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The Integrated Programme (IP) is a 6 year programme that allows students in secondary schools in Singapore to skip the GCE Ordinary Level (O Level) examination which is usually examinable at the end of the 4th or 5th year. Students proceed to instead sit for the GCE Advanced Level (A Level) examination, International Baccalaureate (IB), or an equivalent examination, after six years of secondary education. The IP option is provided to about 17 secondary schools in Singapore and the main objective is to allow for more time allocated to enrichment activities. This is because students will have more time to immerse themselves in learning more things without having to worry about one additional national examination! So how does IP Home Tuition in Singapore come into play then? Since students have 6 years to study for a national examination then shouldn’t they be just fine? Well, not exactly! We will see why below.

My IP Home Tutor knows what’s different about the IP syllabus!

So the thing about the IP is that at the 4th year of study, there is still an internal school examination that students have to ‘cross’ before being promoted to the 2 years in Junior College level. Their final grade in the 4th year also determines the range of study they can take in Junior College for the A Level examinations! It is completely a misconception that students have 6 years to prepare for A Levels, so students in year 1 to year 6 might still require help during their course of study. With the fact that IP is an accelerated programme which also covers things that O Level students do not learn about, it is more so that students might need IP Home Tuition at some point. The thing is that the IP and O Level syllabuses are different, and so it is important to indicate that you require an IP Private Tutor in Singapore for a particular subject, and not just any secondary level Private Tutor. FamilyTutor understands clearly the difficulties of obtaining 1-to-1 IP Home Tuition in Singapore as the IP batch is smaller than the O Level batch. This is why as a professional IP Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, we diligently source for specialised IP Private Tutors in Singapore who are able and aware about the IP syllabus and its difference from the standard O Level syllabus. In this way, when IP students require help in their studies, they are able to receive appropriate help in the form of IP Private Tuition!

My IP Home Tutor knows how to pace our lessons!

Another thing about IP is that students are taught at a faster pace with more content. IP students usually have about 8-9 subjects in year 1 to year 4, which makes the workload relatively high (but fulfilling!). And as mentioned earlier, sometimes students will struggle with understanding particular concepts or simply require revision through the help of an IP Private Tutor. Hence, 1-to-1 IP Home Tuition in Singapore is a place for IP students to learn at their appropriate pace with necessary content! The special thing about 1-to-1 IP Home Tuition in Singapore is that students get to decide how fast or slow, how in depth or shallow they want their lessons to go. FamilyTutor believes that this allows for a more tailored experience for IP students, an objective that IP Home Tuition Agencies like us truly want to meet. Thus, we take into huge consideration the abilities of the IP Private Tutors we provide to students. We not only make sure that they are well-informed of the syllabus, but also have the tenacity and ability to ensure the pacing of IP Home Tuition is to your comfort level!

My IP Home Tutor knows what I want and stretches my limits!

A common trait of students in IP is their strong want to be able to master and do well in their work. This driven motivation in them pushes them to be able to tackle their heavy workload, difficult questions and do a lot more each day. With the help of IP Home Tuition in Singapore, these IP students are stretched appropriately in terms of thinking skills, analytical skills and even mental power. FamilyTutor wants to achieve great things with you, so we take our job as an IP Home Tuition in Singapore seriously. We don’t do this just so that we can find you any random IP Private Tuition in Singapore at all. Therefore, we manually interview our tutors and not let any computer algorithm do the job!

To put it simply, FamilyTutor knows exactly what we are doing and knows exactly how to help your child obtain the best IP Private Tutor suited to their needs. Give us a call or text or simply fill up the request form and we will get back to you with the right answers!



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