How Home Tutors Influence Students' Learning

There is a widely known African proverb that goes like this, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The proverb has become more relevant with the years as more and more parents are becoming aware of the importance of other outside influences in raising their children. As such, we can’t deny the fact that teachers’ input is also valuable in the growth of our students. However, teachings aren’t the only ones put into consideration. In this article, we’re going to tackle the influences of a home tutor in a student’s learning and their growth as a member of the society as well.

Home tutors, like teachers, are tasked in helping the child learn. However, unlike teachers, they go to the students’ houses and engage in 1-to-1 private tuition. There are a variety of lessons why parents choose to engage in private tuition for their children. The most common reason is that some students have a hard time keeping up with their lessons in pace with their classmates, resulting in them lagging behind.

A home tutor’s job is to help the student in their lessons in a non-threatening environment with concentrated teaching on topics and concepts they struggle in. Some home tutors are also essential in helping students practice and get better scores in their exams.

Home tutors’ impact on the children

As home tutors, you share more time in 1-to-1 teaching with your students. That means, you get to know more about your students than their teachers in school. As you spend a considerable amount of time with your students, it’s known that the time you spend with them will create an impact.

Home tutors always aim to create a positive impact in a student’s learning and help them improve in their studies. Whatever the curriculum, syllabus, teaching methods, styles, or strategies they use, home tutors always have one thing in mind – it’s to help the students excel in their academics.

Teachers in school act as role models for the students. The same can be said for home tutors. It’s only natural for home tutors to want to be good role models for their students, but you should first understand why your role is important for the growth of these students.

An Effective Home Tutor

There are many qualities you should look out for when understanding what makes a home tutor great. Expertise in the field and ability to teach students who are struggling are just some of these qualities. Aside from the obvious skills, home tutors should also show compassion and patience with their students.

Having the knowledge and ability to teach students is the top trait for a certain reason. Remember that these students are struggling one way or another with keeping up with their lessons. Home tutors should make sure to regard their lesson plans and syllabus and modify it according to the student’s needs. Aside form that, home tutors also have the responsibility of making sure the students understand the lesson before moving on.

Aside form the academic aspect of learning, home tutors are also encouraged to form a good bond with heir students. Students who fully respect and trust their tutors will be more engaged in learning and will not fear asking for clarifications.

Positive Attitude

Showing a positive attitude in teaching provides a more welcoming environment for student’s learning.

This will work great for both the student and the home tutor. Students will see the positive attitude and will be encouraged to do well in their lessons and in turn, do well in their exams. This is the desirable cycle home tutors aim for their students to achieve.

Students naturally see adults as their role models. The role of a home tutor is not any different from a teacher. Students tend to want to gain your approval as much as they would with their parents or teachers. By being positive and enthusiastic with their achievements, you’ll be giving the student the benefit of being praised and that will turn give them more determination to do better.

With the proper motivation, students will also gain confidence in their skills. Helping them build confidence is also one of the aims of home tutoring. Students tend to shy away from class participation or ask questions in class if they don’t understand the lesson. By giving the students the time to ask questions during your home tutoring sessions, you’ll be helping them understand that asking questions is beneficial for them. As such, they will not feel ashamed with their questions and will be more open to learning from them.

With low self-confidence, students will start to feel like they don’t have the potential and will start slacking off. By helping them gain confidence in themselves, you’ll be helping them retain not only knowledge but the motivation that they can also do what their peers can.

It will also be more fun learning in a positivity-filled environment and students will definitely feel that. Remember that we want them to develop and not be threatened. A light and positive environment will be more welcoming for them.

Constant Dedication

Students may be young but that doesn’t mean they are naïve to their surroundings. If they see the home tutor’s strong dedication and hard work to their field, they will see this positively and will also give their all for the lesson. A good home tutor values hard work and that will reflect on the student.

If the home tutor is only doing the tutoring for superficial sake, the students will also see this. Dedication creates a ripple effect, especially on the students. By showing how dedicated you are on the subject, the student will feel that they should also do better in their lessons.

Show your skills

As a home tutor, there are many things you do that can rub off your students. A home tutor’s skills should be one of them. This doesn’t just mean your knowledge in the subject but also your listening, writing, analytical, and even critical learning skills. When asking a student questions, do you ask the right questions? Do you listen to the student’s questions attentively? Do you answer their questions on point?

It’s not just about showing off these skills, it’s illustrating these skills in hopes that students will also learn to do the same. If done consistently, surely students will also follow your lead.

Stay motivated

It’s not just the student who should show motivation in studying, the home tutors should also exhibit the same.

A student’s interest in a subject may wane overtime but the home tutor shouldn’t do the same. That said, this all goes to showing your dedication to your students. Remember the factors that influences a student’s motivation to learn. Based on these factors, what can you do to help bring their motivation back?

Home tutors’ motivations play a big role in keeping and developing a student’s motivation to learn. With your positive attitude in learning and teaching, this will rub off the students. If the students show signs of motivation loss, develop the lesson to make it more interesting and exciting for them.

Students learn differently and they don’t learn one way throughout. It’s not uncommon for them to show disinterest in something they were interested in before. It’s a home tutor’s responsibility to determine what works best for the student, revise their teaching style when needed and help the student find their interest again.

Validate values

Home tutors mostly teach students from primary to secondary level. Remember that during theses stages, students are still growing and are still bound to wanting good feedback or praises for their work.

Home tutors shouldn’t just aim in helping students’ academic excellence but also helping them grow as a person of society exhibiting good values. When home tutors commend student’s values (like patience or honesty), the student will understand that these values are good and will keep exhibiting them.

As an adult, it’s your role to affirm and even instill these values to the students. If a student also shows undesirable behavior, home tutors can also help make them understand that these are not good for them now and in the future, not just for them but for other people around them, too.


Being a home tutor isn’t just a job. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. Though it’s not the same as a teacher’s job in an actual school, it’s just as important for the child growing and developing. A home tutor may even change a student’s perspective in studying more than a teacher could. Home tutors should always aim to be the best role model and inspiration for the student in order for them to grow and prosper as well.

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