How should Social Studies Home Tuition feel like for every child?

Social Studies can be a confusing subject at times – just so many random things put together into this whole subject? Well, that’s because this is exactly the nature of Social Studies: the complex, intricate study of human society. You might learn about citizenship and governance, but also learn about globalization and diversity – simply a plethora of ideas and content! This should require your additional help, because there are just so many things to care about in this subject, and it will be very tough for you to tackle it alone. Home tuition essentially tries to break down Social Studies into simpler parts – understandable bite-sized information so that students are able to better understand what they are learning and also why they are learning what they are learning. Do you want to know how Social Studies Home Tuition should feel like? We’ll tell you!

Social Studies Home Tuition should feel like a fun time to learn new things.

So, lessons in school could get draggy and dry and we certainly do not want Social Studies Home Tuition to feel that way as well! Hence, we want your private tuition to be an enjoyable time for you to acquire new knowledge! Thus, we will make sure to engage you with a Social Studies Private Tutor in Singapore that is able to conduct lessons you will look forward to! Our slogan is “Putting Every Singaporean Son & Daughter in Good Hands”. As the name suggests, we strive to put you, your son, or your daughter in good hands with our Social Studies Private Tutors in Singapore. A good education means a lot to us, so we do not compromise the quality of our matching service for you, your son, or your daughter.

Social Studies Home Tuition should feel like a safe space to ask weird questions.

So, lessons in class might be quite daunting sometimes. A student asks a weird question that sends the entire class bursting into uncontrollable laughter. That… is definitely unpleasant for the student who asked the question. We understand that classrooms might not necessarily always be the best environment for the clarification of curious questions/’dumb’ questions. This is why we propose 1-to-1 Social Studies Home Tuition! Because the only one hearing the question would be the Social Studies Private Tutor, you need not fear judgment anymore. Maybe after asking all your ‘odd’ questions, you would have precious realizations about content you never thought you would have had! 

Social Studies Home Tuition should feel like a forgiving place to make any mistake.

So, tests in school are stressful because when the class gets their papers back, rumors about student XXX failing the test are sometimes circulated around the classroom in the next instant. Students are making eye contact and talking among themselves which makes you frantically worry: What if you were that student? We don’t want that to happen to you, and we care a lot about your mental wellbeing as well. Hence, we support the idea of having Social Studies Private Tuition because it is a forgiving place to make any mistake. There will be no judgment and no rumors spread within Social Studies Home Tuition so you would be able to focus on learning from your mistakes to be better!

Social Studies Home Tuition should feel like a welcoming haven for lifelong learning.

Maybe you wonder sometimes what all these education is for? Why do I need to learn Social Studies? Do I even need it in the future? And imagine a class of students with a similar mindset… no one is going to be able to truly appreciate the art of Social Studies! This might seem like an unnecessary claim, but believe or not… students who find more purpose in what they are doing, do it better. Our Social Studies Home Tuitions in Singapore have dedicated individuals with strong interest for Social Studies. They are the ones who are able to really allow you to relate to the uniqueness of this subject, as well as further understand why Social Studies is relevant in our world today. FamilyTutor wishes you would understand it just like we do, and we hope you keep your eyes opened to newer possibilities each day!

Social Studies Home Tuitions in Singapore are ready to help you be better, will you let them?



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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