How to Deal with Rejection from Parents as a Home Tutor

Due to the autonomy and flexibility it offers, tutoring has become a popular job choice for many people. As tutors, you will have the freedom to select the students you want to work with, plan and adhere to your timetable, and basically act as your boss. Along with the convenience and flexibility that tutoring provides, it also gives tutors the satisfaction of being able to support struggling or already dedicated students who are wanting to enrich their learning. You will witness your students succeed academically and be proud of yourself for being there to support them.

But nothing is ever simple, and tutoring is no different. Even though it may seem quite carefree, there are some aspects of this profession choice that many people fail to take into account. Since tutoring is essentially freelance work, you will need to sell your skills to potential clients in the hopes that they will hire you. Of course, they may not always choose to work with you.

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Rejection in home tuition

Most people are already familiar with the term “rejection,” and virtually everyone has experienced it. It’s also not a fun experience. Parents that are willing to try out a home tutor may come across you (especially if you’re just starting out). However, even if you have the necessary credentials, some people will reject your pitch.

Now, some parents might give a justification for rejecting your services, but others would not. The latter can make you feel confused about the reasons your services were turned down. When clients reject them, it’s natural for home tutors to feel depressed; even seasoned tutors experience this. If you are a novice home tutor, don’t let your first rejection stop you from pursuing this field of career.

How to deal with rejection from clients?

In light of this, there are a few strategies tutors can use to deal with client rejections and move past them to advance in the field and develop as a private home tutor.

1. Get as much feedback as possible

There are numerous ways to wow clients, but there are just as many ways to turn off them and lose their confidence in you. Your profile might not always be sufficient for them. Other times, it can be your qualifications or experiences. Check your home tutor profile and give it a close inspection. You might discover inaccuracies as you read it, such as dates that are off or typos that you hadn’t noticed previously. Perhaps you should revise and enhance it to make it appealing.

You can get feedback from your prospective clients in addition to reviewing your profile yourself. When you’ve seen something too many times, you could occasionally miss things that someone else would see. You might also ask them for suggestions on how to make it appear more credible.

Pick select topics in which you have expertise when you are trying to update your profile. You can make a list of them and include the methods you employ to instruct this particular subject per various student demands and learning preferences. Parents and other clients can quickly see the knowledge you can provide them in this way. Even though it may sound impressive to claim that you can instruct students at all levels, having a specific area of expertise will help parents find tutors for their kids who need assistance in those areas.

2. Be mindful of your asking rate

Tutors’ fees will vary depending on a variety of factors, including expertise, qualifications, credentials, and even references. Some tutors may also charge more due to the expense of their specialization in certain subject areas, transportation, and even food. While some may charge more, some charge less for their services as home tutors. The parents’ ability to pay is another consideration that may lead them to reject a tutor. Due to the cost of a home tutor, some parents will reject hiring you. It needs to be noted that the tutoring market is extremely competitive, and as a result, many parents are more inclined to reject a tutor that charges a higher hourly fee especially if they are still relatively unknown.

As a home tutor, you should be able to look out for the going rates for the majority of tutors in the neighborhood you want to attract students from. Additionally, don’t forget to account for all the other costs that tutoring may include, such as travel expenses from one student’s home to another, particularly if one student’s home is further distant from your other students. Credentials and expertise are other important considerations when deciding whether to raise or cut your asking rates.

Now, it could occasionally seem unclear as to whether you should charge more or less for your services. You can think about registering with a home tuition agency to make things easier for you. In this manner, the agency will assist you in managing your prices and profile. It can also be useful, especially if you’re just starting in home tuition, so you can concentrate more on improving your tutoring abilities rather than spending more time marketing yourself to find new students.

3. Review the rejections

Of course, when one is rejected, negative emotions like despair and disappointment could rule. When your mind is clearer, it also helps to take the time to consider the rejection and identify any potential contributing factors. Perhaps now is the time for you to reflect on your life. Are your rates excessive? Are there too many competitors where you are? Are your credentials and qualifications appealing enough to attract clients? Are there too many home tutors offering the same subject? Are your areas of expertise too niche?

Gaining input from the parents themselves will help you promote yourself more effectively.  Additionally, you can focus on just a few of your strengths and qualities that make you a suitable home tutor for their children. Following an analysis of the possible reasons for your rejection, you may then make the necessary adjustments to increase your chances of success the following time.

4. Don’t take rejections personally

Rejections are difficult, but they are a necessary part of the industry, and your first one might not be your last. The last piece of advice we have is to not take the rejection personally. Perhaps there was a purpose behind the rejection. Perhaps the student wasn’t the right fit for you, or perhaps the next client will make you a better offer.

After a rejection, it’s normal to feel depressed, but you shouldn’t let it lead you to give up tutoring for good. Rather, take the rejection as a teaching opportunity. Use it as a guide, check your profile, and make changes as needed. Even seasoned tutors have encountered rejection; yet, it did not deter them from pursuing tutoring. Nobody is immune to rejection. Consider enrolling in various courses and programs to help you develop and improve your teaching abilities rather than moping around and feeling sorry for yourself.


It’s not always simple to start a career in home tuition or any other field. If you’re just starting out, you’ll need to come up with strategies to convince the parents and students you want to work with that you deserve this opportunity. Although some parents would undoubtedly hire you and some might reject you, you shouldn’t give up. To achieve in your chosen job path, keep pushing forward and persevering. You will undoubtedly be able to attract students and prove to them and their parents that you possess the skills necessary to excel as a home tutor.


Carelle is a teacher who has been through the ups and downs of the teacher and learner life. She wishes for every learner to gain educational satisfaction that will help embody the people they want to be in the future.

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