC) English essay writing and comprehension can be difficult. This is because, a different set of skills and writing style is needed, and definitely more critical thinking is needed. Given that there is less than two years to get better at the subject, most students would prefer to take up private tuition in General Paper to give themselves a boost, given the time limit. Our General Paper private home tutors are experienced and qualified, and they are capable of guiding your child to understand how to score for General Paper better. We have all heard of the saying that teachers in school usually have no time to have sufficient 1-to-1 time with their students, much less to have personalized teaching methods for their students. This saying is definitely true, and General Paper private tuition clearly is able to provide these for your child, and more. Many of our General Paper private home tutors have their own methods of teaching the subject to your child, as well as their personal tips that they have obtained themselves, after teaching General Paper for so long. Having General Paper private home tuition will unquestionably be beneficial for your child.

One might think of General Paper as merely an extension of the English language subject taught in primary and secondary school. Therefore, if one has been doing well for English previously, it would most likely mean that one would also be adept at General Paper. However, we would think otherwise. As one of the more experienced private tuition agencies in Singapore, believe us when we tell you that we know our stuff. We see General Paper as an upgrade that builds upon what was taught for the English language beforehand, hence it is not enough to just be good at the English language to do well in General Paper. Definitely, a strong command of the English Language would go a long way, but it is insufficient to just rely on that for General Paper.

Our General Paper private home tutors are well-equipped to teach their students how to think critically and to form persuasive and cohesive arguments. They would also teach them the ways of forming mature thoughts when it comes to understanding the workings of the world. All these are necessary for a student to excel in General Paper. In addition, when it comes to this aspect of the subject, sometimes it helps to think about General Paper private tuition beyond merely preparing for the subject. General Paper is very important in developing your child’s level of thinking and analysis, which would then be useful beyond school and exams. One can definitely think of countless applications of critical thinking and in-depth analysis skills in the workplace and in life in general. Every day, numerous events unfold around us, and it will absolutely be crucial to be able to navigate through all the hubbub to uncover the truth and what is important to us.

Furthermore, our General Paper private home tutors are able to provide support to their students in comprehending a wide range of topics spanning from Philosophy, Economics, Current Developments, Culture, Arts, and the list goes on. Not only are they able to cover this diverse number of topics, they are also able to cater to their students’ strengths and weaknesses, in order to focus on the appropriate topics with the main aim to score successfully. This is actually one of the main components of General Paper that most students struggle with. Suddenly, they are confronted with so many topics and each of them are multi-tiered in terms of their understanding and explanations. It can be overwhelming for a student to tackle this, on top of the other subjects that they are taking, which are equally, if not more challenging. In this regard, having a helping hand close by, in the form of a reliable General Paper private tuition, will be very helpful and beneficial.

As General Paper is a compulsory subject, and the grade for this subject is highly regarded when it comes to university admission criteria, FamilyTutor would strongly recommend General Paper private tuition as a more effective and efficient strategy to pull up your child’s grades in time. After all, sometimes there is just not enough time for a JC student to improve their own grades. Relying on the best strategy available to enhance results would therefore be the way to go. We go through all our home tutors with great care and scrutiny, so as to provide ease of mind on our clients’ end when it comes to arranging quality tutors on the subject.



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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