IBDP Private Tuition in Singapore: Rare but Effective!

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a 2 year educational programme that provides an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education. It is recognised by a range of universities worldwide! In IBDP, students have to complete relevant assessments in 6 subjects and meet 3 core requirements. The rigor of IBDP requires students to be evaluated using both internal and external assessments. Students will complete each subject with an externally assessed series of examinations which ultimately decide their grade! IBDP has become increasingly well-received these days, and is generally commended for its need for interdisciplinary thinking in its subjects. Students taking IBDP in Singapore have been aided well by 1-to-1 IBDP Home Tuition in Singapore. This is because though IBDP is broad, complex and daunting sometimes, IBDP Home Tuition in Singapore has made learning focused, manageable and achievable! Let’s discuss into more detail as to why IBDP Private Tuition in Singapore is rare but effective:

Broad but Focused

The IBDP has a very broad scope of subjects for IBDP students to select from. Apart from the 6 subject groups (studies in language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, sciences, mathematics, the arts), the curriculum also consists of the DP core which aims to broaden students’ educational experience. It challenges them to apply their knowledge and skills through 3 core elements: theory of knowledge, extended essay and creativity/activity/service. Each IBDP child’s selection of modules within each subject group as well as choice of core element types is unique to their own preference. With such an array of different subject types, IBDP students will definitely be challenged. In such a setting, 1-to-1 IBDP Home Tuition in Singapore aims to make what seems broad and difficult become focused for our IBDP students! With an IBDP Private Tutor who is able to go through specific concepts and requirements of different subjects, IBDP students can fear no more about not being able to grasp ideas and more effectively cope with the requirements of the IBDP. FamilyTutor, a supportive IBDP Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, welcomes you on board the IBDP Home Tuition community! We hope that we are able to make IBDP a more memorable experience for you, firstly focusing on your personal areas for improvement!

Complex but Manageable

While it is essential for the IBDP to cover a myriad of subject disciplines, the IBDP also values specialisation in greater depth in areas of personal interest. Thus, the IBDP has 2 kinds of levels – IBDP Standard Level (SL) and IBDP Higher Level (HL). SL courses are meant to be an eye-opener for IBDP students to be exposed to a range of disciplines that they might otherwise opt out of. HL courses on the other hand, allow for students to invest more time with the subjects that they are more interested in, delving deeper into understanding the subject! IBDP topics might become quite complex at some point, and sometimes to a point where it isn’t manageable on your own. This is where 1-to-1 IBDP Home Tuition in Singapore steps in to give you a hand. FamilyTutor, an understanding IBDP Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, wants to make the unmanageable manageable. We believe that with the guidance of IBDP Home Tuition in Singapore, large chunks of difficult content can be broken down into simple and understandable bits. This way, you will gain better understanding in the complexities of the content and manage well!

Daunting but Achievable

The most common worry in IBDP students would definitely be the external and internal assessment, with external assessment being the way more daunting one. This is because external assessments and their high levels of objectivity and reliability involved really test the skill sets and abilities of every IBDP student. These assessments usually come in the form of essays, structured problems, short-response questions, data-response questions, text-response questions, case-study questions and multiple-choice questions. FamilyTutor understands that IBDP students like you want to be able to not only understand your content, but actually be able to translate the knowledge into accurate answers in assessments as well. So as an expert IBDP Home Tuition in Singapore, what we can offer is a great selection of IBDP Private Tutors in Singapore. If you need a friendly and approachable IBDP Home Tutor who is able to answer your queries, we got you. If you need a strict and influential IBDP Home Tutor who can keep you disciplined in your revision, we got you too. So basically, your IBDP Home Tutor, your choice! We just want to help you achieve your desirable grade in your IBDP assessments.

IBDP is rare in Singapore but IBDP Private Tuition in Singapore is very effective! If doing well in IBDP is something you want and dream about, hit us up!



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