Is Good Grammar Important?

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Grammar is one of the foundations of English and since the language is one of the most commonly used ones, especially in a business or professional setting, grammar has also become a very important component when it comes to communication. It’s no secret that not everyone is a fan of it and grammar could be a headache for some, which is why it’s also common for some to neglect it altogether.

In a country like Singapore, English is used a lot and we have been exposed to it at a very young age, whether it’s because of our parents or the type of media we watch. There are simple exchanges done using the language even at a young age and it continues when reaching the time to head to school. Here, learning English isn’t just for conversational purposes but there’s also an in-depth study that includes grammar.

However, there are instances when students are unfortunately not taught grammar properly. There are also cases when they have put small effort or do not pay attention when learning because they may not have realized the importance of it. It can be a struggle later on as well if they have a poor foundation of grammar. Now, you will hear people say that grammar is actually not as important but there are also some reasons why having good grammar makes a big difference, even if you think it may not directly affect you.

1. A component in many exams

English has been a medium of language for other subjects like Math and Science and that means that correct use of grammar as a component is also carried out even across these different subjects. And as a result, you also need good grammar to get your point across your answers. Even if subjects are separated in classes, there will be instances wherein they overlap with each other, and thus, relating what you have learned with one affects your learnings with another subject.

In Math, you need to write statements to support your answer so it’s not all numbers. You need to write clearly and logically for your interpretation of your numerical answers to make sense. There are also instances in math that tackles more on research and how you interpret the data given. In Humanities, you also need to sound coherent and knowledgeable. Logic is given such importance but you need to be able to communicate your point for it to be considered logical. Aside from that, you also need to be able to persuade using your writing. In Science, you need to explain your understanding of concepts and properly answer questions that require you to describe a process. And those are only some of the subjects that are not related to English in the base form.

All of these subjects need good grammar to get your point across and explain your answer clearly. If you’re not able to express yourself clearly and as coherent as possible, you can be losing out on points and may suffer from deductions from your score because you weren’t able to properly relay what you meant. Additionally, poor grammar can also cause misinterpretation of what you are trying to say or explain.

2. Affecting how you communicate

One reason why grammar is so important is that it conveys many details about the context of your message. And sometimes, messages can be taken in different ways. For example, for verb tenses like past, present, and future tense. This conveys whether the happening is already over, is happening as of the moment, or if it’s still going to happen in the future. Now, these can make a huge difference especially if you are trying to relay sensitive information to another person.

Another example is with prepositions, which can be very tricky for some. But they are also integral for good grammar. If you are not mindful of your grammar, it can cause confusion. Sometimes, it also happens that they may interpret your message as the complete opposite of what you are saying because of improper grammar.

3. Creates a good first impression

Since job interviews have switched to the more modern way of doing it virtually, words and how you portray yourself online can matter more. Even in meetings, how you carry your words impacts more than your appearance or body language. And since many interviews don’t necessarily ask for you to turn on your camera, they can get to know you more through the way you create your messages, your resumes, or even the way you speak during these interviews and meetings. They will often be able to hear you before seeing your appearance.

And though we know that language isn’t all there is, especially when measuring your skills or intelligence, there is still an impact as to how well you grasp the language. Someone who speaks eloquently and is clear with their communication would come across as more knowledgeable. And as such, if they are aware that they can communicate their point across with ease, they are also more confident in what they are saying.

4. A requirement in many professions

English is the main shared language in Singapore and it is used to communicate with others in everyday life. As communication is very important in our workplace and in order for things to run as smoothly as possible, you may need to discuss, explain, state your opinion, and give regular updates not just to your employer or supervisor but also to your colleagues. If you don’t have a good command of the English language, chances are it may be difficult for you to be accepted or adapt well to your career. Even if English doesn’t directly impact your job role, it is still relevant in any job locally so you can get things done.


Language is utilized in order to communicate well with others and English is just the same. Even if some would say that you can still understand the language even with poor grammar, a proper one still makes a difference. If you are a student, it’s important for you to build a strong foundation in grammar so that you won’t have to struggle with it in the future. Like everything else, it can be taught and it’s up to you to take it a step further and find ways to improve as well. If you are a working adult still struggling with good grammar, it’s not too late. There are always available English tuition classes you can take even if you are an adult already. These classes are supplemental and often tackle more on your conversational skills. With this, you can also enhance and improve your grammar skills.



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