How to Survive an Online Group Project Successfully

Online group projects are part and parcel of being a student, especially now that online courses are commonplace. They aren’t just about completing a project or a school requirement but also about learning essential skills you can use even after you graduate. Group projects require you to become a team player and help train your social skills, as well as your capabilities in organising, delegating, and leading a team.

Working together for a group project can be challenging due to differences in opinions and study habits. What more for online group projects where communication can be difficult and you have limited physical interaction between groupmates! Although the purposes and lessons of face-to-face group work still apply, working together virtually has its unique challenges.

It takes more than just completing your part in a online group project to survive it. Since you’re working with a group, you need to produce an output that’s well-planned and put together. Therefore, you and your groupmates need careful planning and collaboration. Together with some of these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful and cohesive online class group project.

Tips to succeed with your online group project

1. Encourage communication

Communication is crucial to the success of your online group project. Establish the methods of communicating with your groupmates from the beginning. You can utilise mobile apps or any computer programs that allow you to talk regularly and easily with your teammates.

Once you’ve determined how you’re going to talk with your group, it’s time to encourage communication. Welcome any comments, suggestions, and questions that can help with the completion of your project. Allowing everyone to speak their mind is helpful, especially when you’re gathering ideas on how to go about your virtual group project.

2. Establish goals and expectations

It’s important to establish the group’s goals and expectations for your online group project. What output do you want to produce? What methods should you use? What’s your target grade? These are some of the questions you need to answer and establish clear expectations for at the start to be able to work smoothly with your group in the long run.

3. Assign a leader

Every group or team needs a leader. A leader’s responsibility is not just about dictating what to do. Instead, the leader is responsible for ensuring that the team reaches the main goal – submitting quality work on time. Choose a leader that’s responsible and has a good sense of time management. They need to be to keep the team on track and ensure that everyone does their part to complete the virtual group project.

4. Delegate tasks effectively

Divide the tasks among the group members equally. You can assign the tasks based on your groupmate’s strengths or capabilities or you can delegate the tasks evenly. Set concrete and attainable deadlines to ensure everyone is able to submit their portion without worry. The assigned leader should remind the team about the deadlines regularly, while the team members should submit their individual sections at least a few days before the deadline in case revisions are needed.

5. Encourage cooperation

A successful online class group project requires cooperation and everybody has to fulfill their tasks to finish the group work. Cooperation comes in the forms of communicating when there’s a problem, exchanging productive and useful ideas, helping each other even if it’s not their assigned task, and submitting individual output on time.

6. Use the right tools

Without the correct tools, it’s nearly impossible to finish the project for your online course. Aside from laptops and computers, you need a stable and reliable Internet connection as everything is done online. You can also use apps and productivity tools to keep track of your group work.

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