How to Evaluate Your Child’s Private Tuition Teacher

Private tuition in Singapore has helped students achieve their academic goals. If it’s your first time hiring a tutor or teacher from a home tuition agency, you need to know how to evaluate your child’s tutor. It can help you find the right tutor for your child and can give you peace of mind that you’ve found someone well-equipped to teach your child. To help you evaluate your child’s tutor (whether offline or online), here are some important requirements you need to consider:

1. Credentials

Check the tutor’s academic credentials and qualifications through your home tuition agency. Does the tutor have the educational background for teaching? For example do they have university-level knowledge on the subject and what were their own scores like?

2. Background Check

It’s always good to do a basic background check on any potential private tuition teachers. Are there any events in their past that might have you concerned? This does not mean automatically rejecting any tutors that might have a cause for concern in their background, but it’s good to discuss any relevant issues so that both your child and the tutor can be safe and protected.

3. Past Experiences

Does the tutor have experience in teaching students of the same grade level? You can get feedback from previous students or from the home tuition agency to help you gauge the tutor’s capabilities based on client testimonials and references.

4. Teaching Methods and Attitude

Finding out the tutor’s teaching methods and observing their work attitude can give you an idea of how the tutor will treat your child. Many in-person and online tuition classes in Singapore offer free trials to observe how tutors interact and communicate with the students. Ask about their teaching methods, lesson plans, and teaching materials. Does the tutor provide the necessary support or push so that the student can learn?

How Can Your Child Benefit from a Private Tuition Teacher?

Each student is different. Not everyone can be independent when it comes to studying. Private tuition in Singapore provides solutions for students who have difficulty studying on their own or  who want to improve their grades and establish regular study habits. Students can learn a lot from hiring a private tuition teacher. These are some of the many ways your child can benefit from one:

One-on-One Learning

Whether the tutor adapts face-to-face learning or online tuition in Singapore, your child benefits from minimal interruptions allowing them to concentrate on the lesson. One-on-one learning also allows the tutor to tailor-fit the lesson based on your child’s progress so they learn at their own pace.

Bridging Gaps

Private tuition in Singapore helps bridge the gaps in your child’s academic performance. If they don’t understand a lesson in school or if they are missing homework, a private tuition teacher can help answer specific questions and catch them up on key learnings.

How to Determine if Your Child’s Tutor is Effective

Once you’ve hired your child’s private tuition teacher, you should stay engaged and evaluate whether your tutor is effective or not. 

You can check in with your child regularly on a weekly or biweekly basis and find out if your child is improving their grades and study habits. After a month, you can monitor your child’s progress and even ask the tutor to prepare progress reports to help you gauge the difference in your child’s academic performance. If you notice that your child is improving, then you’ve hired an effective tutor.

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