How to Promote a Better Relationship With Your Parents

The very persons who gave life to you are the ones who continue to support you even as we grow older and mature into adults. They are always by your side and are willing to cheer for you with every step you take in life. Yet a lot of individuals take these wonderful and caring persons for granted.

During the time when a person enters puberty and later on into early adulthood, individuals are naturally in a rebellious state and seek freedom. And you, the person reading this, is either experiencing puberty yourself or is close enough to the age group where puberty occurs. During these stages in your life, it is quite common to see misunderstandings and arguments between you and your parents. However, if you want to become a more understanding and responsible, then we have tips on how to promote a better relationship with your parents.

Importance of a good relationship

Close family ties are important to keep the home you live in lively and full of energy. This is why it is important to have a good relationship with your parents or guardians.

8 ways to have a better relationship with your parents

1. Be responsible

The first thing you can do to promote a better relationship between our parents or guardians is to be responsible about your actions. Your parents will not get mad at you for no particular reason. You should be responsible enough to make sure that your actions will not anger or cause any misunderstandings and arguments within your family.

Being responsible also entrails doing your duties as a child such as studying hard and staying away from bad habits. Getting good marks will greatly promote your relationship with your parents as they will be overjoyed to see that their years of raising you diligently have paid off. However, if the cause for your arguments are due to your marks not meeting their expectations, then it is up to you whether you want to work extra hard to achieve higher marks or just accept that you are not academically gifted.

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2. Accept your mistakes

One of the things that make a person more mature is learning to accept mistakes. As an adolescent, you are more prone to something called egocentrism which is the inability to see and perceive other person’s point of view and believe that everyone else has the same mind set as you. This is something which keeps you from learning to accept your mistakes as you always believe that you are on the right and everyone else is wrong.

Learning to accept your mistakes shows mental maturity and enables you to properly apologize for your mistakes to prevent an argument from escalating. Accepting and being aware of the mistakes you have made also enables you to learn from your mistakes so that you will not repeat the same mistake again. After all, mistakes should be something you learn from and not something you repeatedly do while expecting different results to occur.

3. Spend more time together

The more time you spend with your parents or guardians, the more you will learn about them and the more they will learn about your growing self as well. As most adolescents tend to slowly drift away from their parents or guardians in favour of their friends, the time they spend with family will likely to decrease as well. This is what mostly causes a rift between you and your parents or guardians as it is hard to connect with each other when you barely see and spend time together.

You can do recreational activities together when you have spare time like watching a movie, going to a park, or eating outside once in a while. Spend your free time with your parents and help them out and 99.9% chance they will appreciate your effort to spend time with them. Although they may not seem like it, parents are very attached to their children and will appreciate time spent bonding and getting close to their children a lot.

If your parents or guardians have a lot of free time, then why not go camping with them to really promote a good relationship with each other. It could even be a training camp aimed to promote teamwork, or a whole day outside and just exploring the mall. Anything which could promote teamwork and lets you and your parents or guardians know more about each other.

4. Follow their advice

Most parents give advice to their children when they feel like their children are having difficulties making decisions or are troubled by something. And while most adolescents dismiss these advices as irrelevant, these advices could actually be pretty helpful if you just listen to them. Just like yourself, your parents have undergone puberty as well and are well aware of what to expect and how to deal with them during this stage in life. The advice they give you can give yourself insight on how your parents dealt with the same kinds of problems and how effective these solutions are by listening to their stories.

However, there are some instances where the advices they give are not about your growing self and rather are about how to deal with life itself. During these instances, it would be advisable to listen to these advices as well as your parents have a lot more years of experience living in this world and have grown fundamentally supreme knowledge about how to survive life. After all, they managed to survive, have a family, and have raised a child to grow up into an astounding young individual. They have a lot more knowledge dealing with life and its difficulties under their belts, which is why you should listen to their advice in order for you to learn and become mature.

5. Know that no one is perfect

There are rare occasions where, without a doubt, your parents are on the wrong and you are on the right. During these times, it is better not to rub salt against your parents’ wounds and instead try to understand that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Constantly bragging about your victory against your argument with your parents will get you nowhere other than arrogant land.

Understand and forgive your parents for making mistakes to help make your bond stronger. It doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong, what’s important is that you and your parents work together to make sure that the incident never happens again and learn from your mistakes.

6. Place yourself in their position

If you are really having trouble with understanding your parents and are slowly drifting apart because of it, try to stop for a moment and place yourself in their shoes. Imagine having to work twice as hard because they are no longer supporting themselves, but a child and a family as well. And then they see their child going home late at night even when your house rules clearly states that the curfew for children are 10 P.M.

That left you disheartened doesn’t it? Or how about spending almost half of your salary just to make sure that your child is enrolled in a well-renowned school to ensure his/her future but just ends up playing games at home instead of studying and doing homework? These are all of the things parents have to endure every time they have a child who is quite problematic and can be the cause for a rift between you and your parents’ relationship. So the next time you don’t understand why they are mad, try to imagine yourself as he parent and look at the situation with their point of view.

7. Be more considerate

There are times when parents would ask something of you like a small favour or an errand you need to run. You might be busy with something during these times but try to be more considerate and do these small favours without mumbling. Your parents would not ask you a favour if they could do the task themselves. It is either they are too busy to do the task or they are physically incapable of dong the said task.

These are just small favours or errands and would not take a lot of time to do. So why not do the tasks without any hesitation? Unless you are really busy with something productive as well. If that is the case, then calmly say that you are occupied yourself and not be aggressive as that could spark a misunderstanding or even an argument which could cost you even more time and your healthy relationship with your parents. 

8. Show them your affection

The last thing you can do to promote a better relationship with your parents is to simply show them your affection. Give them gifts and regularly tell them your appreciation for raising you properly. Yes, this may sound cheesy, but this is by far the best way you can improve your relationship with your parents. And don’t worry about people saying that you are a mommy’s boy/girl or daddy’s girl/boy, because what’s important is that you show appreciation for the people responsible for giving life to you and raising you diligently.



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