Is there really a need for A Level H1/H2 Math Home Tuition in Singapore?

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In Singapore, hiring is likely to see a stable growth in the next few year, with top jobs in demand to be analytical and data-driven in nature. With so many fields of profession heavily relying on the applicability of Mathematics, achieving a stellar result in H1 or H2 Math can eventually help students open up many career paths in the near future. This is especially relevant for Junior College (JC) H1 or H2 Math students who aim to be big-earning analysts or engineers when they graduate from the University in a few years’ time. With that, doing well for H1 or H2 Math is crucial for all JC Math students if they want to open up their professional options in time to come!

“BUT HOW?!” That is why FamilyTutor is here to provide you with some insights on why following the school’s pace of learning for the A Level H1 or H2 Math syllabus alone is never enough and that you should always seek external assistance to excel in your H1 or H2 Math exams!

Limited contact time with H1 or H2 Math tutors in school!

Yes, it is a legitimate concern considering that most Junior Colleges make use of big lecture settings to deliver H1 or H2 Math classes to the whole cohort. Even though the cohort might be split into smaller tutorial groups to make sure that each student gets enough physical contact time to clarify Math concepts with their tutors in school, sometimes there is just not enough time since the H1 or H2 Math syllabus is just too overwhelming!

To make up for the limited contact time in school, JC students usually engage H1 or H2 Math home tutors! Based on the survey that we conducted with 35 H1 and H2 Math students, the results show that within just three months of having H1 or H2 private home tuition, their H1 or H2 Math results improved by as much as 20%! When interviewed, most of them attributed those improvements to the fact that their H1 or H2 Math home tutors are able to help them strengthen their Math concepts by addressing their queries directly in a focused manner. This is unlike in school where their H1 or H2 Math tutors have to spread their time and effort evenly among all the students in the class!

H1 or H2 Math is on a completely different level!

FamilyTutor thinks that excelling in the GCE A Level H1 or H2 Math is not an easy feat at all! Compared with the GCE O Level Elementary Math or Additional Math that students study in Secondary Schools, the A Level H1 or H2 Math consists of topics that have more breadth and depth. Regardless whether the students are taking H1 or H2 Math, they will find that the A Level syllabus is a lot more complex than what they experience in the O Level. Functions, Sequence & Series, Vectors, Sampling Theory. SOUND FAMILIAR? Because they are all exclusively A Level topic that do not appear in the O Level! That is also why several H1 or H2 Math students come to FamilyTutor to request for H1 or H2 Math home tutors to get extra assistance!

FamilyTutor is the leading H1 and H2 Math home tuition agency in Singapore. We are specialized in recommending patient and dedicated H1 or H2 Math home tutors who are able to cater to your H1 or H2 Math learning needs. We believe there is no one way of learning H1 or H2 Math. Every student born into this world means an additional unique learning style which should be equally highly regarded. Every student is entitled to so much more than just fixated lesson types.

Hence, FamilyTutor – the most popular H1 or H2 Math private tuition agency in Singapore – plays a big part in ensuring that you are able to receive H1 or H2 Math education that you can truly relate with.

There is only ONE CHANCE to take your A Levels?!

While it may not be necessary true that you can take your A Level H1 or H2 Math only once, why should you think about taking it for the second time when you can score well for it during the first!

FamilyTutor strongly believes that asking a H1 or H2 Math home tutor for assistance in the subject is not a shameful thing to do. In fact, the only shame is receiving your H1 or H2 Math results during the results day and regretting that you did not ask for enough help! While studying for the H1 or H2 Math may be daunting, FamilyTutor is always here to match a H1 or H2 Math private tutor for you to lighten your load and reduce your stress! Instead of fighting the A Levels alone, why not fight it together with your H1 or H2 Math home tutor?

We feel that what is more important is that the students who approach FamilyTutor receive the extra push that they deserve for their H1 or H2 Math subject. Sometimes, we are not inadequate; sometimes, we are just unwilling to ask for assistance. Whenever you need, FamilyTutor is always here to match a suitable H1 or H2 Math home tutor for you! Peace!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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